Tips for Increasing Sales During a Pandemic

Tips for Increasing Sales During a Pandemic
3 years ago

The pandemic has shaken up everyone’s daily lives. People are taking to new routines. They’re wearing masks, washing their hands, social distancing, and reevaluating the way they purchase goods and services. With this change in the way people evaluate brands and their products, businesses are forced to adapt to new forms of selling. Thankfully, there are several ways that businesses can strategize to make the most out of the pandemic. Let’s look at some useful tips for increasing sales during a pandemic and how they’ll help your bottom line.

Reevaluate What You’re Offering

COVID-19 has changed the way we go about our lives. Some products might not be relevant to your customer’s interests anymore. To adapt to this, you can remove irrelevant products from your store, or alter them in a way that suits at-home use. If you own an online store, you can even expand your inventory to include essential medical supplies like hand sanitizer or face masks.

You’ll also want to reevaluate your business’s physical presence. Fewer people are visiting brick-and-mortar establishments; they’re choosing to do their shopping online instead. If you can move your business online, it’s wise to do so. This way, your customers can get what they need without risking their health. Along with an online shopping option, consider offering in-store or curbside pickup for your customers. They can still get their items in a way that’s safe but won’t need to wait for shipping and delivery.

Communicate with Customers

Another tip for increasing sales during a pandemic is to change the way you communicate with your customers. It’s no surprise that customers value great customer service. We live in confusing times and being able to offer clarity and support to your customers is essential. Most of your business interactions with customers will be outside of the store, either through call, text, e-mail, or built-in chat support. If you want to respond to your customers’ questions and complaints in a quick, efficient way, working on your online support services is a necessity. Here are some ways you can improve your customer service:

  • Offer longer customer service hours
  • Use more channels to increase your online support
  • Create more resources for self-service support
  • Be honest about expected wait and delivery times

Using your messaging channels, including social media, to inform customers about what’s changing— and what’s staying the same—with your business is important. You’ll want to keep them updated about any major changes such as delays, removed items, or new additions to your inventory. Some other things you’ll want to keep them informed about include:

  • Products that’re still available
  • If you’re halting delivery to any countries or areas
  • If there’re any delays on production
  • What the updated expected delivery time for your products is
  • How you’re keeping customers and staff safe
  • What services are returning once the pandemic is over

By communicating effectively with your customers, you can gauge what they like about your business, what they’d like to see changed, and any other ways your business can support them during the pandemic. You can use this knowledge to your advantage and start offering products and services that better suit your customer’s needs.

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