Top Influencers: 11 UK Co-founder, CTO’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Co-founder, CTO play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-founder, CTO role. We have selected these Co-founder, CTO’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-founder, CTO’s. The list is in no particular order!

Charlotte Slingsby

Co-founder, CTO @ Nettoken

FollowCharlotte Slingsby on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Charlotte Slingsby is the founder of Moya Power: London based wind energy harvesting startup, developing a flexible building textile to scavenge from existing infrastructure. Our future relies on farming green energy, therefore their mission is to capture abundant ambient wind energy from wasted urban space; creating energy generating hubs. Working together with CrossRail they have tested the potential in underground train tunnels, and have been recognised by Forbes 30u30 and Shell LiveWIRE. Learn more about Charlotte Slingsby on Crunchbase…

The control panel for your digital identity! Read more aboutNettoken on Crunchbase…

Justin Ashurst

Co-Founder, CTO & COO @ AppInstitute

FollowJustin Ashurst on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

AppInstitute is a software developer of a digital framework for small businesses to create their own mobile applications. Read more aboutAppInstitute on Crunchbase…

Artur Saudabayev

Co-Founder, CTO @ Causaly

FollowArtur Saudabayev on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Causaly is teaching computers to read all knowledge in Biomedicine Read more aboutCausaly on Crunchbase…

Vincent Audoire

Co-Founder, CTO @ Feather

FollowVincent Audoire on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Read more aboutFeather on Crunchbase…

Selva Ganesan

Co-founder, CTO @ DigitalAssetSafe LLC

FollowSelva Ganesan on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Selva Ganesan is Engineering Manager at F5 Networks. Learn more about Selva Ganesan on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutDigitalAssetSafe LLC on Crunchbase…

Adam Jennings

Co-Founder, CTO @ AppSecTest

FollowAdam Jennings on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

AppSecTest has developed the ASAnalyzer technology Read more aboutAppSecTest on Crunchbase…

Ignat Thorovsky

Co-founder, CTO @ Poptop

FollowIgnat Thorovsky on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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CTO of Poptop Entertainment Booking Platform. Learn more about Ignat Thorovsky on Crunchbase…

Poptop is a global entertainment booking service provider. Read more aboutPoptop on Crunchbase…

Robert Neave

Co-Founder, CTO & Vice President of Product Management @ Nlyte Software

FollowRobert Neave on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutNlyte Software on Crunchbase…

Andriy Marin

Co-founder, CTO @ HIBOO HiApp

FollowAndriy Marin on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

HIBOO HiApp is a messaging application that helps its users send replies without waiting for the other parties to finish their messages. Read more aboutHIBOO HiApp on Crunchbase…

Joel Stobart

Co-Founder, CTO @ Custodian Solutions

FollowJoel Stobart on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Custodian provides powerful tools which empower investigators, intelligence analysts, brand protection professionals and legal experts. Read more aboutCustodian Solutions on Crunchbase…

Mike Beech

Co-founder, CTO @ Horizon Guides

FollowMike Beech on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Mike Beech is a Co-Founder at REQQI. Learn more about Mike Beech on Crunchbase…

Horizon Guides aims to help people enjoy more authentic and memorable travel experiences. Read more aboutHorizon Guides on Crunchbase…

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