Revealed: The Cost of a Fully Subscribed Life

4 years ago

The curbs on public freedom in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic have seen several changes occur within our day-to-day routines. 

While many rushed out to panic-buy toilet rolls and every canned good under the sun, another phenomenon was growing exponentially – subscription services. 

With the Government encouraging us to limit our trips to the shops and many non-essential retailers closed, it should hardly come as a surprise that many took to the internet to seek alternative options. The result? A 52% in searches for subscription boxes in the UK and amazingly a 2044% increase in boxer short subscription boxes.

Whether we’re in a pandemic or not, subscription boxes offer far more than the content of what’s inside – they present a copious number of benefits. Whether it’s personalisation – a point drawn upon by a McKinsey study – unpredictability, or simply choice, there’s no arguing that subscription isn’t going anywhere.

That got us thinking: what if you wanted to turn your whole life into a subscription service? Think of everything you go to the shops for – what if you were to able to get that delivered straight to your door on a subscription basis? Well, we’ve calculated it for the modern man…

Let’s take a look.


For t-shirts, we’ll be getting a monthly delivery from the aptly named Monthly Tee Club, setting you back £9.99. Shirts, alternatively, will be coming from the luxurious Charles Tyrwhitt at a monthly cost of £19.65. 

Of course, you won’t be going anywhere without underwear. That’s why we’ve paired On That Ass at £8.99 and BRYT at £24.99 to ensure that you’re never caught out. The Gentleman’s Box weighs in at £30 a month, but in it, you can expect a number of accessories, gadgets, and even the odd surprise. Finally, Cyclon is currently working on a subscription service that allows you to rent running shoes made from castor beans – after the month you send them back and get a new pair. Because it’s not launched yet, we’ll not include them, but you’d be able to include those for a further £23.

Health & Beauty 

There’s no point dressing well if you aren’t going to look good. Therefore, you’ll be looking to invest in a couple of health and beauty subscription boxes too. We’ve kicked things off with a protein subscription box from Neat Nutrition that costs £20 a month. Pair Neat with Vitamin Buddy that supplies all the possible supplements you could need — it’s an additional £20 a month. 

Gillette has set up a subscription razor service at a very reasonable price of £5.75 a month which you’ll be able to complement with a box from Topp Box at £12 – ensuring your skin stays pristine!

Food & Drink

You didn’t think we were going to forget about food and drink, did you? Get your freshly prepared, healthy meals seven days a week from Nourish Fit Food at a cost of £516 a month. Honesty Good offers a host of delicious smoothies delivered on a subscription basis at £53 a month, while you can get your fruit and vegetables from Odd Box for £51.97 a month. 

Coffee from Rave comes in at £7.99 a month — pair it with chocolate from BoroughBox at £14.99. Now, the number of alcohol subscription services on the market are rather astounding, but for simplicity, we’ve opted for beer and whisky. Beer52 offer a monthly beer subscription for £24 a month, while the Dram Club provide your spirits at £24.95!

You can also try building your own healthy smoothie box!


This area of our lives is one we’ve probably all had subscribed for quite a long time now, but it still plays a major aspect, so we’re not going to leave it out. Your evening viewing will be catered for by Netflix at the cost of £5.99 a month, while easy listening throughout the day will be brought to you by Spotify for £9.99. For an additional £10 a month, sign up to Contemporary for a constant feed of great reads.


Bloom and Wild offer a monthly subscription service of their flowers at £23.75  meaning you can bring some welcomes aromas and colours to your living room. You might be thinking that we’d forgot about loo roll for you – we haven’t. Cheeky Panda offer a subscription service of sustainable, bamboo toilet roll, costing £19.99 for 24 rolls – a donation of every product sold goes to helping the rainforest. 

So, there you have it! A fully subscribed and luxurious life, all in, would cost £937.58 month!

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