Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Car Lift

Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Car Lift
1 year ago

Commercial car lifts are complex pieces of equipment, which means they have unique needs and maintenance requirements. Make sure you know these maintenance tips for your commercial car lift before installing this technology in your parking facility or other business. Following these maintenance tips will help you get more use out of your lift and promote smooth, safe operations.

Complete Regular Inspections

Inspections are one of the most effective ways to assess the condition of your parking structure and lifts. Before operating or opening your lift for customear use each day, remember to inspect it. Check that various components of the lift, such as the lifting cables, hydraulic connectors, electrical connections, and power cables, are in optimal condition and not damaged. It’s also important to schedule professional inspections and lift tests with an expert as part of your routine lift maintenance.

Lubricate Your Vehicle Lift

After inspecting your lift, another key maintenance step is to lubricate the equipment with compatible grease. Commercial lifts run more smoothly when lubricated along their moving parts and hinges. Greasing your lift not only promotes optimal performance, but it also minimizes wear and tear from repeated use. This is why lubrication is especially important for commercial lifts that experience heavy customer traffic and use. Aim to grease your vehicle lift weekly or as often as needed.

Don’t Ignore Signs of Damage

While inspecting your commercial lift, you may notice signs of damage, such as corrosion, lift component wear and tear, or fluid leakage. Even though pausing your vehicle lift’s operations can mean downtime for your business, you should never ignore these signs of damage. Damaged car lifts should not operate under these conditions, as continued use will only make the issues worse. When you notice signs of damage, schedule repairs with your local manufacturer or repair shop immediately and cease using your car lift. Be sure to mark your parking facility as out of order or reroute customer parking while the experts repair your equipment.

If you want to get more hours out of your commercial car lift, practice these maintenance tips early and often. Making these maintenance steps part of a routine will help your commercial car lift stay in the best condition possible.

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