How To Leverage Technology To Boost Employee Engagement

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2 years ago

A workforce that is fully engaged will guarantee you maximum productivity. As a business owner or manager, you need to be aware of the strategies you can use to improve the enthusiasm and morale of your employees at work. A motivated workforce is a doorway to the success of your enterprise. Human capital is an essential resource for all business owners. Having the right talent and gifts in your workforce is important, but it’s not the only thing you need to level up production.

A positive working environment is key when it comes to employees’ morale. One of the strategies you can use to cultivate employees’ engagement at work is deploying technology. Like all other cities globally, in South Africa, you can easily partner with managed IT service providers for tailored technology to improve employees’ engagement. If you’ve been wondering where you can get managed services for your business in South Africa, you can click here for IT services in Johannesburg. To help you begin the journey of boosting employee engagement, here are technological ways that you can use.

1. Give Permission To Use Personal Devices

It’s believed that employees spend more than six hours a day on their devices. As a result, you can allow your employees to come to the office with their smartphones or tablets. In addition, you can encourage them to connect them with the business internet. On top of that, let them install the essential business apps on their devices. With this, they can attend to their work-related duties from their devices even when still using their gadgets. For instance, your customer support agents can respond to customer emails through their smartphones instead of using the business laptop or desktop.

In addition, your social media manager can monitor customer engagement through their tablets or smartphones at their convenience. With that said, you shouldn’t view your employees coming to the office with personal devices as a distraction but as an avenue that you can leverage to level up their engagement.

2. Consider Gamification

It’s a natural desire for all people to have fun regardless of age. No wonder schools have a break time where students can play and return refreshed to class. It improves their concentration and participation in class. Having known that, you can cultivate the same principle in your business. Here’s a pro-tip, you can have breakout rooms with good games that your employees can play after having lunch or during tea break. For example, they can play virtual reality (VR) games, racing games, and other games.

After a heated competition, your employees will better engage in their duties. As a result, you can conduct a short survey among your workforce to know the kind of games they love to play to install them in the breakout room.

3. Use Collaborative Tools

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There are certain kinds of jobs that require collaboration, such as projects. Before the technology came into place, you had to bring all involved parties into a single room to work on a project. However, this can be time-consuming. But collaboration tools are a game-changer that brings all parties in the different project stages onboard, like designers and executors.

With a collaboration tool, your team can work in any place at their convenience. If you’ve got a team of in-house and remote employees, investing in collaboration tools can take your business to the next level. It’s an avenue for easy consultation and real-time response from other colleagues. A good collaboration tool has a teleconferencing option, file sharing option, scheduling calendar, and storage means.

4. Implement Cloud Technology

The cloud is among the latest technologies taking the technological world by storm. With this technology, you stand a good ground to improve your workforce engagement. You can use the cloud to enhance collaboration alongside other collaboration tools. Most cloud-based collaboration tools have a video conferencing option, file sharing option, and video recording tool. You can record your videos and automatically store them in the cloud for future reference. The cloud has unlimited storage space that you can use for your business files.

In addition, you can implement the voice over the internet protocol (VoIP) to improve employee communication, which is a cloud-based technology. VoIP telephony is useful to the employees within your organization and those working remotely. They can be connected to the VoIP telephony system through a smartphone app.

Final Thoughts

Your workforce needs to be motivated to improve their engagement at work. In many nations of the world, most of the employees are believed to be millennials who are technological natives. As a result, leveraging technology at work is a wise way to connect with them. Thus, make it your ambition to deploy technology to improve their engagement, as discussed in this article.

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