How To Improve Warehouse Security

How To Improve Warehouse Security
3 years ago

When you run a warehouse, morale matters. You want employees to feel trusted and appreciated. But the employees who keep your warehouse running must also maintain an honest operation, and if they take liberties, you could feel the impact. Tightening security doesn’t mean sending your employees to the interrogation room for a battery of questions. Modest investments in your facility can keep people and property on the right track. Here’s how to improve warehouse security while respecting the integrity and skills of your employees.

Digital Data Entry

When it comes to monitoring inventory, pen and paper don’t cut it. If you want to keep a close eye on your warehouse and products, install a digital warehouse management system, or WMS, that handles data for everything in your facility.

Eye in the Sky

If you haven’t installed security cameras throughout your facility, you should. Closed-circuit television systems don’t need to provide in-house entertainment for your staff—rather, they provide additional security for the goods and employees you oversee. You can also coordinate with your insurer to negotiate a lower premium after implementing CCTV to offset the expenses involved in the investment.

Identification Badges

Badges can prove quite useful, as they can protect against inventory loss by ensuring certain areas remain locked to those without credentials. Mandating scannable ID badges for entry to the warehouse can cut down on uninvited guests. RFID technology can go even further, allowing you to determine where your employees and trusted vendors go within the warehouse.

Install Perimeter Fencing With Gates

Every warehouse needs a full perimeter of commercial fencing. Warehouses are more than just concrete cubes with one door—they’re sophisticated operations with multiple points of entry. A warehouse’s traffic requires control and monitoring. Fencing that includes gates incorporates valuable security checkpoints to the premises, ensuring that no one uses the wrong entrances, or, in some cases, uses any entrance at all—this is a big part of how to improve warehouse security before anyone even sets foot in the door.

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