Top Influencers: 15 UK Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer role. We have selected these Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer’s. The list is in no particular order!

Bernhard Niesner

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ busuu

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Bernhard Niesner is the CEO and Co-Founder of busuu – the world´s largest social network for language learning with more than 35m users. busuu provides language courses in 12 different languages combined with direct interaction with native speakers from the community. The London-based start-up received several awards and was named “Best Education Start-Up in 2011” by TechCrunch. busuu is backed by renown business angels like Martin Varsavsky and received investment from PRO-Founders Capital. Before founding busuu, Bernhard worked at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. In addition to busuu, he is Associated Professor at IE Business School in the area of online marketing. Bernhard graduated summa cum laude in International Business from the University of Vienna and holds an MBA (with honors) from IE Business School. In 2009 he was awarded “Entrepreneur of the year” in Austria. Learn more about Bernhard Niesner on Crunchbase…

busuu is a mobile app for language learning with the goal of breaking down language barriers. Read more aboutbusuu on Crunchbase…

Nick Katz

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ acasa

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Nick Katz has worked in the US and the UK for nearly a decade in just about every segment of the real estate industry possible. He’s bought and sold commercial buildings, improved the energy efficiency of hotels, and deployed software to large property portfolios. In 2013 Nick joined VC backed Honest Buildings as Head of Europe before launching Splittable. Nick loves the idea of leveraging technology to help people live better at home. He’s an expert at dealing with housemate issues having rented and shared nine properties in London. Learn more about Nick Katz on Crunchbase…

acasa is a household management tool and bill splitting package that helps students, sharers and couples. Read more aboutacasa on Crunchbase…

Vishnu Chundi

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ AssetVault

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Vishnu Chundi is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at AssetVault. Learn more about Vishnu Chundi on Crunchbase…

AssetVault allows customers to catalogue all their physical and digital assets in one secure register. Read more aboutAssetVault on Crunchbase…

David Peto

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Aframe

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David founded Aframe with a vision to create a video platform that is powerful enough to handle the huge volumes and myriad formats of video production, but is simple enough that anyone could use it. He’s taken this idea from a one-room office covered in post it notes, to a global business with offices across the UK and US, raising significant Venture Capital funding along the way. Learn more about David Peto on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAframe on Crunchbase…

Alison Wedgwood

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ eWaterPay

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Alison Wedgwood is CEO of eWATERpay Ltd a UK tech start up revolutionising the delivery of water in rural sub-Saharan Africa. I have put in £500,000 of my own money and we have raised £350,000 of Angel funding, and are now looking to initiate a Series A fund round. Recently we have been advised by a Senior partner at Deloittes, and our new COO was, until three weeks ago the Commander of the UK Navy Maritime Fleet, Rear Admiral Alex Burton. eWater (, recently featured on the BBC news (click for link to video) and in the Economist (click for link to article), has also recently won the RELX Group Environmental Sustainability Prize 2017 which was presented in Stockholm at the UN CEO Water Mandate conference at World Water Week (click for link to article). eWATERpay is a pre-payment smart meter that can be fitted onto taps on any piped water systems in rural or urban areas of developing countries. It allows very low income households to pay affordable sums for water through loading their smart cards with eWATERcredit. The unique combination of three technologies integrating mobile and contactless pay technology, and IOT connectivity ensures the transparent collection of consumers’ water fees to fund the maintenance of water systems. Currently, $20 billion is invested in new water supply infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa per annum, but within three years, 40% of these systems are broken because there is no funded maintenance. eWATERpay solves this problem by ensuring revenue is tracked and accountable and transparently used by water Ministries, or private water utilities, to pay for continued maintenance. Learn more about Alison Wedgwood on Crunchbase…

Read more abouteWaterPay on Crunchbase…

Daniel Thompson

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Kluster

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Forecast, manage pipeline, and execute strategies to beat your revenue target using Kluster’s revenue analytics platform. Read more aboutKluster on Crunchbase…

Adam Penny

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ The Beautiful Truth

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The Beautiful Truth is a magazine that honors people and businesses who live their lives with purpose. Read more aboutThe Beautiful Truth on Crunchbase…

Graeme Risby

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Hiyacar

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Graeme Risby is Co-Founder and CEO of HiyaCar. Simply put, HiyaCar is the Airbnb for motor cars with all the insurance barriers overcome, matching car hirers with car owners and changing the way we use cars forever. Graeme is a social entrepreneur who believes strongly in using technology and peer-to-peer networks to improve people’s lives, make new friends and bring communities together. Learn more about Graeme Risby on Crunchbase…

Hiyacar is a UK peer to peer car sharing platform. Read more aboutHiyacar on Crunchbase…

Devi Kolli

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ AiSolve

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Devi has over 13 years of experience in planning and delivering transformational digital strategies involving real time human computer interactions across retail, shopping malls, theme parks and education sectors globally. She’s one of the early pioneers who spent relentless hours in educating the enterprise and consumer markets to consider and adapt gamified content into everyday communications whether it’s for marketing, entertainment, out-of-home displays, corporate training and learning. At AiSolve, she leads a diverse team of tech experts with individuals specialising over a wide spectrum of technology spheres including: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Immersive Gaming. As a visionary, she stayed on the forefront of articulating technology trends that influence the market changes and consumer behaviours. Learn more about Devi Kolli on Crunchbase…

AiSolve is a virtual reality developer for gaming, entertainment and education at destinations worldwide. Read more aboutAiSolve on Crunchbase…

Owen Nicholson

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ SLAMcore

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Over a decade of experience in early stage R&D management working on both UK government and industry research portfolios. Successfully delivered technologies in a wide range of areas including UK augmented reality for the UK Special Forces, next generation nuclear submarines and domestic electronics. Worked for four years building and managing the University Research Programme for a leading global engineering company, transferring technologies from top research institutions around the world. Specialised in the strategic and commercial aspects of technology development acting as an advisor to the UK government on university technology transfer. Learn more about Owen Nicholson on Crunchbase…

SLAMcore provides location, mapping and perception software for robots and other autonomous machines to become spatially intelligent Read more aboutSLAMcore on Crunchbase…

Julian M. Baladurage

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ MBJ LONDON

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Julian Baladurage joined MBJ LONDON as CEO & Co-founder in 2011. Learn more about Julian M. Baladurage on Crunchbase…

MBJ LONDON is a web and app development company offering Website as a Service. Read more aboutMBJ LONDON on Crunchbase…

Emma Rogers

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Little Bridge Ltd

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Emma Rogers is CEO at Little Bridge. Learn more about Emma Rogers on Crunchbase…

Little Bridge is a unique social platform for young, digital learners of English from over 100 countries around the world. Read more aboutLittle Bridge Ltd on Crunchbase…

Aldo Monteforte

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ The Floow

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As CEO Aldo leads the sales and business development efforts and is responsible for growing The Floow into the world leading provider of analytical insights at the service of the global automotive ecosystem. He conceived and founded The Floow in 2012, with the vision of making vehicles safer and cheaper for all. In particular Aldo saw the potential to transform the telematics industry from the convergence of mobile technologies, large scale data mining and psychology applied to driver behaviour. After a career in investment banking, in 2000 Aldo became an entrepreneur and investor in high growth telematics companies. Learn more about Aldo Monteforte on Crunchbase…

The Floow designs the world’s most advanced and lowest-cost telematic systems to make vehicles safer and cheaper for all. Read more aboutThe Floow on Crunchbase…

Edward Sparks

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ KoolBeans

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Order ahead from the best independent coffee shops Read more aboutKoolBeans on Crunchbase…

Alkiviades A. David

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Anakando Media Group

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Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Mr. Alkiviades David, founded ANAKANDO in 2008. He has over 20 years of diverse global experience to draw on. He is an acknowledged authority on international marketing, with a particular interest and focus on digital media delivery and management. He is a strategic and innovative business thinker who has made a number of key investments globally and established a significant portfolio of assets ranging across banking, entertainment and broadcast media technology. He is listed among the top fifty wealthiest businessmen in the United Kingdom and received a Master of Arts degree from the prestigious Royal College of Art’s – Film & Television Program. As Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Alki leads the operational growth and strategic direction of the ANAKANDO Media Group. Learn more about Alkiviades A. David on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAnakando Media Group on Crunchbase…

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