The Best Conference Meeting Apps For A Remote Team

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Conference Meeting App. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

MS Teams

This product was recommended by Simon Bacher from Ling App

MS Teams is an excellent conference meeting app. My team uses MS Teams, allowing us to create scheduled conference meetings and notify prospective attendees to register and join via a link or an email. Because MS Teams is compatible with almost all devices, everyone can join regardless of their location. Live participants in conference rooms can collaborate with remote participants by setting up a large smart TV or projector or through a laptop or any computer device.

Google Meet

This product was recommended by Robert Johnson from Coast Appliances

Google Meet is a very useful conference app for sales and marketing. This app enables conference participants to share files during calls. Meeting hosts can easily pin, mute, add, or remove participants. Because the app has adjustable screen settings and layouts, highlighting the most active content is a lot easier than other apps. This conference app allows teams to discuss sales and marketing metrics, progress, and campaigns seamlessly without disruptions.


This product was recommended by Anu Gadway from StarLinkHow

Whereby is a great conference meeting app, especially owing to its streamlined and easy-to-use interface. I particularly like it because you don’t need to download an app or log in. Just share the meeting link and people can directly join in through a browser. This reduces all the hassle, saves a lot of time, and makes organizing meetings fairly easy. It’s convenient and gets the job done perfectly!


This product was recommended by David Farkas from TheUpperRanks

Because it is so user-friendly, packed with amazing features, and has solid interfaces, this program is well worth the money, especially if you are in charge of a team. The interactive whiteboard in this system makes team meetings and brainstorming much more dynamic.

Cisco WebEx

This product was recommended by David Farkas from TheUpperRanks

This program offers an intuitive user interface that is appropriate for everyone. The sessions are password-restricted, and the recordings are encrypted, which is a really positive thing for internet security. The hosts have complete control over who may attend the meeting. Due to its extensive accommodations, this is also ideal for larger teams.


This product was recommended by Jean Lopez from LilyHair

Jitsi supports up to 75 participants for an unlimited duration. It is perfect for webinars and company conferences. It also supports phone users and can be downloaded to both iOS and android. Screen sharing can be done in this conference app without any issues. It offers 100% free service, perfect for all kinds of enterprises.

Go To Meeting

This product was recommended by Sylwia Śmietanko from US Passport Photo

It is easy to use and has a lot of great features, like the ability to screen share and video chat. The interface is intuitive and the audio quality is good. It has a variety of features that are perfect for online meetings, including video conferencing, screen sharing, and international dial-in numbers. Additionally, the app is available on a variety of platforms, making it easy to use regardless of what type of device you have.


This product was recommended by AleksandraS taromiejska from US VISA PHOTO

Bluejeans enables video meetings anywhere with a simple and secure system Of Meetings, rooms, and events. Globally, it is considered one of the safest Collaboration platforms. It offers a second-level authentication by Generating a One-time password required to join a meeting, which is a unique feature. Meetings are delivered with standards-based encryption, ensuring the highest Levels of privacy regardless of the hardware environment. Recordings are Stored In secure containers in the cloud. A moderator can lock sessions to prevent Users from joining. Bluejeans offers app sharing – instead of desktop sharing to avoid showing unintended content. All the features can be launched from a browser with no software, but desktop and mobile apps are also available.


This product was recommended by Maximilian Wühr from FINN

Slack’s video conferencing capability has helped us streamline our communications. *Since we already love Slack’s messaging and channel system, it was an easy decision to try out their video conferencing tech. It’s a simple add-on that gives us the functionality we need without switching from tool to tool for better ease of use for our entire team. With the Huddles function, we can quickly take a message chat to instant audio or video meetings that anyone in the channel can join. *The quality is clear, and we’ve never had any issues with lag!

This product was recommended by Daniel Wirtz from Facilitator School

Butter for me is a hidden champion for longer conferencing sessions. What’s unique about Butter is that they built a conferencing app with powerful tools for moderators and meeting leaders. You can plan sessions ahead (e.g onboarding, agenda, tools used) and it has a first- class experience for engagement tools like Pools, Reactions, and Breakouts. They even have a flashcard feature to make it easier to spark conversations around relevant questions. That makes it super helpful for longer conferencing sessions like workshops or training.

Skype for Business

This product was recommended by Irene Graham from Spylix

The widely used Skype service from Microsoft is now a business-ready video conferencing platform. Business users can take advantage of services including hosting meetings with up to 250 people, chatting with other Skype customers, and using a virtual whiteboard. Though there are constraints, such as the absence of a built-in dial-in audio conferencing feature and the inability to use hardware with online-only plans. The free version of Skype is a convenient way to hold cost-free conference calls from any device, making it an ideal tool for small teams (less than 10 people).


This product was recommended by Nena Salobir from Orbits

Orbits ( creates highly customisable virtual venues that give attendees the thrill of exploring a digital world– without the fuss of clunky hardware or complicated software! Accessed easily via any browser, participants can immediately roam around a venue, and gravitate toward what interests them, just like in the physical world. Whether it’s an intimate fireside chat or large-scale conference or expo, our visually rich venues are warm and welcoming, and emulate the physical spaces that reflect so much of who we are. Orbits can create digital twins for company headquarters, allowing employees and guests to meet in familiar, branded contexts. Virtual workplaces also allow remote and hybrid teams to enjoy a shared sense of belonging, ownership and purpose.

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