Questions You Should Ask An ERP Professional Services Company

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2 years ago

If you’re considering hiring an ERP service for your company, you may have some questions about how to get started. Even if you already have your enterprise resource planning or ERP managed in-house, you might be curious about what a professional service has to offer. No matter the reason, it’s natural to have a few questions. Below are five of the most common questions asked when considering ERP professional services.

1. My company uses several applications; can ERP professionals integrate them?

If your business relies on several applications, you may need to continue using them to maintain your current workflow. Migration may not be the best option, so an ERP professional can work with you to integrate these current systems into your new ERP.

As an example, your employees may be used to using Shopify or SalesForce and have achieved much success in using those applications for many years. Trying to configure the same type of work into an app such as NetSuite may not work for your business and could increase the workload on your employees in the end. However, ERP experts can provide tools to seamlessly integrate the applications you and your employees are accustomed to using while still benefitting from the intuitiveness of an ERP. All the data from all applications can be managed and accessed by NetSuite without having to give up the apps your employees already know how to use.

2. Do ERP professional services have developers to customize the ERP to our needs?

Since ERP is meant to match a variety of business models, it has quite a bit of flexibility built in. Consequently, not much customization is necessary. The functions already in the platform allow many companies to jump right in without having to make many changes.

If your business does require adjustments to the platform, ERP professional services have the skills and expertise to create a unique module just for your company. In-depth custom programming can be accomplished by utilizing a wide range of functions to suit your needs.

3. What types of packages do ERP professional services offer?

When considering customization, you will want to ensure you have the freedom to choose a package that fits the needs of your company. Packages that stay within your budget and offer the features and support your business needs would no doubt be most appealing.

One example is a package simply offering support on an as-needed basis. You can use the platform and all its features but also have full access to support when questions or issues arise. Customer service managers work with you to find the best members of their support staff to assist you.

Another option may be to sign up for an hourly package. This type of package means you have a dedicated number of hours set aside by the ERP service to work with and for your particular business. The service team members you work with strive to be familiar with your company and the type of assistance you may require.

4. What processes can an ERP professional automate?

To minimize the potential for human error, many companies prefer to have processes within their systems automated. ERP professionals have in-depth knowledge of the internal processes of the ERP, so by working with an experienced team, you could potentially have the following processes automated:

  • Accounting functions
  • Management of risk and compliance
  • Optimization of the supply chain
  • Hiring and retention of employees
  • Procedures of equipment maintenance
  • Purchase order generation
  • Inventory management through predictive analysis
  • Automated emails and support tickets
  • Self-service customer portals

5. How long will I have to wait for service?

Once a request for assistance has been submitted, ERP professionals endeavor to reach each client within minutes. You can expect quality service as soon as a technician is available to assist you. ERP specialists want to give you the best service possible, so giving you their full attention is of the utmost importance. A team member is then dedicated to helping you resolve whatever issue, questions, or concerns you may have as quickly as possible.

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