Top 3 Gym Equipment That’ll Help Your Clients Burn Calories

Top 3 Gym Equipment That’ll Help Your Clients Burn Calories
11 months ago

Your gym’s clients play an important role in your fitness business. The clients determine your gym’s demands, shape your gym’s community, and influence your revenue. Appealing to your clients’ needs and wishes allows you to enhance their experiences and ensure they remain loyal to your business.

If your clients want more ways to manage their weight, investing in these calorie-burning gym equipment equips your facility with just what your clients need.

Elliptical Machines

Ellipticals are a popular cardio equipment that helps users meet their step goals, get their entire body moving, and strengthen their leg muscles. Despite being a low-impact exercise form—eliminating ground impact and joint pressure—ellipticals are great for burning calories. Increasing an elliptical machine’s resistance works your muscles harder, causing them to use up calories for fuel.

Ellipticals come in many variations, from traditional standing versions to lateral models, offering multiple movement options and exercise experiences for calorie burning. With a commercial elliptical machine buying guide, you can find the right elliptical for your gym and further satisfy your clients’ needs.

Rowing Trainers

Rowing trainers allow clients to enjoy the physical benefits of rowing without water or a boat. Rowers engage your entire body, from legs to core to arms. Like the elliptical, rowers are low impact on the joints, but their intense motions of bending, pulling, and lengthening burn a lot of calories. The more row strokes users do, the more calories they burn.

Incline Treadmills

Running is a multifaceted and highly beneficial workout, making treadmills a beloved exercise equipment. Treadmills get your whole body moving, using all of your muscles and increasing your heart rate. The intense movement and constant motion require a lot of energy, burning lots of calories at a time. And incline treadmills help people burn even more calories as the increased intensity, resistance, and strain on your muscles require more fuel.

Invest in these three gym equipment to help your clients meet their calorie-burning goals and satisfy their experience at your gym. By doing so, you’re more likely to retain clients and gain new ones!

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