Major Benefits Of Using Dewatering Bags At A Construction Site

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3 years ago

Construction sites have so many activities happening simultaneously it can become challenging to keep an eye on everything. If proper and effective management is missing onsite, it can lead to accidents that adversely affect the workers as well as the environment.

One of the major issues noticed at every construction site is the accumulation of debris that causes pollution and damages the soil. Stormwater runoff is another source of pollution often experienced at construction sites.

In such situations, dewatering bags prove to be very beneficial. A dewatering bag traps and separates oil-borne contaminants and other sediments from the stormwater. A construction site where machines that have a high chance of oil spill must definitely make use of dewatering filter bags.

Let’s look at how dewatering filter bags prove to be very advantageous at construction sites:

Gets rid of all unwanted items:

A dewatering bag can filter out grime, oil, oil sheen, oil-borne contaminants, hazardous particles, and sediment effortlessly. These unwanted particles, if they enter the soil, can damage it severely and affect its pH balance.

The dewatering filter bags from ADsorb-it are extremely durable when it comes to withstanding high-pressure discharge of water and sludge. This ensures no harmful chemicals or substances get released into the environment.


A construction site regularly dealing with oil spills and stormwater runoff needs an affordable yet effective solution. Moreover, the accumulated debris and water need to be removed for maintaining effectiveness throughout the construction process.

A dewatering bag easily captures all of these and can be easily reused and recycled. Since they are available in a variety of sizes, it is easy to pick one that works according to your requirement & budget.

No experts needed to operate:

Unlike other filtering systems, a dewatering filtering bag requires absolutely no expert help. Your staff needs very little training to understand how to secure and operate a dewatering bag at the end of a pipe.

This gives you the peace of mind that you can any time start dewatering without much effort. All you need to know is the diameter of the discharge pipe and the pressure of water that will be flowing through the pipe.

Saves time:

An efficient dewatering bag will quickly trap contaminants and release water without taking too much time. Since they are to be connected directly to the pipe discharging contaminated liquids, there is hardly any time wasted on setup.

At a construction site, every extra day is chargeable, so wasting time in filtering is sensible. This means when you use a dewatering filtering bag you can ensure compliance with state and federal regulations without spending a long time preventing unwanted substances from entering the soil and environment.


One of the best things about a dewatering bag or socks is that they can be easy to use and portable. When you are done using it or it becomes saturated, it can be sent to a commercial laundry to be cleaned and reused.

Once they are clean and cleared, you can fold them and store them for future use. When compared to other filtering systems, a dewatering filtering bag does not rely on any machinery. This makes it a much better option than heavy gas-based filtering systems.


In summary, dewatering bags are a must at construction sites to protect the land and environment from stormwater runoff and other contaminants that pose a major threat to the environment. They are not too expensive and don’t require much time to filter all the various kinds of sediments. This makes them a great choice for the environment as well.

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