Staying Relevant: The Technology and Themed Strategies Behind Successful Casino Slots

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3 years ago

Mobile casino games are where the main focus of the gambling industry is heading, with an investment in gaming platforms offering an advantage over any competition. Due to advancements in technology, there has become an increase in how popular casino themes are, and how casino design can be used to highlight this.


When it comes to online casinos, most games are centered around different themes. For example, categories of games include historical eras, famous celebrities/musicians, and movies.

In particular, slot games themed around Ancient Egypt have remained steadily popular over the years, proving to be a consistent choice for players at brick-and-mortar establishments. Online casinos have capitalized upon this success over the last decade also, with the majority of digital platforms ensuring they feature the most popular games such as the Eye of Horus slots and capture as much of the classic gameplay experience as possible, even in the online space.

The developers, Blueprint Gaming, built an easily accessible narrative for this title in which Horus, the Egyptian God of Kingship and the Sky, is waiting for players to come along and pursue riches among themed papyrus reels. The game has prevailed throughout the years due to its simple style of play, competitive welcome bonuses, free spin bonuses, and options for flexible betting.

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Target Audience

The casino industry has been found to draw on notable TV and film influences all the time, with this being a common occurrence in slots. By designing slots around popular media, people who are perhaps new to the world of online gambling are more likely to be enticed to pick up a game due to the familiarity of titles from other aspects of the entertainment industry.

Random Number Generator

Slot machines use software that’s operated with a random number generator (RNG), which determines the outcome of your spin. The RNG decides whether you get a lower pay-out, or wild symbols depending on the casino theme, as well as overseeing the main gameplay in online slots.

Similarly, they also use a return to player (RTP) rate; the average percentage of how much of the bet is returned to players after a certain time. Like with RNG, there’s no way to predict when you will receive a pay-out using this method, but online slots with higher RTPs offer a better chance of winning. 


Creators are developing slots using HTML5, which means that casino games can be played on mobile devices, giving developers the chance to configure landing pages and graphics suitable for smaller screens. This means that different theme varieties can be easily adapted to be played no matter which device you are using, with the ability to match color palettes to a particular theme.

However, the design elements shouldn’t distract any players, with clutter-free designs more attractive, with the best decision going with a simple layout. Some of the benefits of using HTML5 include lower power consumption, open-sourced data, increased functionality, and faster speeds.

Source: Pexels

Over the years, online casino games have steadily evolved in order to appeal to new demographics and remain competitive with other industries that have adapted to technological shifts. By using techniques such as adopting themes from popular culture and increasing browser/app compatibility with more devices, the gambling industry has ensured that online casinos stay with the times instead of getting left behind.

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