Top Business Intelligence Companies and Startups in the UK

4 years ago

This article showcases some of the most popular players in the Business Intelligence space. Our analysts selected these companies for a variety of reasons. This list may include both state and private ventures providing the most value within the Business Intelligence industry.

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SEMRush.

Top Business Intelligence Companies

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young Limited is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services.

Monthly Visits4479935
Page Views / Visit4.14
Monthly Visits Growth0.0778%
Average Visits (6 months)4125256.5

Sage Group

Sage Group provides small and medium sized company business management software and services.

Monthly Visits4444309
Page Views / Visit2.33
Monthly Visits Growth0.1936%
Average Visits (6 months)3500863.17

Welsh Development Agency

Welsh Development Agency is a company that offers health and social services.

Monthly Visits3404971
Page Views / Visit2.58
Monthly Visits Growth0.0464%
Average Visits (6 months)3039108.83


They embrace change and are constantly challenging tradition because we have a strong desire to improve the way our industry operates.

Monthly Visits1163325
Page Views / Visit3.82
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2326%
Average Visits (6 months)1465720.17


TransferGo offers international money transfers for both migrant workers & businesses using their digital account-to-account business model.

Monthly Visits597810
Page Views / Visit3.88
Monthly Visits Growth0.001%
Average Visits (6 months)649288.17


VGChartz – the most comprehensive video game charts in the world.

Monthly Visits420702
Page Views / Visit3.03
Monthly Visits Growth-0.394%
Average Visits (6 months)613095.33


Croner-i helps thousands of companies and accountancy firms comply with the law, achieve and maintain best practice, and create value.

Monthly Visits382835
Page Views / Visit1.37
Monthly Visits Growth0.1491%
Average Visits (6 months)343246

ServicePower Technologies

ServicePower Technologies offers mobile workforce and field service management software, to optimize, route, schedule and dispatch jobs.

Monthly Visits317501
Page Views / Visit9.18
Monthly Visits Growth0.7511%
Average Visits (6 months)286959.83

Arria NLG

Arria NLG specializes in extracting information from complex data sources and communicating that information in natural language.

Monthly Visits282424
Page Views / Visit3.02
Monthly Visits Growth-0.3907%
Average Visits (6 months)375652.17


Qminder is a queue management system that improves visitor experiences.

Monthly Visits161078
Page Views / Visit1.74
Monthly Visits Growth0.7095%
Average Visits (6 months)119184.83

Christies Direct

Christies Direct is one of the widest ranges of grooming products available anywhere and developing and evaluating new products.

Monthly Visits160565
Page Views / Visit2.84
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0347%
Average Visits (6 months)148070.83


DatacenterDynamics is a full service B2B information provider tailored to professionals that design, build, and operate data centers.

Monthly Visits152744
Page Views / Visit1.55
Monthly Visits Growth0.199%
Average Visits (6 months)156401.5

RSA Insurance Group

RSA is a multinational insurance group.

Monthly Visits128319
Page Views / Visit6.21
Monthly Visits Growth0.4207%
Average Visits (6 months)85234

Global Database

Company Intelligence on Global Markets

Monthly Visits120847
Page Views / Visit1.21
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0541%
Average Visits (6 months)110280.33

Premier Software

Premier Software is developing and perfecting software solutions specifically for the beauty industry, the wellness and leisure industries.

Monthly Visits90185
Page Views / Visit4.29
Monthly Visits Growth0.0086%
Average Visits (6 months)56229.5


Funderbeam is the world’s first primary and secondary marketplace for early-stage investments, secured by the blockchain.

Monthly Visits81852
Page Views / Visit1.79
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0013%
Average Visits (6 months)64403.67


Huntswood provides specialist outsourced services to blue chip clients and government organisations.

Monthly Visits78515
Page Views / Visit3.95
Monthly Visits Growth-0.3871%
Average Visits (6 months)66711.33 is an independent and opinionated trend firm scanning the globe for promising consumer trends, insights and related

Monthly Visits75592
Page Views / Visit1.98
Monthly Visits Growth0.475%
Average Visits (6 months)77080.5

Real Business

Read Business is an online platform that offers news, opinions, guides, interviews, advertising opportunities, and more.

Monthly Visits71931
Page Views / Visit1.28
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0309%
Average Visits (6 months)59232

Accountancy Cloud

Modern accounting designed to improve your financial visibility.

Monthly Visits57377
Page Views / Visit22.21
Monthly Visits Growth113.525%
Average Visits (6 months)18094.33


Cirium brings together aviation and travel data and analytics to keep the world moving.

Monthly Visits51858
Page Views / Visit2.3
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1798%
Average Visits (6 months)46470.33

Evaluate Ltd

Evaluate provides trusted commercial intelligence for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Monthly Visits50625
Page Views / Visit2.14
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1728%
Average Visits (6 months)74696.67

B2B International

B2B International is a specialist business-to-business market research consultancy that has grown through bringing together the skills of

Monthly Visits50093
Page Views / Visit1.45
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0101%
Average Visits (6 months)47486.33


aiHit provides company data for business information, market research, and lead generation enterprises.

Monthly Visits48444
Page Views / Visit1.22
Monthly Visits Growth0.1791%
Average Visits (6 months)40369.83


The CBI is the UK’s top business lobbying organisation.

Monthly Visits46467
Page Views / Visit1.92
Monthly Visits Growth0.0567%
Average Visits (6 months)36339.83


Matillion is a data transformation solution provider or cloud data warehouses.

Monthly Visits46056
Page Views / Visit1.29
Monthly Visits Growth0.0875%
Average Visits (6 months)40382.17

Future Market Insights

Future Market Insights (FMI) is the premier provider of market intelligence and consulting services, serving clients in over 150 countries.

Monthly Visits43914
Page Views / Visit1.99
Monthly Visits Growth0.7102%
Average Visits (6 months)51037.33


Advanced provide software & services for commercial, public and third sector organisations that make the complex simple.

Monthly Visits39226
Page Views / Visit2.67
Monthly Visits Growth0.2826%
Average Visits (6 months)44195

Approved Business

Approved Business is a fastest growing, comprehensive, online business to business directory.

Monthly Visits34187
Page Views / Visit1.2
Monthly Visits Growth0.043%
Average Visits (6 months)29443.5

Continental Clothing

Continental Clothing is a textile company that designs, produces and distributes garments to the textile decoration industry.

Monthly Visits28717
Page Views / Visit5.29
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0677%
Average Visits (6 months)27610.33


G-Research is a research and technology company that specializes in Quantitative Research and IT Infrastructure.

Monthly Visits27910
Page Views / Visit1.5
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5507%
Average Visits (6 months)80111


Natterbox specializes in cloud based telephony – setting the trend in how businesses use voice to operate and communicate.

Monthly Visits24938
Page Views / Visit1.62
Monthly Visits Growth-0.717%
Average Visits (6 months)157005.83

Rix Petroleum

Rix Petroleum is one of the oldest remaining family-owned, independent fuel distributors in the UK.

Monthly Visits23257
Page Views / Visit1.8
Monthly Visits Growth0.3221%
Average Visits (6 months)11165.83


Float is a SaaS based real-time financial intelligence solution for small businesses to forecast short and long-term cash flow.

Monthly Visits20402
Page Views / Visit1.67
Monthly Visits Growth1.018%
Average Visits (6 months)13317


Creativebrief brings together the brands and agencies to create the most powerful and recognizable work of the industry.

Monthly Visits17979
Page Views / Visit3.24
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0623%
Average Visits (6 months)13475.33


Nebulytics is a software company, headquartered in Sydney, Australia with a subsidiary office in London, UK

Monthly Visits17112
Page Views / Visit6.46
Monthly Visits Growth38.3379%
Average Visits (6 months)3186.83

Rittman Analytics

Data Engineering, Data Strategy and Data Analytics Consultancy

Monthly Visits15693
Page Views / Visit1.68
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

OKRA Technologies

OKRA is an AI analytics company for healthcare. We combine complex data sets, you get evidence-based insights and predictions in real time.

Monthly Visits15328
Page Views / Visit2.88
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

MIDiA Research

MIDiA Research is a media and technology analysis company that offers consulting and syndicated research services.

Monthly Visits14975
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth7.0815%
Average Visits (6 months)6369.83

The Business Research Company

The Business Research Company specializes in company, market and consumer research.

Monthly Visits14120
Page Views / Visit1.32
Monthly Visits Growth-0.424%
Average Visits (6 months)8142


Mobysoft is a Manchester-based company that engages providing in predictive software for social housing providers.

Monthly Visits13999
Page Views / Visit2.34
Monthly Visits Growth27.9236%
Average Visits (6 months)3057

Ascential Plc

Ascential is a global information company that enables smart decision-making for business.

Monthly Visits13981
Page Views / Visit2.79
Monthly Visits Growth-0.3743%
Average Visits (6 months)22552.5

ClearSky Accounting

ClearSky Accounting is an accountancy firm specializing in supporting contractors and freelancers across a wide range of industries.

Monthly Visits13465
Page Views / Visit1.39
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1495%
Average Visits (6 months)13668


The UK’s only joined-up business network.

Monthly Visits12587
Page Views / Visit5.05
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5543%
Average Visits (6 months)25202.83


A digital marketing company specialising in B2B publishing and lead generation

Monthly Visits12466
Page Views / Visit1.17
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2867%
Average Visits (6 months)8904.17


Vislink is a leading global technology business specializing in the provision of advanced communications to the broadcast.

Monthly Visits11626
Page Views / Visit3.69
Monthly Visits Growth0.6156%
Average Visits (6 months)15516.5

Black Swan Data

Black Swan Data transforms the consumer research industry through AI powered consumer intelligence.

Monthly Visits10575
Page Views / Visit1.36
Monthly Visits Growth3.1601%
Average Visits (6 months)8494.33

OTA Insight

Empowering smarter revenue and distribution decisions

Monthly Visits10263
Page Views / Visit2.86
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5732%
Average Visits (6 months)99541.5

Pageant Media

Pageant Media is a provider of business intelligence and insight, delivering content and events as well as performance data.

Monthly Visits10052
Page Views / Visit1.5
Monthly Visits Growth4.285%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Littledata is an ecommerce analytics connector for Shopify stores.

Monthly Visits10009
Page Views / Visit1.15
Monthly Visits Growth1.7803%
Average Visits (6 months)9558

Intelligent labs

We are a high quality supplement company

Monthly Visits9863
Page Views / Visit1.2
Monthly Visits Growth0.4%
Average Visits (6 months)10324.5

Hantec Markets

The Hantec Markets company culture is centred on one simple philosophy Trust Through Transparency.

Monthly Visits9833
Page Views / Visit1.29
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0255%
Average Visits (6 months)9382

Black Cube

Black Cube is a creative intelligence firm which specialises in tailored solutions to complex business and litigation challenges.

Monthly Visits9150
Page Views / Visit1.58
Monthly Visits Growth-0.3042%
Average Visits (6 months)8668.5

K2 Partnering Solutions

K2 is a recruitment company providing insights and access to prospective candidates.

Monthly Visits8712
Page Views / Visit1.21
Monthly Visits Growth3.5117%
Average Visits (6 months)4788.33

Report Buyer

Report Buyer is the intelligent way to find and buy business information.

Monthly Visits8709
Page Views / Visit1.41
Monthly Visits Growth5.5728%
Average Visits (6 months)3470.5


Upad is the UK’s largest online letting agency.

Monthly Visits7762
Page Views / Visit1.96
Monthly Visits Growth3.207%
Average Visits (6 months)33354.83


Yumpingo is an internet company that specializes in customer engagement and analytics platforms designed for the Hospitality Industry.

Monthly Visits7483
Page Views / Visit8.58
Monthly Visits Growth0.1402%
Average Visits (6 months)4157.67


When great minds and innovative technology come together, it’s amazing what can be achieved.

Monthly Visits6728
Page Views / Visit1.04
Monthly Visits Growth0.1161%
Average Visits (6 months)7854

Enterprise Europe Network

EEN brings together 600 partner organisations in more than 50 countries to help your business innovate, grow and succeed in the EU market.

Monthly Visits6547
Page Views / Visit1.1
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1057%
Average Visits (6 months)7528.67

Bio Market Insights

The leading business intelligence and networking platform for the complete bioeconomy value chain from lab to market.

Monthly Visits6539
Page Views / Visit1.15
Monthly Visits Growth0.8347%
Average Visits (6 months)2940


Unquote is a comprehensive source of private equity market intelligence that we have used for many years now.

Monthly Visits6536
Page Views / Visit1.96
Monthly Visits Growth1.1664%
Average Visits (6 months)8865.5

ECA International

A number of leading international companies.

Monthly Visits6412
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth0.3754%
Average Visits (6 months)4833.5

Rise is a success tracking network to track and share success.

Monthly Visits6259
Page Views / Visit7.16
Monthly Visits Growth0.3774%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Zynk Software Limited

Business Automation, Data Integration and Business Intelligence software

Monthly Visits5813
Page Views / Visit8.59
Monthly Visits Growth65.0568%
Average Visits (6 months)1444.33


Product Analytics and Innovation. Build better customer journeys.

Monthly Visits5593
Page Views / Visit1.93
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Business of Software

Business of Software provides single-track software conference services.

Monthly Visits5278
Page Views / Visit1.31
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1974%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Panintelligence provides white-labelled, embedded business intelligence and analytics solutions for SaaS vendors.

Monthly Visits4966
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5617%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

PrecisionPoint Software

PrecisionPoint Software provides business intelligence solutions for Microsoft ERP application products.

Monthly Visits4481
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Kudos Records

Kudos Records is an independent music distribution company.

Monthly Visits4367
Page Views / Visit3.49
Monthly Visits Growth0.2534%
Average Visits (6 months)15564.33

Vecta Software

VECTA is the original Sales Acceleration & CRM Tool. Simple-to-use and uniquely integrating Business Intelligence & CRM with Sales Analytics

Monthly Visits4186
Page Views / Visit4.77
Monthly Visits Growth1.353%
Average Visits (6 months)11768.67

CS Global Partners

CS Global Partners is an international legal advisory firm specializing in citizenship and residence solutions.

Monthly Visits3883
Page Views / Visit2.65
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2614%
Average Visits (6 months)5739.33

St Andrew’s Group

St Andrew’s is part of LBG and a major underwriter of several classes of UK insurance business.

Monthly Visits3876
Page Views / Visit1.17
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Homearama offers a carefully curated range of home, lifestyle and gift products from around the world to its customers.

Monthly Visits3850
Page Views / Visit3.28
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1095%
Average Visits (6 months)1058.67


FGH operates home shopping organisations.

Monthly Visits3745
Page Views / Visit5.25
Monthly Visits Growth11.9585%
Average Visits (6 months)46804.17


Competera is an AI-powered platform helping retailers to set optimal prices.

Monthly Visits3687
Page Views / Visit1.16
Monthly Visits Growth1.1817%
Average Visits (6 months)4753


SaveMoneyCutCarbon, an e-commerce platform and energy savings consultancy,

Monthly Visits3499
Page Views / Visit1.1
Monthly Visits Growth0.2316%
Average Visits (6 months)13506.17

Think Ahoy

Setting up & growing businesses has been daunting for years. Think Ahoy, handle them from the comforts of a couch and go the extra mile!

Monthly Visits3468
Page Views / Visit2
Monthly Visits Growth0.0503%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Feedback Ferret

Feedback Ferret make it easy for companies to improve your customer experience using text analytics.

Monthly Visits3282
Page Views / Visit1.33
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0724%
Average Visits (6 months)4487.33

The Creative Composite

The Creative Composite are the dental SEO agency, the website design bosses and the artists behind various social media strategies.

Monthly Visits3229
Page Views / Visit1.06
Monthly Visits Growth0.8059%
Average Visits (6 months)2453.5

Sureserve Group

Sureserve Group is focused on delivering high quality services across the UK from regional offices using local workforces.

Monthly Visits3191
Page Views / Visit1.33
Monthly Visits Growth0.0169%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


BankBI is a Business Intelligence and Analytics for financial institutions.

Monthly Visits2994
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Vision One

Vision One is a customer insight and market research company offering qualitative and quantitative market research.

Monthly Visits2800
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth-0.4196%
Average Visits (6 months)4983.17


VoxSmart is a global communications surveillance software provider.

Monthly Visits2766
Page Views / Visit2
Monthly Visits Growth-0.6772%
Average Visits (6 months)2620

Marlin Green

Marlin Green provides recruitment, SAP, business intelligence, and big data services.

Monthly Visits2749
Page Views / Visit4.1
Monthly Visits Growth0.4027%
Average Visits (6 months)937.5


Intralink is an international business development consultancy specialising in East Asia market entry and commercial development

Monthly Visits2621
Page Views / Visit4.69
Monthly Visits Growth7.0646%
Average Visits (6 months)2242.33

Dez Rez Legal

DezrezLegal is a Legal Services platform.

Monthly Visits2593
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2683%
Average Visits (6 months)2778.83

Advisory Excellence

Advisory Excellence is a business networking company helping advisers around the world.

Monthly Visits2499
Page Views / Visit1.59
Monthly Visits Growth-0.3194%
Average Visits (6 months)4002.5


Quickly comprehend the world’s information.

Monthly Visits2454
Page Views / Visit1.89
Monthly Visits Growth0.1195%
Average Visits (6 months)2275.67


We work at the heart of our customer’s business or operations: the unique core that is essential to their success.

Monthly Visits2340
Page Views / Visit5.5
Monthly Visits Growth0.0929%
Average Visits (6 months)1502


Adthena is a competitive intelligence solution for search marketers.

Monthly Visits2072
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth-0.4745%
Average Visits (6 months)2027.33


Adepto is the first total talent ecosystem bringing your internal & external workers together in one place.

Monthly Visits1945
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth-0.459%
Average Visits (6 months)1810.83


An easy tool to ensure good decisions

Monthly Visits1871
Page Views / Visit1.15
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1997%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Fountain Partnership

Fountain Partnership ‘s unique, evidence-based approach takes the risk out of digital marketing while maximizing growth for clients.

Monthly Visits1826
Page Views / Visit1.43
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2269%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


alva is a connected intelligence company that provides solutions for reputation intelligence, analysis, and media monitoring.

Monthly Visits1766
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth2.0448%
Average Visits (6 months)2007.83


Station10 translates data into insights that helps to analyze multi-channel customer data behavior.

Monthly Visits1665
Page Views / Visit1.37
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0729%
Average Visits (6 months)2107.5


GottaBe is an independent marketing agency, specializing in field and experiential marketing.

Monthly Visits1520
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth2.0769%
Average Visits (6 months)668.17


DevicePilot provides Service Monitoring for connected devices

Monthly Visits1448
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

G S A Techsource

GSA Techsource is a leading provider of specialist recruitment solutions to the Information Technology and Healthcare Informatics sectors.

Monthly Visits1346
Page Views / Visit1.34
Monthly Visits Growth0.1063%
Average Visits (6 months)219

Medicine Man

Medicine Man is a creative communications and marketing agency.

Monthly Visits1310
Page Views / Visit1.2
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Diligence is an investigations company specialized in complex cross-border inquiries.

Monthly Visits1256
Page Views / Visit2.22
Monthly Visits Growth-0.6774%
Average Visits (6 months)4556.5

STH Westco

STH Westco provides merchants, plumbers and heating installers with the products they need to service every job.

Monthly Visits1200
Page Views / Visit7
Monthly Visits Growth9.2564%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


FatBuzz is a marketing firm providing Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Branding, Video Creation & Social Media Strategies.

Monthly Visits1085
Page Views / Visit1.33
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown