Top Influencers: 101 UK Marketing’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Marketing Consultant & Agency Founder play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Marketing Consultant & Agency Founder role. We have selected these Marketing Consultant & Agency Founder’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Marketing Consultant & Agency Founder’s. The list is in no particular order!

Amy Wilson

Marketing Consultant & Agency Founder @ w digital

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Amy Wilson is the Marketing Consultant and Agency Founder at w digital. Learn more about Amy Wilson on Crunchbase…

A privately owned Digital Marketing Agency based in Peckham, South East London. Read more aboutw digital on Crunchbase…

Roland Agambar

Chief Marketing Officer @ DMG Media

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Roland Agambar is Chief Marketing Officer at DMG Media. Learn more about Roland Agambar on Crunchbase…

DMG media is a consumer media company engaged in print and online newspaper publishing. Read more aboutDMG Media on Crunchbase…

Sayoko Knight Teitelbaum

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-founder @ Toura

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Read more aboutToura on Crunchbase…

Alex Buttle

Co-Founder, Marketing Director @ Motorway

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Motorway is an online used-car marketplace for professional car dealers that sells their cars using their smartphones. Read more aboutMotorway on Crunchbase…

Britta Bomhard

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer @ Church & Dwight, Co

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Read more aboutChurch & Dwight, Co on Crunchbase…

Anouk de Lange

Head eCommerce & Marketing Strategy @ National Lighting

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Anouk is a seasoned Marketing Strategist who has worked with and for the worlds’ largest (and smallest) brands over the past decade. She won’t exactly tell us how long – as that would indicate her age which, for the past 10 years or so, has been 21 + VAT. Now that that’s out of the way! You should know that she has worn a variety of career-hats and seen the digital commerce world develop from a cross-channel and cross-border point of view. In her current position, she heads up the eCommerce and Marketing team for the UK’s brightest retail group; National Lighting – having recently gotten their brands through a digital transformation over 2017. She knows what media tools truly drive conversions. Anouk holds a Cum Laude Master Degree in Global Marketing from the top 1% ranked University of Liverpool and is a frequent speaker and contributor to industry events and publications around the world, a massive fan of puns, and lives by the quote ‘‘In life you always meet twice – by Anouk’s dad’’. Learn more about Anouk de Lange on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutNational Lighting on Crunchbase…

Amanda Jobbins

EVP & Chief Marketing Officer @ Infor

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Amanda joined Sage in November 2012 from Cisco where she was Global Vice President of Partner Marketing based in San Francisco. Prior to this she led European Marketing for all Cisco’s technologies. Amanda was responsible for driving the global channel and strategic partner business across the enterprise, commercial and small business markets. Before Cisco she worked in senior marketing leadership roles for major technology companies in both the USA and Europe, including IBM and Symantec. In November 2011 Amanda won the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Award for International Marketer of the Year. Learn more about Amanda Jobbins on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutInfor on Crunchbase…

Céleste Owen-Jones

Global Head of Product Marketing, EF Corporate & Hult Ashridge @ EF Education First

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Read more aboutEF Education First on Crunchbase…

Jan Larsson

Senior Marketing Director EMEA @ Siemens Digital Industries Software

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Jan Larsson is the Senior Marketing Director responsible for marketing the NX Product Engineering Software solutions at Siemens PLM Software across all industries in EMEA. Jan and his team is also responsible for the product, industry and channel marketing of the complete Siemens PLM Software portfolio across all EMEA countries. Prior to joining Siemens PLM Software in 2006 Jan held various international positions within the hardware and software industry focusing on CAx and PLM solutions and have 20+ years’ experience in the industry. Learn more about Jan Larsson on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSiemens Digital Industries Software on Crunchbase…

Sam Higginson

Group Marketing Director @ Immotion Group plc

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Sam has a wealth of experience in brand creation and management, strategic marketing and communications. Sam began his carrier working for global advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi, working primarily on the client Proctor & Gamble, the world’s largest advertiser. In 2009 he joined NetPlayTV plc, an interactive TV gaming company, where he was Head of Brand Development. Strategic media partners included Sky, Freeview, Channel Five, Virgin Media Television and ITV. Having left NetPlayTV plc, Sam founded Digitalbox plc, a new generation of digital media business with an established pedigree in emerging technology, data acquisition and analysis that has been harnessed with the ability to create and curate great content to entertain and engage audiences. In 2015, Digitalbox plc was listed #68 in The Sunday Times HISCOX Tech Track 100. In 2016, Digitalbox plc was listed again at #58, placing it in Britain’s 100 fastest growing tech companies two years in a row. Sam is a Director at M Capital Investment Partners. Formed in 2010, M Capital Investment Partners manages multiple real estate investments across the UK, with a focus on delivering above average returns for investment cash with minimal risk. He also holds the position Group Brand & Marketing Director at Immotion Group plc – a business that combines award-winning CGi animation with state-of-the-art motion platform technology to deliver mind-blowing ‘out-of-home’ immersive VR experiences. Sam is a graduate of the Lancaster University Management School having gained a BSc Honours in Business & Economics. Learn more about Sam Higginson on Crunchbase…

Immotion combine award-winning content & multi-directional motion platforms to deliver immersive VR solutions for high-traffic destinations. Read more aboutImmotion Group plc on Crunchbase…

Elen Barnes

Marketing & Communications Director @ TAG Heuer

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Elen Barnes is the Marketing & Communications Director at TAG Heuer. Learn more about Elen Barnes on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTAG Heuer on Crunchbase…

Dan Northover

Director Marketing and Services – S107 @ InMotion Ventures

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Proven creative leader, design thinker. Specialist at helping luxury brands thrive in a digital world. Learn more about Dan Northover on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutInMotion Ventures on Crunchbase…

Mark Antipof

Head of Global Sales and Marketing @ Ingenico Group

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Mark Antipof is the Head of Global Sales and Marketing at Ingenico Group. Learn more about Mark Antipof on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutIngenico Group on Crunchbase…

Keith Weed

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer @ Unilever

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Keith is responsible for the Marketing, Communications and Sustainable Business functions, a role which has seen him lead the creation of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, direct significant advances in digital marketing and through Unilever’s #Unstereotype initiative, create the #Unstereotype Alliance with UN Women, bringing together 24 companies to remove the portrayals of unhelpful stereotypes from their advertising by 2020. Prior to this, he was Chairman of Lever Fabergé before becoming Executive Vice President for Global Home Care & Hygiene, covering fabric cleaning, fabric conditioning, household cleaning products, oral care and potable water. Keith has worked for Unilever in the UK, France, the US and globally and regionally in a variety of general management and marketing roles. Outside Unilever, he is Chairman of Business in the Community International and a Business in the Community Board Trustee, President of the History of Advertising Trust, an Effie Board Director and Trustee of Grange Park Opera. He is also a Fellow of The Marketing Society, and as an engineering graduate, a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. Learn more about Keith Weed on Crunchbase…

Unilever produces and supplies fast-moving consumer goods in food, home, and personal care product categories worldwide. Read more aboutUnilever on Crunchbase…

Alex O’Shaughnessy

Chief Marketing Officer @ Zepz

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Alex leads the marketing and communications teams at WorldRemit, helping deliver brand value, strategic planning and an improved customer experience. He brings more than 18 years’ marketing experience to the role, having worked in both domestic and international markets. Before joining WorldRemit, Alex led a highly successful team at William Hill as the Group Chief Marketing Officer, having joined the company as Head of UK Marketing in 2008. Alex holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Business, Marketing and E-commerce from the University of Liverpool. Learn more about Alex O’Shaughnessy on Crunchbase…

Zepz is a money transfer service that helps migrants send money to their loved ones all over the world. Read more aboutZepz on Crunchbase…

Pascal Ducheix

EMEA Marketing Procurement Director @ GlaxoSmithKline

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Pascal Ducheix, Digital Media Procurement Director, GSK Pascal is media procurement director at GSK. In his role, he led the sourcing and delivery of the direct programmatic tech stack across 10 markets. The programme is now focusing on optimising the programmatic ROI (Frequency, viewability, etc) and is set to deliver in the region of 25% efficiencies in 2018. Learn more about Pascal Ducheix on Crunchbase…

GlaxoSmithKline develops and markets products in the areas of pain relief, respiratory, digestive health, oral health, nutrition and skin. Read more aboutGlaxoSmithKline on Crunchbase…

Emily Orton

Chief Marketing Officer @ Darktrace

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Emily is responsible for global marketing and communications, a role she has held since Darktrace’s foundation in 2013. She is also a commentator on cyber security issues and has appeared in leading media outlets including BBC News, Sky News and Channel 4. Emily has ten years’ experience in technology marketing. She has an MA in Modern Languages from the University of Cambridge. Learn more about Emily Orton on Crunchbase…

Darktrace is an AI company that uses cybersecurity solutions to identify, prevent, and eliminate insider threats. Read more aboutDarktrace on Crunchbase…

Phil Lloyd

Chief Marketing Officer @ Carwow

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Phil is CMO. He joined from a mobile gaming start-up based in San Francisco USA, having previously been a senior marketer at Paddy Power Betfair. He made the big move down from ‘the North’ to London after uni as a graduate.When he’s not chasing his two young kids around the house, he has a keen interest in vegetarian food, the state of our current politics and the regular trauma of being a Blackburn Rovers fan. Learn more about Phil Lloyd on Crunchbase…

Carwow is a company that helps efficiently connect car buyers to car dealers. Read more aboutCarwow on Crunchbase…

Thibaut Rouffineau

VP Marketing @ Canonical

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Canonical is a computer software company that markets commercial support and related services for Ubuntu and related projects. Read more aboutCanonical on Crunchbase…

Roberta Lucca

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer / Brand Chief, Board Director @ Bossa Studios

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Unconventional Entrepreneur. BAFTA winner.Obsessive Learner. Founder and Chief Brand Officer at Bossa Studios.Previously founded WonderLuk and BOLDR. Created and launched over 20 products and brands in the last 15 years across multiple industries — Tech, Games, TV Broadcasting, Luxury and Mobile. I love challenging myself and others to be bolder every day and do things differently. BBC, Sky News, The Guardian, Evening Standard, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Management Today, Financial Times, Disney Channel, Venture Beat, Telegraph and Wired are some of the publications my companies, products and I have been featured. Top 35 women under 35 by Management Today. Top 30 Women in Games. Everywoman’s Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. Learn more about Roberta Lucca on Crunchbase…

Bossa Studios is a games developer and publisher, creators of BAFTA-winning Monstermind, Surgeon Simulator and Worlds Adrift. Read more aboutBossa Studios on Crunchbase…

Josh White

Co-Founder & Marketing Director @ CanO Water

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A resealable can of natural spring water offered as still or sparkling, created as a highly recyclable alternative to plastic water bottles Read more aboutCanO Water on Crunchbase…

Jay Novella

Director, Marketing & Technology @ The New England Skeptical Society

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Jay creates and maintains the internet technology including He is also a co-host for the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast and contributes to the Rogues Gallery. Jay also is the director for SGU Video Productions. His latest videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel. Learn more about Jay Novella on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutThe New England Skeptical Society on Crunchbase…

Imme Rindt

Head of Marketing @ Pactster

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Pactster is a social exercise platform for people with specific health conditions. Read more aboutPactster on Crunchbase…

Olivia FitzGerald

Chief Sales Marketing Officer @ Zonal Retail Data Systems

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Zone Retail Data Systems provides technology solutions to the bar, restaurant, retail, hotel, and leisure industry. Read more aboutZonal Retail Data Systems on Crunchbase…

Angela Watts

Vice President of Marketing & Communications @ Spotify

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Read more aboutSpotify on Crunchbase…

Karl Knoflach

Chairman, Co-Founder, Head of Marketing and Product @ C88 Financial Technologies

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Read more aboutC88 Financial Technologies on Crunchbase…

Ian Petras

Head of Marketing @ CoinBurp

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CoinBurp is a uniquely user-friendly trading platform built by seasoned cryptocurrency experts that’s revolutionising. Read more aboutCoinBurp on Crunchbase…

Victoria Mellor

Group Head of Marketing Strategy @ London Stock Exchange Group

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London Stock Exchange Group is an international market infrastructure that delivers a range of insights to its financial community. Read more aboutLondon Stock Exchange Group on Crunchbase…

Richard Whitehead

Principal Product Marketing Manager @ Adobe

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Read more aboutAdobe on Crunchbase…

Samantha Reader

Reserve Marketing Director Amsterdam @ Diageo

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Diageo is a premium drinks business with an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands across spirits, beer, and wine. Read more aboutDiageo on Crunchbase…

Yetty Ogunnubi

Head of Tactical PR & Marketing @ Clooper

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With over 17 years of experience in PR and brand management space, the multi-award-winning consultant, Yetunde Ogunnubi fondly called ‘Yetty’ is a lead publicist at YD Limited. A leading professional in the fashion, arts and corporate industry with experience spanning fashion, PR, marketing, creative image branding and event management. Over the years, Yetty has managed publicity projects for corporate businesses, governments, as well as led fashion and creative events, press conferences, promoted emerging and established labels and creatives. Whilst pursuing her career as a fashion entrepreneur she contributed as a writer and editor for top fashion mags in UK before she became a fashion editor for the ISAAC Outlook Magazine; an exclusive lifestyle Mags. Yetty’s creativity has no bounds, her illustrations have been used as covers for books, products and several art projects. In 2009, Alongside her legendary uncle, renowned artist Lemi Ghariokwu she was commissioned by Punch Records UK to create fashion pieces for mannequins using her uncles cover art for FELA for the Fela TOUR (Arts Own Kind). As a fashion designer, she has been featured in many international mags and her designs used as costumes for blockbuster movies and music videos. In 2012, She co-produced for Uber Africa Unmasked UK. A reality TV Show set to find the next best African inspired designer. She relocated to Nigeria in 2013. In 2014, She went on to become Comms Director for Africa Fashion Week London and Nigeria. After people started approaching her for PR and branding jobs, she proceeded to establish her PR Agency (YD) in 2016. She is also a Trustee Director for ELOY Foundation of the ELOY Awards and BOT for the PLCEW by Pride Magazine. She was awarded the Pride of Africa Award at the 2018 PFW Africa Event and ForeMag PR Person & Organisation of the Year 2018. She has also dedicated herself to mentoring youths and young aspiring professionals in both the fashion and corporate world. With the wealth of experience and knowledge, she possesses she believes in inspiring and impacting others to succeed in their endeavours. Yetty was born in Lagos to a family of artists, both her parents are front-runners, exterior decorators and artists known as (KNATHA), in Nigeria, with their works on several monumental buildings across the country. She spent her early years in both Lagos and Ogun state before moving to the United Kingdom. Learn more about Yetty Ogunnubi on Crunchbase…

Proptech, SaaS, Platform Read more aboutClooper on Crunchbase…

Beatriz Montoya

Marketing Channels Director @ Simply Business

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Bea’s responsible for innovation across our marketing strategies, with data, technology and personalisation at the core. Since joining in 2015, Bea’s successfully integrated key technologies across our market-leading CRM (customer relationship management) and PPC (pay-per-click) channels, driving customer engagement and marketing efficiency. Before Simply Business, Bea spent time at Euromoney, and more recently, Time Inc. as Consumer Marketing Director. Learn more about Beatriz Montoya on Crunchbase…

Simply Business is a business insurance broker that offers tailored business insurance quotes to its clients. Read more aboutSimply Business on Crunchbase…

Andrew Garrihy

Chief Marketing Officer @ Didi

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Read more aboutDidi on Crunchbase…

Niamh Gallagher

Marketing Manager @ Undo

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Undo allows some of the biggest software companies to improve the quality of their products and fix customer issues quickly. Read more aboutUndo on Crunchbase…

Tricia Miller

Senior Director, EMEA Marketing @ Twilio

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Tricia is Senior Director of EMEA Marketing at Twilio, where she leads field marketing and pipeline generation activities for the growing region. A seasoned marketer, Tricia’s career has focused on B2B demand generation and marketing operations for high growth enterprise software and SaaS leaders, spanning North America, Europe, and Asia with roles at Oracle, Exodus Communications, Genesys, VMware and Twilio. In between full time roles, she has led consulting engagements through Bluebird Marketing at companies like PagerDuty, Pantheon, and Wizeline. Learn more about Tricia Miller on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTwilio on Crunchbase…

Mark Estaugh

Head of Sales, Marketing & Relationship Management @ EuroCCP Limited

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Mark joined EuroCCP in 2011 as Head of Sales, Marketing & and Relationship Management. Prior to his role at EuroCCP, Mark was General Manager of Clearstream Banking’s London office. He has over 30 years’ experience in senior customer relations roles in the financial marketplace. He has held sales and relationship management responsibilities in the global custody and settlement businesses at Midland Bank, HSBC and Clearstream Banking. Mark was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and read Engineering at the University of Greenwich. Learn more about Mark Estaugh on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutEuroCCP Limited on Crunchbase…

Ruth Barton

Director, Social Marketing @ Meta

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Read more aboutMeta on Crunchbase…

Katie Foster

VP of Marketing @ New Relic

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Read more aboutNew Relic on Crunchbase…

Natasha Fishman

EVP, Marketing @ Authentic Brands Group

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Natasha Fishman is the EVP of marketing at Authentic Brands Group. Learn more about Natasha Fishman on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAuthentic Brands Group on Crunchbase…

Henry Harris-Burland

VP of Marketing @ Starship Technologies

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Marketing Director proficient in launching world first products and services, driving growth within aggressive timeframes and translating complex “tech talk” into clear communications and stories. Has worked within a number of high-profile organisations including Starship Technologies and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Learn more about Henry Harris-Burland on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutStarship Technologies on Crunchbase…

Mark Beard

SVP, Global Head of Subscriptions Marketing @ The Economist Group

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The Economist Group is the leading source of analysis on international business and world affairs. Read more aboutThe Economist Group on Crunchbase…

David Buttle

Global Marketing Director, Commercial @ Financial Times

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David is the FT’s Global Commercial Marketing Director, leading on all advertiser-facing marketing campaigns for the business. He has been with the FT for over 5 years and has held his current position since July 2017. Prior to this he was Head of Commercial Marketing and before that, Head of Commercial Marketing for EMEA. David joined the FT from Pearson where he led the UK skills marketing team, having previously held a number of education-focused corporate communications roles both in the private and public sector. David holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of London and is currently undertaking a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at Warwick Business School. Learn more about David Buttle on Crunchbase…

The Financial Times is a business news organization providing essential news, comments, data and analysis for the global business community. Read more aboutFinancial Times on Crunchbase…

Edward Donald

Senior Director International Marketing @ Humanscale Corporation

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Read more aboutHumanscale Corporation on Crunchbase…

Josh Caine Goldsmith

Head of Performance Marketing @ Huel

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Josh Caine Goldsmith is the head of performance marketing at Huel. Learn more about Josh Caine Goldsmith on Crunchbase…

Huel provides nutritionally-complete food products. Read more aboutHuel on Crunchbase…

Neth Williams

Marketing Project Manager @ CGI

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Read more aboutCGI on Crunchbase…

Mike Kershaw

SVP of Sales & Marketing @ Renegade Tool Company

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Read more aboutRenegade Tool Company on Crunchbase…

Andy Hobsbawm

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer @ EVRYTHNG

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Andy established the first international Internet agency in 1994 which merged with pioneering digital services firm in 1997 where he was European MD then Chairman until 2009. Andy co-founded the award-winning online community Do The Green Thing in 2007. He has been listed among the 100 top digital influencers by Wired UK and was recently named among the 20 inaugural inductees of the British Interactive Multimedia Association’s Digital Hall of Fame, alongside Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Jonathan Ive and Dr. Mike Lynch. He has been a weekly columnist about the new economy for the Financial Times, a member of GartnerG2’s first advisory board on online advertising and spoken at numerous conferences including TED. He has yet to receive any royalties from obscure pop songs released by a minor independent record label in Europe. Learn more about Andy Hobsbawm on Crunchbase…

EVRYTHNG develops an IoT platform for consumer product brands, articulating data with real-time insights for billions of things. Read more aboutEVRYTHNG on Crunchbase…

Claire Davies

Head of Communications & Marketing @ Eight Roads Ventures

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Claire leads the communications and marketing function for Eight Roads, working with the teams in Asia and Europe to build and amplify the brand. Learn more about Claire Davies on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutEight Roads Ventures on Crunchbase…

Tom Wallis

Chief Marketing Officer @ Gousto

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Chief Marketing Officer at Gousto Learn more about Tom Wallis on Crunchbase…

Gousto is an online meal-kit manufacturer and retailer, using AI and automation to provide extensive choice and personalisation. Read more aboutGousto on Crunchbase…

Antonio Mendes

Global Business & Marketing Consultant @ Antonio Mendes

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Global Business & Marketing Consultant Read more aboutAntonio Mendes on Crunchbase…

Hemant Atrish

Investor and Online Marketing Strategist @ PCL Health

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B2B SaaS Connected care platform with IoTs, mobile Apps and Online Clinician Dashboard. Read more aboutPCL Health on Crunchbase…

Janina Lowisz

Co-Founder and VP Marketing @ Cashaa

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Next Generation Banking Platform Read more aboutCashaa on Crunchbase…

Francisco van Zeller

Chief Marketing Officer @ Netwealth

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Over 15 years’ experience in marketing across different industries and countries. Digital entrepreneur and former director at Samsung Electronics. Learn more about Francisco van Zeller on Crunchbase…

Netwealth is an online wealth management service that brings together an experienced team, user-friendly technology and lower fees. Read more aboutNetwealth on Crunchbase…

Gary Twelvetree

Director of Marketing @ Chelsea Football Club

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The world famous Chelsea Football Club is located at Stamford Bridge on the Fulham Road in west London. Read more aboutChelsea Football Club on Crunchbase…

Robbie Millar

VP, Global Marketing @ Carlsberg Group

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Read more aboutCarlsberg Group on Crunchbase…

Kurt Kelln

EVP of Sales and Marketing, CBO @ SuperSonic Imagine

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Kurt Kelln has lived and worked in the USA, Germany and the UK and has an extensive knowledge of the International Healthcare Markets. In addition, Mr. Kelln possesses a wealth of experience in the field of ultrasound imaging, a domain he has worked in for more than 25 years. Prior to joining SuperSonic Imagine in April 2012, Mr. Kelln served as Vice President of Ultrasound and Women’s Healthcare at Philips Healthcare where he implemented successful sales and marketing strategies for mature and growth markets. He was responsible for leading one of the largest and most successful sales and marketing teams in the industry. Before Philips, Mr. Kelln spent 11 years with ATL Ultrasound in various strategic leadership positions in Operations, Administration, Sales and Marketing. He has vast experience in business strategy, sales and marketing leadership, and general management. Learn more about Kurt Kelln on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSuperSonic Imagine on Crunchbase…

Nick Bamber

Digital Marketing Director @ Betsson Group

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Nick currently leads the global media teams at Betsson, one of the worlds largest betting companies. He is tasked with delivering significant digital transformation to ensure Betsson Group get the best “bang for its buck”. As part of this journey, unpicking the media supply chain to ensure it is working at its most optimal level is a major strategic pillar. Prior to working for Betsson, Nick led ASDA’s digital marketing and digital publishing business (Asda Media Group) through significant transformation to become one of the UK’s most sophisticated digital advertisers and retail publishers. Learn more about Nick Bamber on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutBetsson Group on Crunchbase…

Ufuk Secgin

Chief Marketing Officer @ HalalBooking

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World’s No1 search website for halal-conscious travelers Read more aboutHalalBooking on Crunchbase…

Emma Springham

Chief Marketing Officer @ The Post Office

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Emma Springham leads the marketing, channels and insight teams at Royal Mail MarketReach. Emma has 18 years of experience in brand and communications. She is responsible for marketing programs, brand management, sponsorships and the deployment of insight-led marketing campaigns for customers and the wider marketing industry across all channels. Prior to working at Royal Mail, Emma held numerous marketing leadership roles at Barclays, RBS, NatWest, Coutts and Allianz. Emma has extensive experience across all marketing channels and has led both business and customer marketing teams to meet and exceed existing customer needs. Emma has a track record of deploying award winning multi-channel campaigns that create strategic growth of revenues, brand and market share. Learn more about Emma Springham on Crunchbase…

Post Office is a retail post office company that provides a wide range of products, including postage stamps and banking to the public. Read more aboutThe Post Office on Crunchbase…

Cindy Etsell

Chief Marketing Officer @ Vizolution

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Cindy Etsell is Chief Marketing Officer at Vizolution Learn more about Cindy Etsell on Crunchbase…

Vizolution develops a screen sharing technology for businesses to directly interact with their clients. Read more aboutVizolution on Crunchbase…

Dene Jones

Chief Marketing and Data Officer @ BCA Marketplace

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Dene Jones is the chief marketing and data officer at BCA Marketplace. Learn more about Dene Jones on Crunchbase…

BCA Marketplace is a vehicle remarketing company that offers used vehicles. Read more aboutBCA Marketplace on Crunchbase…

Chris Farmer

Chief Marketing Officer @ Afiniti

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Chris is the Chief Marketing Officer of Afiniti. Prior to joining Afiniti, Chris was Head of Communications for Bain & Company, a global management consultancy business, where he was previously a consultant focusing on financial services private equity. Before joining Bain, Chris was a speechwriter and has written for a wide range of business leaders across the world. Chris holds a BA and MA from the University of Oxford where he read Philosophy, Politics and Economics and was President of the Oxford Union. Learn more about Chris Farmer on Crunchbase…

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Andy McClure

Marketing and Proposition Director @ AXA PPP Healthcare

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AXA PPP Healthcare aim is to help people in every aspect of their health. Read more aboutAXA PPP Healthcare on Crunchbase…

Benjamin Braun

Chief Marketing Officer (Europe) @ Samsung Electronics

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Benjamin has recently joined Samsung as their Chief Marketing Officer for Europe. Prior to Samsung Benjamin led Audi’s marketing in the United Kingdom. His campaigns were used worldwide and recognised with a Cannes Lions Gold Award and an IPA Grand Prix for marketing efficiency. Before joining Audi, Benjamin was part of the’s executive team and worked across the UK, France and Holland. At British Gas he launched a nifty little app that lets you control your home from your phone. And before that he worked for American Express in New York. He lives in London with his wife and is father of two young boys and a little girl. “I’m not smart,” he says modestly. “I just wear glasses.” Learn more about Benjamin Braun on Crunchbase…

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Richard Nunneley

Director of Marketing @ Braveheart Investment Group

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Richard is responsible for implementing Braveheart’s marketing strategy, and works from our London office. Richard spent his early career with BZW training as a Fund manager. He subsequently joined the Army in 1974 and retired from the Black Watch in 1991. Following this he returned to fund management, starting at Brown Shipley Stockbrokers and going on to become a Director at Mercury Asset Management and Cazenove. He joined Braveheart in 2008 from Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander, where he served as a Director since 2006. Learn more about Richard Nunneley on Crunchbase…

Braveheart Investment Group provides equity, loan and mezzanine funding to small- and medium-sized enterprises. Read more aboutBraveheart Investment Group on Crunchbase…

Nina Bibby

Chief Marketing Officer @ O2

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Nina is the Chief Marketing Officer at O2, with commercial profit and loss accountability for the consumer and SMB mobile business. She is also responsible for marketing across O2, including brand, marketing communications, data analytics, customer experience, devices and sustainability. Nina joined O2 from Barclaycard, where she oversaw the launch of innovations such as Payband and Bespoke Offers. Prior to Barclaycard, Nina was SVP of Global Brand Management at IHG, where she led the successful re-launch of Holiday Inn, the largest of its kind in the hospitality industry. Before that, Nina held a variety of roles at Diageo over 9 years including Commercial Strategy Director, Brand Director for Baileys and Pimms and Global Brand Director of Reserve Brands. Nina’s early career after business school was in consulting. She is a non-executive Director of Barratt Developments plc and is a trustee of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. Learn more about Nina Bibby on Crunchbase…

O2 provides services such as non-voice services, including text, media messaging, games, music, and video, as well as data connections. Read more aboutO2 on Crunchbase…

Claire Verdirame

Global Head of Marketing, Premier Banking @ HSBC

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Claire Veridirame leads team a large team of insight and marketing effectiveness specialists across HSBC, First Direct and Marks and Spencer’s Bank. Responsible for keeping apace of how the brands are performing today and the consumer / industry dynamics shaping tomorrow. Ensures implications are understood and shape decision-making across all aspects of the marketing mix and customer value proposition. Genuine passion for unearthing and using compelling consumer insight to drive customer and marketing strategy. An accomplished influencer via commercially astute storytelling, with a track record of driving future-focused thinking and insight-driven change. Learn more about Claire Verdirame on Crunchbase…

HSBC is a banking and financial services organization that offers a comprehensive range of services. Read more aboutHSBC on Crunchbase…

Ed Hartigan

Digital Marketing and Media @ Moravia

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Ed is Director of Digital Marketing and Media Services at Moravia. Ed has 15 years’ experience in the marketing industry working at both independent and network agencies across Bought, Owned and Earned Media. Before joining Moravia, he worked at the performance marketing agency, iProspect, part of the Dentsu Aegis Network for 5 years where he was Head of Earned Media and Content in their London office working with the agencies key clients such as Asda (Wallmart), Mondelez and Diageo. Learn more about Ed Hartigan on Crunchbase…

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Samantha Humphries

Head of EMEA Marketing & Security Strategy @ Exabeam

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Chris Marjara

Chief Marketing Officer @ The Access Group

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Chris comes to Access with a top-class record of leading successful marketing teams at fast-growing tech companies. Chris’s previous roles include Global Marketing Director for Stepstone – one of the earliest SaaS HR solutions. Before that, he spent four years as Vice-President International Marketing at Kronos Inc, a $1 billion Workforce Management software company. Most recently, Chris was Chief Marketing Officer International for McGraw-Hill Education, managing a marketing team of 115 people, driving the fast growth of digital learning solutions. Chris is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Learn more about Chris Marjara on Crunchbase…

The Access Group is a software consultancy and developer company that provides fully integrated business management software. Read more aboutThe Access Group on Crunchbase…

Charlotte Ashburner

Head Of Marketing, WESA @ PepsiCo

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Carson Roen

Chief Marketing Officer @ Strike

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Strike (formerly known as HouseSimple) is an online estate agent agency. Read more aboutStrike on Crunchbase…

Ben Acheson

Digital Marketing Consultant @ Google

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John Bernard

Marketing Director, EMEA @ Dexcom

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John Bernard EMEA Marketing Director UK Marketer of the Year 2013. Marketing ‘Vision 100’ 2014. Shortlisted ‘Digital Marketer of the Year 2014’. Founder (1996) and CEO of successful housing start-up sold in 2007. Investor. Board Member x 2.A multiple award-winning, commercially focused marketer, with an ability to use customer insight to create powerful marketing solutions. A bright, confident and self-motivated individual with a track record of using marketing to exceed specified global annual targets of over €1 billion revenue. Henley MBA qualified, with over 20 years’ telecoms, media and technology experience. Speciality of launching products into market using advertising, PR, product marketing, digital, channel activity and sponsorship. Over ten years’ experience of managing marketing budgets of over £15m successfully to exceed sales targets. Not just experience with old-school marketing, though. Expert online marketer who know how to create a buzz through inbound marketing or viral traffic through the web, social media and content discovery. Writing a good press release just doesn’t cut it anymore so now also an industry blogger who understands how the current state of the web operates and knows how to make it work. Enjoy working at both the strategic and tactical levels, developing people and teams, owning and improving business performance both internationally and within the UK. Currently the EMEA Marketing Director of Dexcom. Learn more about John Bernard on Crunchbase…

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Louisa Nicholls

Head of Marketing & Strategic Projects @ The John Lewis Partnership

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The John Lewis Partnership is an employee-owned company that operates John Lewis department stores, Waitrose supermarkets, and more. Read more aboutThe John Lewis Partnership on Crunchbase…

Anil Malhotra

Chief Marketing Officer @ Bango

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Bango is the standard platform chosen by leading global stores to deliver mobile payments to everyone. Read more aboutBango on Crunchbase…

Jo Fulton

Sales & Marketing Director @ Ellis Whittam

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Jo Fulton started her career in Sales & Marketing in the IT Sector working across Europe in Marketing, Channel Management and Direct sales selling to the corporate market. Having reached Director level Jo moved to work for 3i as a technology investment manager, taking board positions in portfolio companies and managing investments in new tech and media companies. In 2006 Jo moved into the SME sector working for a Sage software reseller. After taking the number five reseller to the number one reseller Jo joined Datel spending 8 years as Sales & Marketing Director. Being a big advocate of technology Jo has pushed the boundaries on how to utilise technology to create effective and measureable marketing activity to ensure a seamless join between sales and marketing. Learn more about Jo Fulton on Crunchbase…

Ellis Whittam is an Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety support for UK employers. Read more aboutEllis Whittam on Crunchbase…

Ruman Hasan

Senior Digital Marketing Executive @ Platypus Digital

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Platypus Digital provides social media, e-mail marketing, CPC ads, Google analytics, digital marketing training & online marketing. Read more aboutPlatypus Digital on Crunchbase…

Tobias Wingbergmühle

Head of Sales & Marketing @ Clustermarket

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Tobias Wingbermuehle has been Head of Sales & Marketing at Clustermarket LTD. and has been its Director. Tobias Wingbermuehle has over 4 years experience in sales and brand management. He holds Master in International Business and Bachelor in Sports Science. Learn more about Tobias Wingbergmühle on Crunchbase…

One lab management platform that brings people, equipment and data together – no matter where they are. Read more aboutClustermarket on Crunchbase…

Nik Dinning

VP of Marketing @ Edge by Ascential

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Edge by Ascential delivers some of the industry’s most accurate and actionable sales-driving data, insights and advisory solutions. Read more aboutEdge by Ascential on Crunchbase…

David Bailey

Group Head of Marketing and Communications @ Augentius

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As one of the Founders of Augentius, David has over 40 years’ experience in the Financial Services and Funds industry. He joined Augentius in 2002 and has been responsible for the growth of the business, initially as Head of Sales, and more recently managing the Group’s global marketing initiatives. David has a master’s degree in Business Administration. He is active with both the BVCA and Invest Europe and is a regular speaker at industry conferences and events. In addition, David was very involved with the development and implementation of the AIFMD, providing evidence to ESMA, and working together with both the FSA and UK Treasury on issues relating to the Depositary. David continues to be actively involved in regulatory matters. Learn more about David Bailey on Crunchbase…

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Darren Farnden

Head of Sector Marketing @ CityFibre

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CityFibre Infrastructure Holdings plc is the UK’s largest independent provider of fibre infrastructure in secondary cities Read more aboutCityFibre on Crunchbase…

James Pluck

Marketing Manager @ Whoisvisiting

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James Pluck is a marketing manager at Prior to joining Whoisvisiting, James served as an SEO Manager at Verto UK. He also held positions at SJ Electronics Ltd and fuse8. James holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from The Nottingham Trent University. Learn more about James Pluck on Crunchbase…

Whoisvisiting enables website owners to identify companies that visit their websites. Read more aboutWhoisvisiting on Crunchbase…

Jamie Mackenzie

Director of Marketing @ Sodexo

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Jamie Mackenzie joined Pilotlight as Pilotlighter in 2021. Learn more about Jamie Mackenzie on Crunchbase…

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Xabier Ormazabal

VP of Product Marketing @ Drift

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Andrew Webber

Chief Marketing & Client Relations @ Whitespace

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Andrew Webber – newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer at Whitespace Ventures. Prior to that Andrew worked for just over ten years at Microsoft in both European and UK roles. In that time Andrew had responsibility across a range of Go To Market teams including tech startups engagement, video game developers engagement and top UK Universities. He was also the EMEA Marketing Lead for Microsoft Financing and saw that business unit grow from $250m to over $2.1 Billion in 2 years. In his time at Microsoft Andrew has been reognised both Gold and Platinum Leadership awards but was also listed in the MCV Top 100 Most Influential People in the UK Games Industry. He also was proud to have conceived and launched the Greenshoots Video Games Investment programme which is still going strong now under ownership of Xbox in Europe. As the new CMO of Whitespace Ventures Andrew has responsibility for their Go To Market planning & execution including the Corporate Partnerships programme. Learn more about Andrew Webber on Crunchbase…

We help businesses innovate, from the small things that can make a big difference to more-involved ‘Eureka!’ projects. Read more aboutWhitespace on Crunchbase…

Ashling Kearns

Vice President of UK&I Marketing @ Salesforce

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Ashling Kearns is the Vice President of UK&I Marketing at Salesforce. Learn more about Ashling Kearns on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSalesforce on Crunchbase…

Helen Walsh

Head of marketing and communications @ Hermes GPE

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Helen is responsible for the management and development of Hermes GPE’s marketing and communications strategies for both clients and external audiences. She has worked in communications and investor relations roles within the private equity industry for over 25 years, most recently as Funds and Marketing Director at Candover Investments plc. Helen holds a BA in Geography from Manchester University. Learn more about Helen Walsh on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutHermes GPE on Crunchbase…

Alistair Norman

Marketing Director @ Tomorrow People

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Alistair Norman Alistair is the Marketing Director at Tomorrow People, a UK-based inbound marketing agency. He has over than 15 years’ experience of accelerating growth through the use of organic investment, acquisition and marketing innovation for businesses in the UK, and specializes in B2B modern marketing practices. Learn more about Alistair Norman on Crunchbase…

Tomorrow People is an award winning content marketing agency based in Birmingham, UK. Read more aboutTomorrow People on Crunchbase…

Chris Beckett

Associate Director of Data Science (Product and Marketing) @ Monzo

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Chris Beckett is the Associate Director of Data Science (Product and Marketing) at Monzo Bank. Learn more about Chris Beckett on Crunchbase…

Monzo is a digital-only bank platform and marketplace that allows customers to access a range of products and services. Read more aboutMonzo on Crunchbase…

Neil Stevens

VP, GM Products & Marketing @ Skype

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Gordon Glenister

Global Head of Influencer marketing and presenter of Influence Podcast @ BCMA

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Gordon Glenister has been director general of the UKs largest trade association for promotional merchandise for almost 10 years. He is a passionate believer in the value of promotional merchandise as part of the marketing mix. He has previously run his own rewards agency and worked in the drinks industry for brands H P Bulmer and Grants of St James in various sales and marketing roles. He lives in Cambridgeshire and regularly speaks at events around the country. Learn more about Gordon Glenister on Crunchbase…

BCMA is a trade body for branded content and is designed to bring together and benefit a broad spectrum of content creators and owners. Read more aboutBCMA on Crunchbase…

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