Keeping Up With Innovation: Key Strategies for Businesses Looking to Hire AI Developers

Keeping Up With Innovation: Key Strategies for Businesses Looking to Hire AI Developers
2 months ago

AI has become integrated with the modern business of today. Artificial intelligence is used to enhance the user experience, automate processes and extract insights from data. It can impact any and all industries. In reality, the success of your AI project hinges significantly on the expertise and skills of the developers you hire, and Tribes is here to offer a solution to these challenges.

As a leading company with a unique global talent pool of AI developers, designers and more, we have worked with companies of all sizes and know what it takes to build a high-quality AI development team. 

Growing at a mind-boggling 37 per cent per annum, artificial intelligence is undeniably lucrative – a must-have investment for companies, whether to automate their operations or to make informed decisions. And the race is on to hire the best when it comes to AI developers.

To learn more about the necessary steps and best practices for locating the artificial intelligence expertise you need read on.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Knowledge

Artificial intelligence is a wide and tangled field of research and engineering. Any practitioner must have a deep understanding of the following subset of AI:

Deep learning. Inspired by the brain, developers implement complex neural nets that can ‘learn’ and make predictions. Knowledge of deep learning algorithms, familiarity with PyTorch and TensorFlow would be advantageous.

Computer vision. Fitting if describing how algorithmic systems viewing images or video are trying to impart the precepts of biological sight. The ability to interface with computer vision algorithms and libraries like OpenCV.

Natural language processing (NLP). Having the capability to understand a human language lies at the heart of many AI problems, be they translation between languages, sentiment extraction or the current trend in programming dialogues with chatbots. 

Programming Languages

AI developers need to know the programming language in depth. Here are 7 languages ​​that are best for artificial intelligence project:

Python. It’s the go-to high-level programming language for AI development. Its accessibility, its large libraries, and its compatibility with standard AI frameworks, make it a must-have in an AI developer’s utility belt.

C/C++. Python rules the AI world, but C/C++ skills will get you rainy-day work when the AI part of your project should be fast and the hardware you bring to the party is not floating point.

Java/Scala. These languages find their applications in big data and enterprise-grade AI systems.

Swift/JavaScript. These are crucial for AI implementation on mobile platforms.

Additional Technology Stack Familiarity

In addition to the programming languages above, most developers of AI systems will need skills with the following tools and technologies:

Deep learning frameworks: Apache MXNet, TensorFlow, PyTorch, NVIDIA Caffe, Theano

Libraries: Neuroph, OpenCV, OpenNN, NumPy

Modules/Toolkits: Core ML, NLTK, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit

Algorithms: supervised/unsupervised learning, few-shot learning, metric learning, clustering

Neural networks: Bayesian networks, RNN, CNN, autoregressive networks

Problem-Solving Skills

This means that AI developers don’t have to invent algorithms to solve problems for your business. They break down complex problems, use data to generate insights, analyse them, and create meaningful solutions.

Assuming you’ve mastered the relevant technical skills, you might still be wondering how you go about finding an AI developer. Below are five simple steps to move through, listing them here in the abstract before exploring them further in the body of the text.

Identify the Skills Needed for Your Company

The first step before you start is to clearly define which specific skills your company needs for its artificial intelligence projects. Be sure to establish the level of importance of your project and define your main entity of AI development: computer vision, deep learning, or NLP.

Having done that, you’ll be able to create a more targeted job description and hire AI developers with the most relevant skill set.

Learn How to Locate AI Developers

There are several options available to you for finding and hiring AI developers:

Internal developers. If you already have an HR department, they can source and screen a candidate for an AI engineer who’ll work out of your office. The pros are total commitment and a better understanding of your business; the con is that it will likely cost more than other ways you can hire people.

Freelance or contract developers. Freelance AI developers is another option, finding them through platforms like Tribes. The primary advantage of this approach is cooperation flexibility.

Recruitment agencies. Collaborating with AI and Development specialist recruitment agencies can provide you with access to a wider pool of talent. These vendors often have in-depth knowledge of AI and can help identify candidates who best suit your requirements.

Review CVs and Check Past Projects

  • When applications start rolling in, read over their CVs to gain an understanding of each applicant’s experience, educational background and previous AI projects. Look for the desired skill set for an AI developer, such as preferred programming languages or AI frameworks relevant to your project.
  • Ask for examples of developers’ work, such as GitHub repos or portfolios, to try to assess their technical abilities again.

On top of the steps we illustrated, we recommend you consider implementing the following recommendations:

  • Conduct a technical test by assigning a code task, an algorithmic challenge or an actual field problem.
  • Draw up a set of standard questions for the interview beforehand, so it is possible to weigh up a candidate’s technical and soft skills, as well as domain knowledge.
  • Create a pay-scheme that reflects what AI developers charge to hire and also reflect the value they bring to your organisation.
  • Assess candidates’ cultural fit with your company by asking relevant questions during interviews
  • Evaluate how well candidates can work in a collaborative environment
  • Prioritise candidates with hands-on experience in AI development
  • Speak to references submitted by the candidates to find out more about their work ethic and general performance in previous positions.
  • Consider hiring remote AI developers to leverage the broad talent pool benefits

Final Thoughts

With AI about to become a fundamental part of every business, it’s more crucial than ever that you’re attracting the best staff. There are many paths to market, but none offer the same simplicity of access, cost-efficiency or quality guarantee as Tribes, where we not only offer the strategy but also the solution.

We’re not a recruitment agency, we’re your AI success partner.

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