Top Influencers: 13 UK Business Director’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Business Director play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Business Director role. We have selected these Business Director’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Business Director’s. The list is in no particular order!

Nick Tudor

Business Director @ D-RisQ

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Nick had 20 years experience with the Royal Air Force followed by over a decade of experience within aerospace, defence and automotive industry. He has worked in QinetiQ and more recently with Tudor Associates, Aeronautique Associates as well as D-RisQ. Nick is an active supporter of the international effort to refresh DO178 and is now a member of the Forum for Aeronautical Software. As a director of D-RisQ, he has helped the company develop a technique that provides a fully exhaustive security analysis of a network architecture, enabling network owners to make informed investment decisions regarding the risks associated with a network architecture. Learn more about Nick Tudor on Crunchbase…

D-RisQ has built an expert team of consultants, analysts and implementers to “change the way the world develops software”. Read more aboutD-RisQ on Crunchbase…

Emma Shaw

Co-Founder & Business Director @ Library of Things

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Emma Shaw is a Co-Founder & Business Director at Library of Things. Learn more about Emma Shaw on Crunchbase…

Library of Things is a start-up that lends out products from drills to sound systems to GoPros from smart borrowing kiosks. Read more aboutLibrary of Things on Crunchbase…

Alex Palmer

Business Director @ Haygarth

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Haygarth is the brand and retail agency. Read more aboutHaygarth on Crunchbase…

Adam Turner

Digital Business Director @ Sitemorse

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Throughout my career as a Product and Marketing Executive, I have developed outstanding experience across a variety of complex global roles. I can create innovative product strategies while leading product development teams, launching new products, and analysing markets to identify lucrative growth opportunities. I have delivered numerous programmes in the Communications industry including hardware, software, SaaS, digital products and services working with a blend of companies including startups and well-established businesses. As an adaptable professional with outstanding problem-solving skills, I have overcome critical obstacles and roadblocks to achieve programme objectives on time and within budget. I can foster working relationships and strategic alliances with key stakeholders while inspiring cross-functional teams to achieve exceptional levels of performance. I can coach and mentor talent while developing comprehensive training initiatives for team members. My career highlights include the spin-out and launch of Net2Edge (increasing revenues by 100%), the strategic launch and product development of Vodafone Wireless Office in EMEA and APAC regions (annual revenues of over £1BN) while working with Vodafone’s key partners to increase EMEA/APAC revenues by €100M+ and improve product delivery by 300%. I continually exceed management expectations and I can add significant value to any organisation. For the right opportunity, I’m open to relocation globally. Learn more about Adam Turner on Crunchbase…

Sitemorse provides content QA & digital governance software. Read more aboutSitemorse on Crunchbase…

Paul Smith

New Business Director Partnerships @ JustPremium

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Read more aboutJustPremium on Crunchbase…

Alberto Casotto

Business Director @ Sgaia’s Vegan Meats

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Alberto Casotto is an italian born and bred photographer/videographer, interested in new communication technologies and innovative solutions to customer alienation and lack of enthusiasm arising in modern consumer society. Fascinated by the power of positive thinking and motivation on lifestyle, self-perception and entrepreneurial opportunities; in constant search of creative ways to approach problems, and purpose-led strategies to achieve lifetime goals. A promoter of community spirit and motivation, strongly believes in the power of the individual to initiate and develop self-growth and in the importance of sharing this knowledge within social ventures and contexts that involve cooperation. Enthusiastic about fitness, health and nutrition, as well as Italian food heritage and traditions. His mum makes the best aubergine parmigiana in the Country. Learn more about Alberto Casotto on Crunchbase…

Sgaia Foods is at the heart of a new, innovative approach to plant based living and dining. Read more aboutSgaia’s Vegan Meats on Crunchbase…

Amy Gutsell

Business Director @ VCCP Media

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VCCP Media helps clients make their whole marketing budget work harder by bringing together all types of media. Read more aboutVCCP Media on Crunchbase…

Katherine Adams

Business Director @ The Village Communications

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My primary focus is to oversee the team across a portfolio of accounts. Ensuring that the team consistently deliver to a high standard and work closely with partner agencies to deliver integrated through the line campaigns. Learn more about Katherine Adams on Crunchbase…

Small and independent, with a talented, passionate, multi-disciplinary team, we allow great ideas to flourish Read more aboutThe Village Communications on Crunchbase…

Russell Webb

Group Business Director @ GWI

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GWI is the leading supplier of target audience insight to the global marketing industry. Read more aboutGWI on Crunchbase…

Teresa Petrou

Business Director @ Landor & Fitch

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Landor & Fitch is a global brand transformation company Read more aboutLandor & Fitch on Crunchbase…

Hannah Thorpe

Business Director @ Found.

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Hannah is Head of SEO at, and works with clients to produce multi-platform campaigns through every stage from ideation through to completion. Hannah’s role covers everything from leading complex technical strategies, to creating innovative content campaigns and harnessing data to drive results. With experience speaking at multiple conferences, including BrightonSEO, Search London and SEONow and a regular blogging slot on State of Digital, Hannah is always happy to share tips and debate the controversies of the latest changes in technical SEO best practice. Learn more about Hannah Thorpe on Crunchbase…

Through Search, Social & Mobile. Read more aboutFound. on Crunchbase…

Simon Nash

Business Director @ Wunderman Thompson

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Read more aboutWunderman Thompson on Crunchbase…

Georgie Cambridge Patel

Head of Marketing and Marketing & New Business Director @ Celerity

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Georgie Patel is the Head of Marketing and Marketing & New Business Director at Celeriy. Learn more about Georgie Cambridge Patel on Crunchbase…

Celerity is a data-driven marketing agency specializing in helping brands to maximize value from marketing technology and customer data. Read more aboutCelerity on Crunchbase…

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