Tips To Promote Your Personal Trainer Business

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2 years ago

One of the most important strategies of running a successful business is how you go about promoting your company. But how do you market yourself effectively as a personal trainer? Read on to find out.

Give offers

Giving away the odd freebie is a great way to keep current clients interested and help you reach new ones. You could offer clients a free session as an introduction, or reward existing ones with discounts for their loyalty. Getting to know your clients individually and offering something for free based on their needs is very effective in building up client trust and boosting your professional reputation. For example, say you have a client who’s interested in bodybuilding – you might recommend certain bodybuilding blogs or influencers to them or give them a free print-out of some good advice related to weightlifting. Even offering to help someone struggling with a piece of equipment at the gym is effective, as long as you do it in a friendly manner. Not only will you be doing a good deed by helping a stranger, but it could encourage them to use your services in future or even just tell their friends about you.

Tell your story

Having a story to tell alongside your business is an excellent marketing tool and can help you to stand out from your competitors. Think about what made you consider becoming a personal trainer and mention it in your online profile. What might sound boring to you could be surprisingly inspiring to others. Did you struggle with your weight before you qualified? That could serve as a great inspiration to other people and encourage them to use your services because they know you have an understanding of their own journey. Your story doesn’t have to be complicated; it could be something as simple as what inspired you to follow your career path. Did you idolise a certain sporting figure as a child? Were you ever bullied and that made you determined to succeed? Having a story as a personal trainer will help to give your business a human angle and enable clients to connect with you. Also, don’t forget to mention your qualifications and experience as part of your business story. Any pt courses you’ve studied, as well as any work experience and volunteering will all add to your credibility as a personal trainer.

Social media

You should never underestimate the power of social media when it comes to promoting business. In fact, social networking is so effective in business that many companies now have their own social media marketing strategy. You should therefore consider setting up a social media account for your personal trainer business. However, you need to put in the legwork if you want social networking to promote your business successfully. Spend time creating unique, engaging content that encourages discussion among your followers and always make sure you interact by responding to comments and messages. Consider running competitions requiring your followers to share a post or tag a friend. This will keep your followers engaged, as well as widen your reach to potential new audiences. It will also help you to build up a community of followers who trust you and your business.

Get physical

In our digital world, it’s easy to neglect your marketing strategy within the physical realm. It’s therefore worth getting business cards made up that clearly display your company details and logo. You might also consider distributing flyers around houses or other businesses. Look out for any industry events that you can go to where you can network with potential clients as well as examine your competition. Make sure you have plenty of your business cards to hand so that you can give them out to any new contacts you make.


Using social networking to your advantage, offering free advice or services, having an inspiring story, and making sure you network physically will all help you to promote your personal trainer business.

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