Subtle Ways to Improve Product Sales

Subtle Ways to Improve Product Sales
4 years ago

Many factors contribute to the overall success of a product. Not only must the product be appealing in itself, but it must be marketed in such a way that consumers feel compelled to purchase. Catching and maintaining the interest of consumers is sometimes easier said than done, however. Even products that once flew off the shelves can begin to see a downturn in sales over time. Luckily, there are strategies a company can employ in order to increase sales once again. Below are three subtle ways to improve product sales without turning your entire company upside down.

Alter packaging design

One of the best ways to recapture the eye of consumers is by giving your product packaging a modern makeover. Consumers are always on the hunt for the next new and exciting thing. Revamping product packaging helps consumers feed this desire, while still providing them the same reliable products that they know and love. When redesigning your product packaging be sure to maintain a bit of consistency between the old and new design. Maintaining the same images and color scheme will ensure that your product is still instantly recognizable on retail shelves. Subtle changes in your product packaging help reintroduce your product to current customers while also helping debut the product to a new audience.

Improve shelf appeal

In addition to altering the packaging design, you may also consider altering where your products appear in a retail store. Shelf appeal plays a large part in consumer purchasing decisions, so it’s important that your products occupy prime real estate within the store. Start by considering the location of your products on the retail shelves themselves. It’s best for your products to be placed at eye level, as this increases the likelihood of consumers seeing and purchasing your products. You should also consider the location of your products within the store as a whole. Products that are placed in the back of a store are often less likely to be purchased, as many consumers are unwilling to make the trek to the back. Try to place your products nearer to the front of the store when possible. This will make them the first thing consumers see upon arrival and the last thing they see before leaving, thereby increasing the likelihood of purchase.

Offer a discount

It may seem contradictory, but offering a discount is actually a great way to improve product sales. The discount does not need to be for an exorbitant amount, of course, but offering a slight discount on certain products can help incentivize consumers to make a purchase. There are many different ways you can go about offering a discount. One of the most popular methods is to offer a slight discount on an item that’s purchased in tandem with another in a specific collection. This allows customers to yield minor savings while also allowing you to move more products overall. Aside from monetary discounts, you may also consider offering a small sample of a product as a reward for purchasing a different product in the collection. This free sample allows customers to test new products in your line at no risk, which increases the likelihood that they will purchase the full version of that product in the future.

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