Reasons Your Business Might Need A Private Investigator

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2 years ago

Running a business isn’t always smooth sailing and there may come a time when you have the need for a private investigator. However, some circumstances are better suited to the services of a PI than others, so it’s important to understand exactly when they can help. In some instances, it may be better to hire a legal team or even a business advisor or HR professional. However, there are some scenarios where only a private investigator service in Phoenix, Arizona can help. Here are just a few:

Investigating fraud

If you suspect that there has been fraudulent activity occurring in your company, a private investigator may be able to help you to discover the finer details of what’s been going on. Fraud can happen in many different areas of your business and may even mean that some of your employees need to be investigated. However, it’s also possible for clients to have committed cheque fraud or for complete strangers to be infringing on your copyright.

The key thing to remember is that a private investigator can help you to pinpoint the problem and collate evidence to prove that someone has committed fraud. Once you have this you will likely need to hire a legal team to help you take the issue further.

Tracking people

Do you think one of your executives or board members might be divulging company secrets? Or perhaps you doubt whether a certain employee is truly making sales calls when they leave the office after lunch. While it’s always best to trust your employees and have honest conversations out in the open, if there’s a reason for your doubts, it may be best to hire a private investigator, especially if there’s a lot at stake.

Remember that just because an employee isn’t in a location they said they would be doesn’t mean they’re doing anything wrong. Once you have a basic level of information, ask your private investigator to dig deeper and find more evidence if it seems like something isn’t right.

Background checks

Some industries require extensive background checks to be conducted on their employees. If you deal with a lot of sensitive information or are working with vulnerable people, it’s often best to deep dive into a person’s background before hiring them. While you can learn a lot by looking at someone’s social media profiles and speaking to past employers, it often isn’t enough.

A private investigator can find out much more information about not only a person’s history but their character too. People are becoming much savvier about hiding their personal information online by using privacy settings on social media, so you might find it hard to glean the information you need without professional help.

Is a private investigator worth it?

Private investigators can provide you with something that’s incredibly difficult to come by: peace of mind. Even if it turns out that the problem your suspected was there doesn’t exist, you will feel much better after confirmation from a professional.

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