Top Influencers: 16 UK Head of Platform’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Head of Platform play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Head of Platform role. We have selected these Head of Platform’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Head of Platform’s. The list is in no particular order!

Carolina Küng

Head of Platform @ Frontline Ventures

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Born in São Paulo to Swiss and Belgium/Portuguese parents, Carolina was raised in Portugal. While earning her BA in London in Business & International Relations, she worked at Swiss embassies in Paris, Madrid, Chicago and New York City. In 2012, Carolina graduated from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism with a Masters Degree in Digital Journalism. Carolina has built her career around tech; first by reporting on it for Al-Jazeera and Newsweek, and later by scaling community, marketing, and business development strategies at e-commerce and fintech startups in New York City. In 2016, Carolina joined Insight Venture Partners, where she led portfolio facing platform and community strategies as part of the Insight Onsite growth team. Carolina was a competitive surfer until the age of 18 and enjoys all things sports and outdoors. She is fluent in Portuguese and English, and conversational in German, French, and Spanish. In her spare time, you might find her at a Parity Partners meeting where she is proud to join multiple FSI and female tech leaders around the world to promote diversity in Venture Capital. Learn more about Carolina Küng on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutFrontline Ventures on Crunchbase…

Thomas Schoffelen

Head of Platform Innovation @ NearSt

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Thomas, born in Limburg,The Netherlands, started building Scholica, an online E-learning platform, together with his co-founder Dante van der Heijden at age 15. They sold the product to their own high school and several coaching institutions. At age 18, Thomas moved to London to co-found retail startup NearSt, which collects inventory data from high street shops and makes this data available in an open platform, with the ultimate goal of getting more people into their local shops. Learn more about Thomas Schoffelen on Crunchbase…

NearSt is a retail technology company building the world’s source of real-time local inventory. Read more aboutNearSt on Crunchbase…

Stewart Jardine

Global Head of Platform Solutions | Client Development & Sales @ CME Group

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Read more aboutCME Group on Crunchbase…

Ben Jones

Co-Founder & Head of Platform Development @ ebb3

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Ben Jones, co-founder of ebb3, is responsible for finding ways to solve the challenges preventing technological evolution. He has 17 years of experience with Citrix, VMware and Microsoft technologies and clients including Rolls Royce, Centrica, Barclays, BNP Paribas and LoveFilm (Amazon). Ben is a member of the NVIDIA GRID community advisor program. He specialises in innovation in networking, cloud computing and 3D applications. Learn more about Ben Jones on Crunchbase…

ebb3’s technology replaces the need for Workstations, it leverages modern Supercomputer Technology to deliver. Read more aboutebb3 on Crunchbase…

Marcus Wade

Head of Platform Development @ TradeIX

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Marcus is a co-founder of TRADEIX and an experienced web developer, consultant and architect with a passion for technology. He has over 25 years of experience focusing mainly within the Microsoft technology stack and producing solutions for the financial, travel and insurance sectors for global corporations. He was an early pioneer within the Internet start-up phenomenon in the early 90’s, helping small companies become global players. Marcus displays an in-depth understanding of the business requirements and how these challenges can be met through rapid and agile development techniques. Learn more about Marcus Wade on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTradeIX on Crunchbase…

Min Nolan

Head of Platform @ Firstminute Capital

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Min is Head of Platform at firstminute capital where she works across the operations of the fund: with the portfolio companies, investors and as in-house legal counsel. She spent six months in 2018 on secondment with one of the portfolio, Elephant Healthcare, while they rolled out their first pilots in Kenya. Min joined firstminute from an early stage blockchain company, where she built out the global operations as General Manager. Prior to that, she was an Associate Solicitor, spending five years at a leading law firm advising a variety of clients including entrepreneurs, SMEs and Family Offices. Min graduated with First Class honours from Oxford University (History of Art) and received her GDL and LPC with distinction from BPP, London. Learn more about Min Nolan on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutFirstminute Capital on Crunchbase…

Shankara Srinivasan

Head of Platform @ SteelEye

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SteelEye provides Trade & Communications Oversight & Regulatory Reporting through an integrated & cloud-based platform. Read more aboutSteelEye on Crunchbase…

Milton Elias

Head of Platforms & Innovation @ News UK

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News UK is a great company full of talented, dedicated and creative people. Read more aboutNews UK on Crunchbase…

David Beattie

Head of SW Engineering Line & Head of Platform Engineering @ Secondmind

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David is a SW engineer with over 15 years’ experience delivering complex software systems. Originally from Northern Ireland he has been in England since his university days. His primary role at is integrating cutting edge research into the core platform. With two young children, three Alpacas and an endless list of DIY jobs, he enjoys trying to keep fit and enduro motorbike racing if he has any spare time. Learn more about David Beattie on Crunchbase…

Machine learning for automotive innovators Read more aboutSecondmind on Crunchbase…

Darren Oakley

Head of Platform @ Nested

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Prior to Nested Darren was a Tech Lead at the BBC and Nature Publishing Group, building large scale web applications for millions of users. Learn more about Darren Oakley on Crunchbase…

Nested operates as a data-driven estate agency enabling customers to be chain-free buyers. Read more aboutNested on Crunchbase…

Geoff Ballinger

Head of Platform @ Machines With Vision

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Transforming the maintenance of linear infrastructure using millimetre-accurate mapping. Read more aboutMachines With Vision on Crunchbase…

Jerome Ceyrac

Head of Platform Development @ GENIAC

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Read more aboutGENIAC on Crunchbase…

Digby Lewis

Head of Platforms and Distribution @ Iris

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During his 20-year career, Lewis has worked as a journalist, TV producer, online video platform manager and developed innovative brand initiatives, including the award winning Imagination Series for Bombay Sapphire and Sainsbury’s publishing platform Homemade. Prior to joining iris in 2016, Digby was Director of Brand Strategy at Buzzfeed. At iris, Digby is responsible for growing its content division Content That POPS. The specialist proposition in the iris network is focused on the creation, production, and importantly, effective distribution of content to deliver extraordinary value to consumers and clients. Learn more about Digby Lewis on Crunchbase…

Iris is an advertising agency that creates an innovation network of over 1000 people across 17 markets. Read more aboutIris on Crunchbase…

Mary Williamson

CTO and Head of Platform @ Stratagem Technologies Ltd

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CTO and Head of Platform at Stratagem Technologies Ltd. Learn more about Mary Williamson on Crunchbase…

Trading Sports Prediction Markets as an alternative asset class Read more aboutStratagem Technologies Ltd on Crunchbase…

Stefano Locati

Head of Platform Development @ Constant Commerce

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We are the only platform to offer marketers every tool to support an end to end shopper journey from inspiration to (any) checkout Read more aboutConstant Commerce on Crunchbase…

Raya Markova

Head of Platform @ blueSense

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Blue Sense Networks (trading as blueSense) are leaders in the proximity solutions industry. Custom hardware, contextual applications. Read more aboutblueSense on Crunchbase…

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