Royal Residences: THIS Royal Street Name Increases Your Home’s Value by THOUSANDS

4 years ago
  • Having a royal in your street name increases your home’s value by £21,289.42, on average!
  • Out of almost 3,000 roads including a royal name across the UK, the North West is home to the most (375)
  • Although a rarity, road names that include The Countess of Wessex’s birth name (Sophie) are valued at over £200,000 more than the UK’s average!
  • Avoid street names that include Phillip; data shows that your house will be worth £110,295 less than the average

The royal family make hundreds of appearances every year by giving to charity, attending events and visiting local communities, but what more do they do for us? 

With almost 3,000 royal-related street names across the UK, were keen to discover whether having a royal included in your road name can affect the price of your home. Using Zoopla and Streetlist, they scanned through each road in the UK and its average house price to uncover which royals can help you increase your home’s value. found that having a royal street name in the UK increases the value of your home by £21,289 on average!

Which royal names are most valuable?

 The Countess of Wessex gives the biggest hand to Brits, with houses on a street named Sophie valued at £458,850 more than the UK average! Found in Nottingham and Slough, having this road name can definitely help you bag a few extra pounds.

In second place is Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall. The South East is home to the highest number of Camilla related names; and those sell for £94,957 more than the UK average, meaning your house value increases by almost £100,000 if it includes Camilla

The Duchess of Cambridge places in third, with Kate (Catherine) Middleton-related street names increasing the value of your home by a huge £67,728 on average. With 123 road names, Catherine/Kate is most commonly found in the South West (18), specifically Salisbury (5). 

Taking fourth spot is Her Majesty the Queen, with Elizabeth-related street names adding a modest £13,590 to your home’s value on average. Throughout the UK there are 456 streets including Elizabeth, so there are thousands of lucky Brits who will be benefiting. 

Which royal names decrease value?

The Duke of Edinburgh appears to be a bad luck charm, with 22 road names featuring Phillip across the country, these homes are sold for £110,295 less than the UK average. Phillip-related streets can be mostly found in Wales, with eight appearances in the region.

The Earl of Wessex and Duke of Kent share the name, Edward, and found a whopping 503 street names that include these royals; however, they can devalue your house by an average of £20,855

Following in third place is William, The Duke of Cambridge, whose name can lose you a whopping £19,557 on your final house sale. With 429 road names including William across the country, it’s something to be vary of.

The only other royal whose name can negatively affect your house sale is Charles, The Prince of Wales. Street names that include Charles sell for £13,128 less than the average house. 

Which regions benefit from royal road names?

London is the best place to have a royal road name, with the street name increasing your home’s value by £103,241 in comparison to the average house price! found that homes in the South East also benefit from royal road names, with an average house value increase of £31,478 in this region!

In third place are homeowners in Northern Ireland. With their average house price being £141,131 and homes on royal streets coming to an average of £168,404, these names hold an increase of £27,273!

Which regions have the most royal road names?

With a hefty total of 375, the North West is home to the most royal streets! Road names including Alexandra and Edward are most popular in this region, with 76 appearances each. Despite this, having a royal road name in this region doesn’t work in your favour; the average house price in the North West is £170,939 and the average royal road home is just £161,074.

In second place is the South East of England, with 353 streets sharing a royal name, most commonly Alexandra. 

Yorkshire and the Humber, East of England and South West complete the top five with 281, 280 and 277 street names in each region respectively. 

Please see the attached Excel sheet for each individual road, town and region. You can search for your area by using the filter drop down! Please see the full blog post here. 


  1. used Streetlist and Zoopla to find a complete list of road names that include Sophie, Camilla, Kate, Catherine, Elizabeth, Harry, Richard, Alexandra, Anne, Charles, William, Edward and Phillip (the current working Royals).
  2. Once the street names from across the UK had been found, they then used Zoopla to discover the average house price of each street in the UK that included a royal in its title. The street names analysed only include each royal’s given name, for example ‘Edward’s’ or William’s’ were not included but ‘Edward’ and ‘William’ were. The street names analysed only included those with a royal name at the start, for example ‘Avenue Alexandra’ would not have been included but ‘Alexandra Avenue’ has.
  3. After finding the average cost of each royal road name, we used Government Land Registry Data’s House Price Index to find the average cost of a house in the UK, alongside each regional average.
  4. Using the House Price Index, we analysed each royal road name to find out which names increase or decrease the value of a house.
  5. All data was collected in September 2020 and is accurate as of then.

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