Storage Area Layout Tricks That Increase Efficiency

Storage Area Layout Tricks That Increase Efficiency
2 years ago

Any storage area is a challenge to organize and run efficiently, but organization is vital for the success of many stores and warehouses. That’s why knowing the best storage area layout tricks that increase efficiency is a must for every company. Here’s a deeper look into the methods you can use in your storage area.

The 25% Rule

The first thing you should keep in mind when designing a storage area isn’t space but the workers who use the area. The best way to do this in your area is to implement the 25 percent rule. Only a quarter of your storage area should be for items, and the rest should be space your workers can move in without restriction. This can massively improve efficiency and protect workers from injuries.

Technology for Storage

There are many technologies that help speed up the work in picking and storage areas. Things like automatic pickers and belt conveyors can speed up the process. You can also use certain technology, like warehouse management systems, to help you manage inventory and track order fulfillment.

Organize Items in Groups

One big tip you can use in the layout of your storage area is organizing things by groups. Put items that often pair together near each other. You can save a lot of time when fulfilling orders by keeping items together because your workers will be quicker when getting these items. A great example of this is putting potato chips next to dip jars so you can grab them quickly when fulfilling an order.

Common Items Near the Front

Another storage area layout trick that increases efficiency is moving all your most popular items to easy-to-reach places. Putting all these items near to the front can massively reduce the time it takes to pick them off the storage racking.

Using all these tricks together can greatly improve the productivity of your workers and your business’s overall efficiency. That’s why investing in your storage area can be so powerful for your company. Additionally, all these ideas are great for scalability, working at any size inventory.

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