Our Top 3 Recommendations for Healthcare Business Intelligence Software

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4 years ago

These 3 companies make finding healthcare business intelligence easy, and have many useful and multi-functional tools to help you acquire the data you need. Take a look below.


This product was recommended by Dr. Lina Velikova from Supplements101

Sisense takes healthcare business intelligence to the next level by providing advanced tools to manage big data with analytics and reports. Since in the healthcare industry information is usually scattered across various datasets, Sisense is able to intelligently convert the data into a more accessible format. The AI then goes further, using the data to predict business trends and visually display the data so it’s easier to interpret. It does this by grouping the data from disparate sources into one single, integrated database for better performance.

Users of Sisense can slice and data any way they wish and run it through various built-in filters and analytic tools. Sisense also uses Crowd Accelerated BI technology that enables data synchronization with users inside and outside local networks, allowing seamless cooperation in real-time for teams across the entire company. The software can be installed on-site or completely hosted in the cloud for extra security.


This product was recommended by Jonathan Ogurchak from STACK

STACK is a information ecosystem, designed to align business operations within a healthcare organization through automated scheduling and asset management, complete with built-in dashboarding and analytics. STACK affords healthcare organizations of all kinds the ability to know what is going on within their company at any time to ensure compliance with the rigorous needs of running a healthcare company.


This product was recommended by Amit Gami from Laser Eye Surgery Guru

Many of our clients use Domo and rate it’s features very highly. Compare to other similar products it has advanced level functionality and used by both private businesses and independent organisations. It has a significant number of data points for businesses to tap into.

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