Minneapolis’ Innovators: Unveiling Key Players in the Wireless Industry

6 months ago

Despite a variety of industries headquartering in the cities of the United States, Minneapolis, Minnesota, holds a special place in the Wireless industry. A number of innovative and cutting-edge companies operating in this space have their home base here, making Minneapolis a leading hub for wireless solutions. In this article, we’ll explore the unique offerings of these businesses and how their innovative technologies are changing the way we live and work.

The wireless industry is vast and varied, encompassing everything from telecommunications and network security to Internet of Things (IoT) and Public Safety solutions. Companies in this space offer a wide range of products and services designed to improve connectivity and optimize operations for both businesses and private individuals.

Let’s delve into some of the noteworthy wireless industry companies based in Minneapolis, shedding light on their histories, work, and how they are shaping the future of wireless technology.


Founded by Kyle Krug and Vladimir Kelman, Kwikbit is a team of system engineers and developers devoted to creating next-gen Non-Line-of-Sight (NLoS) backhaul solutions for 4G networks. They specialize in designing low-cost, easy-to-install solutions that offer up to 900 Mbps throughput with sub 1ms latency. This makes them an ideal choice for carriers looking to deploy metro cells at street level – critical for bringing capacity where it’s needed most. You can also follow them on LinkedIn.


TFWireless is a transformative wireless communications technology company. They’re known for developing technologies that not only enhance performance but also bring about substantial cost savings. Their products offer significant advantages in terms of latency, processing speeds, and energy consumption. Connect with them on LinkedIn to stay updated.


WildFire5G, founded by William Butte, designs, builds, maintains, and operates next-generation protected internet wireless networks. They offer high-speed internet and telecom services to various industries, including residential, educational, and medical. With their last-mile solution, they’re committed to solving issues surrounding high-speed internet delivery. Significant updates from Wildfire5g can be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

RSI Video Technologies

RSI Video Technologies, manufacturer of Videofied, offers a secure wireless alarm system. The system sends a short video clip via 3G/4G cellular or Ethernet to professional monitoring stations, allowing for immediate alarm confirmation and priority response dispatch. RSI Video Technologies is also active on Facebook and LinkedIn.


TracFax, founded by Jon Coudron, is a property-first technology company that aids property management through cloud-based solutions. They allow users to manage their properties efficiently at every stage of development. Equipped with an integrated feature set and services, TracFax is dedicated to enhancing user experience. TracFax can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn .

Telecom Warehouse

As the name suggests, Telecom Warehouse offers assistance in all areas of network connectivity and infrastructure. They provide a wide range of telecommunication solutions including wireless, mobile devices, vendor management, data backup and recovery, and cloud computing. Learn more via their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

Spectrum Design Solutions

Spectrum Design Solutions, founded by Steve Kilts in 2005, offers wireless design services. With a focus on system level wireless design and integration services, antenna design, and certification assistance services, they stand as a leading player in the wireless industry of Minneapolis.

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