San Francisco’s Pioneering Firms Transforming the Young Adult Industry

6 months ago

The companies presented in this Business/Finance Magazine article are drawn from a broad and inclusive industry; the Young Adults sector. They operate in a myriad of fields, ranging from social media platforms to e-commerce to personal development. Their industries converge on one focal demographic, young adults, curating distinctively tailored services that appeal intimately to their lifestyle, interests and technologies. Each company brings valued innovation stemming from San Francisco, California, manifesting a spirited culture of entrepreneurship resonating throughout the city.

San Francisco homes an eclectic mix of businesses serving the Young Adult demographic, exhaling innovation on traditional and emerging industries, thanks to the brilliant minds of dedicated entrepreneurs. These creators are shifting paradigms, influencing tastes, transforming communication, and broadening the horizons of a generation. The companies highlighted navigate an impressive range of products and services — from sophisticated toys fueling intimacy exploration to groundbreaking mobile applications that transform social interaction and collaborations.

The dynamic nature of the young adult audience requires the entrepreneurs to be innovative, adaptive, and receptive to nascent cultural pulses, ensuring their brands ascend continually in relevance, influence and value. This compilation celebrates these entrepreneurial triumphs and appreciates these companies’ instrumental role in shaping the vibrancy of the Young Adults industry in San Francisco.


Crave was founded by Michael Topolovac, Ti Chang and William Araújo as a brand to offer luxury sex toys in discreet design. Pioneering the crowd-funded sex toy market with its product Crave Duet, they champion sexual pleasure, intimacy and satisfaction as necessary human attributes. The brand launched in February 2013, coupling e-commerce with a lifestyle brand. Connect with Crave on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Sobrr, founded by Bruce Yang and Vivian Xu, is a social media company that combines modern technology with lifestyle to enhance the social experience of millennials. With its state of the art mobile app, it offers new ways of interaction and communication. Get in touch with Sobrr on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Alex Karelin, Clark Landry, Evan Rifkin, and Fred Krueger, TagWorld delivers an online platform where users can create interactive communities around shared interests. Spanning from fan clubs to e-learning classrooms, the platform revolutionizes online collaboration. Connect with TagWorld on Twitter and facebook.

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