Spotlight on McLean: Pioneering Wireless Industry Companies to Watch

6 months ago

The wireless industry is experiencing a significant growth worldwide and Mclean, Virginia, United States is no exception. The niche sector has seen various companies setting base in the city, researching, innovating and offering top-notch wireless solutions that meet the demands of the current technological landscape. This article takes a closer look at some of these companies, their operations, their founders and how they are driving change in the wireless industry.

With a spurring growth in technology and internet penetration, customers’ need for high-speed internet and robust telecom solutions is on the rise. This demand has created a market for companies that offer these services. These companies have shrewdly identified gaps in the market and innovatively designed solutions that are remolding the telecom industry as we know it. Based in Mclean, Virginia, we outline some of the companies that have etched their mark in the wireless sector.

In this article, we discuss companies that range across a wide array of services including internet service provision, telecommunications, network security, and software development. These companies are working to change the way wireless networks work by ensuring efficiency, reliability and most importantly, accessibility for all.


Founded by Joel McIntyre, GiGstreem prides itself in offering high-speed internet to its clients. The company is revolutionizing the internet industry by providing reliable, fast and budget-friendly fiber and micro/fiber hybrid internet services. With a focus on homes and businesses on the East Coast, GiGstreem provides a meaningful alternative to the “big guys” in the internet sphere. Connect with them on @gigstreem, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Lightbridge Communications Corporation

As a company founded by Rajendra Singh, Lightbridge Communications Corporation brings years of experience to the wireless network industry. With expertise in network planning, design, deployment and optimization, they offer robust solutions in implementing new wireless networks. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

RiPSIM Technologies

With Christoph Jahr at the helm, RiPSIM Technologies is working to redefine the wireless sector with the development of a software-defined, end-to-end eSIM ecosystem. This set-up empowers wireless service providers and network operators to deliver secure eSIMs suitable for any device. To learn more about their innovative approach, you can connect with them on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Chebem Chukwu, Michael Tremer and Michael Zhao, MobilePhire is focused on making its technology the gold standard for mobile connectivity in enterprise setups. By providing corporations unmatched control and visibility over mobile data use across their workforce, MobilePhire helps companies save on cellular data costs significantly. Connect with them on @MobilePhire, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jose Rodriguez, TeleworX is an engineering consultancy providing a range of services to the global telecom community. From network design complexities to groundbreaking mobile applications – they offer a comprehensive suite of solutions. To learn more about their services, visit their LinkedIn page.

Cyren Call Communications

Founded by Morgan O’Brien in 2006, Cyren Call Communications offers advisory services and supports the development of wireless broadband networks for priority-based public safety communications.

Shared Towers

Shared Towers, Inc. specializes in the ownership and management of multi-tenant communication towers. Their services extend to antenna space, and developer program services. The company owns and operates tower sites across numerous states.


Founded by Julien Stamatakis and Serene Almomen, Senseware is a scalable solution that uses smart sensors, wireless communication protocols and cloud-based technologies to create intelligent buildings and cities, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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