Spotlight on London’s Innovative Young Adult Industry Enterprises

6 months ago

Today we spotlight a select group of companies whose operations exist predominantly within the universe of young adults, and whose headquarters are based in the bustling city of London, England. Sharing a common goal of shaping the minds of the youth and empowering them through opportunities such as education, enterprise and social good, these firms are making significant contributions to individuals and the wider community. The companies not only confer significant direct benefits, but by investing their time and resources in this age group, they also play a critical role in shaping the future.

This is quite timely in light of the present global conditions. With the world in the adbominal grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, young adults have found themselves adversely affected across various sectors including education, employment opportunities and social interaction. In such times, companies operating within this industry become more critical than ever, offering an array of solutions to tackle the ”new normal”.
In response to the needs of this demographic, the featured companies have produced innovative, empowering, and essential services and solutions now more than before.

From building confidence and developing skills in youngsters by running enterprises over the weekends to supporting charities targeting underprivileged young adults, from helping young people stabilise their lives who are struggling in their school to creating an easy-to-use mobile application that finds the best online videos, every company has its unique way to contribute to today’s youth. Let’s go on a virtual tour around this exciting spectrum of innovators and game-changers.

Supa Academy

Founded by Bejay Mulenga and Liam Tootill, Supa Academy operates in the Retail, Social, Young Adults industry. This pioneering organisation is focused on nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among teens and young adults. Their programmes offer attendees a chance to learn about commerce and subsequently implement these learnings by becoming weekend shopkeepers. You may connect with them on LinkedIn.


A beacon in the Charity, Non-Profit, Social Impact, Underserved Children, and Young Adults industry, Impetus works to bolster charities that strive to support disadvantaged young people. They offer funding, influence, and partnership to assist these charities in achieving their objectives. Connect with them on their social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The Prince’s Trust

Working towards charity, “The Prince’s Trust supports young individuals struggling with a myriad of hardships such as homelessness, mental health problems, and at risk of being excluded from their academies. To know more about their work and programmes, find them at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Launched by Arfah Farooq in 2013, Discoverables operates within several industries including Career Planning, Education, Employment, Recruiting, Skill Assessment, Training, and Young Adults. Their online platform is targeted at helping users identify, develop, and showcase their strengths and skills to potential employers. To interact with the company, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Thred Media

Founded by Jenk Oz, Thred Media functions as a publisher of content for young people. Their passionate community collaborates to bring about positive changes and serves as a reliable resource for clients wishing to understand and engage with Gen Z. If you want to connect with them, find them here.

Charlton Athletic Community Trust

The Charlton Athletic Community Trust operates within Communities, Education, Non-Profit, Sports, Training, and Young Adults industries. Stay in touch with their work through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Sing Up

Sing Up has been making its mark in the Education, Performing Arts, Training, and Young Adults industry. To follow their work and stay updated, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Richie Holland, Vitascope operates within several diverse industries ranging from Android and Apps to Video Streaming and Young Adults. A portable entertainment powerhouse, their video app makes sure you never miss a moment. Users of this app can connect with the company and its users through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Mattr.Social is an inclusive dating product designed with special attention to neurodiverse individuals. Operating within the Dating, Generation Z, Mobile Apps, and Young Adults industries, the app promotes inclusivity, awareness, and education. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

CityYear UK

CityYear UK, a change-maker in several sectors such as Child Care, Children, Education, Employment, Language Learning, Training, Vocational Education, and Young Adults inspires young people to spend a year assisting in countering educational inequality in their locality. You can track their work through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Action Acton

Action Acton, a growing charity in the heart of West London, dedicates its resources to promoting economic and community regeneration in Acton, Ealing, and adjoining West London boroughs. Stay connected with their work through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


These are the movers and shakers focusing on enriching lives of young adults in London. Their innovations and initiatives serve not only to direct the course of individual lives but also, in broader sense, to shape future generations.

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