Top Influencers: 16 UK Journalist’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Science Journalist play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Science Journalist role. We have selected these Science Journalist’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Science Journalist’s. The list is in no particular order!

Nicola Davis

Science Journalist @ The Guardian US

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Nicola Davis is a reporter across science, health, the environment and technology for the Guardian and is the former commissioning editor for the Observer’s technology supplement, Tech Monthly. Previously she worked for the Times and has written for a number of other publications including the Times Literary Supplement. She has a MChem and DPhil in Organic Chemistry from the University of Oxford. Learn more about Nicola Davis on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutThe Guardian US on Crunchbase…

Dinah Parums

Freelance Journalist (Medicine, Health, and Science) @ National Union of Journalists

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Dr Dinah Parums is a freelance medical and scientific copywriter, journalist, editor, and consultant, with more than 25 years of publishing experience. Dinah attended grammar school in north Derbyshire and won an entrance scholarship to King’s College, Cambridge University where she received her B.A. (Hons) in Medical Sciences. Dinah did her clinical medical training at Oxford University Medical School (B.M., B.Ch.) Dr Dinah Parums returned to Cambridge University to complete her Ph.D. in Pathology, and was appointed to a Research Fellowship at Darwin College, Cambridge. She completed her specialist training in Pathology in the Nuffield Department of Pathology, Oxford University Medical School where she held the positions of Clinical Lecturer and Clinical Tutor (MRCPath in 1991 and FRCPath in 1999), and was a Research Fellow at Wolfson College, Oxford, and a College Lecturer at Balliol College, Oxford.. She has held visiting research fellowships in the USA, at Stanford Medical School and at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. Dinah has worked as an NHS Consultant and Senior Lecturer, as a Clinical Editor and as a Principal Pharmaceutical Physician. She has more than 40 peer-reviewed scientific publications to her name and has written and edited a postgraduate medical course book. She continues to review manuscripts for several medical and scientific journals. Dinah is a member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), American Medical Writer’s Association (AMWA), European Medical Writer’s Association (EMWA) & International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP). She has worked as a Clinical Editor with the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and is currently on the Editorial Board of Medical Science Monitor. Dr Dinah Parums’ publications, patents, and books are listed on her website: Learn more about Dinah Parums on Crunchbase…

The National Union of Journalists is the voice for journalists and journalism. Read more aboutNational Union of Journalists on Crunchbase…

Lorna Blount

Broadcast Journalist @ BBC

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Lorna Blount is a world-renowned social media expert with more than a decade of experience in some of the world’s most influential media organisations across the globe. Previously at Sky News and Asia, she currently works at BBC World News in London as a multi platform producer and journalist, focusing on using social media as a tool for both newsgathering and audience building. Passionate about technology, she covers social media trends and developments in the industry, in addition to overall social and mobile strategy for the channel. Learn more about Lorna Blount on Crunchbase…

BBC is a large-scale broadcasting corporation that offers content to inform, educate, and entertain people. Read more aboutBBC on Crunchbase…

Steve O’Hear

Journalist @ TechCrunch

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Steve O’Hear is best known as a technology journalist, currently at TechCrunch where he focuses on European startups, companies and products. He first joined TechCrunch in November 2009 as Contributing Editor for TechCrunch Europe, where he worked alongside Editor Mike Butcher to help build TechCrunch’s coverage in Europe. In June 2011, Steve took a break from journalism to co-found the London and Prague-based startup Beepl. In his role as CEO, he helped the company raise its first VC round, along with seeing the Question & Answer site through development, private alpha and a high profile public launch. In November 2012, Beepl was acquired by Brand Embassy. Along with TechCrunch, Steve has written for numerous publications, including ZDNet (where he wrote the well-respected blog ‘The Social Web’), The Guardian, Macworld, TES, Last100 and ReadWriteWeb. He also wrote and directed the critically acclaimed Silicon Valley documentary ‘In Search of the Valley’, which was released in September 2006. In 2002, Steve was made a fellow of the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts. He’s also one half of ProtoBake Labs, an ‘ideas incubator’ he co-founded with Pete Harris. Disclaimer: Steve owns a small amount of cryptocurrency, and doesn’t generally write about crypto currencies. If and when he does, he will always disclose any potential conflict of interest. Learn more about Steve O’Hear on Crunchbase…

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Rich Preston

Senior Journalist and Presenter & Senior World News Reporter and Anchor @ BBC World Service

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Rich is a broadcaster with the BBC World Service. He reports on international stories to audiences around the world. Rich’s particular focus is broadcasting global news to audiences in the United States. He produces and hosts daily world news briefings for American breakfast radio listeners. In his previous role as a producer covering Europe, Rich reported on some of the biggest events to shape the continent over the past few years, including the Scottish Independence Referendum, the Brexit vote, and the terror attacks in France and Belgium. During his nine years at the BBC, Rich has also produced arts programmes, documentaries, and reported on technology stories. Learn more about Rich Preston on Crunchbase…

BBC World Service is online radio news,sports,weather report, film news,exchange news,all news collection the company. Read more aboutBBC World Service on Crunchbase…

Charlie Osborne

Journalist @ CBS Interactive

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Charlie Osborne, a medical anthropologist who studied at the University of Kent, UK, is a journalist, freelance photographer and former teacher. She has spent years travelling and working across Europe and the Middle East as a teacher, and has been involved in the running of businesses ranging from media and events to B2B sales. Charlie currently works as a journalist and photographer — with the occasional design piece — and writes for ZDNet, CNET and SmartPlanet. She has particular interests in social media, IP law, social engineering and security. Learn more about Charlie Osborne on Crunchbase…

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Peter McCormack

Journalist @ What Bitcoin Did

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What Bitcoin Did – Crypto Asset Trading, Mining, Training and Advising. Read more aboutWhat Bitcoin Did on Crunchbase…

Elizabeth Pfeuti

Financial Journalist / director @ Rhotic Media

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Rhotic Media is a financial services content provider that offers corporate content, emergency editorial and research reporting services. Read more aboutRhotic Media on Crunchbase…

Naga Munchetty

Journalist & Presenter @ BBC

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BBC is a large-scale broadcasting corporation that offers content to inform, educate, and entertain people. Read more aboutBBC on Crunchbase…

Marc Ambasna-Jones

Journalist @ Forbes

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Current journalist work includes digital media and tech articles for The Guardian, technology innovation for global site IDG Connect, tech stories and features for The Register plus ghost writing, book writing and script writing. Written for The Guardian, The Daily Mirror, IDG Connect, Computer Weekly, ZDNet, CRN, The Register, The Inquirer, Web User, The FT, FourFourTwo, Maxim and New Statesman. Marc Ambasna-Jones has also worked in PR for a while across a range of sectors. Clients have included, TIGA, Neon Play, Rockstar Games, The Filter (Peter Gabriel), Martyn Ware, Black Dog Tribe (Ruby Wax), Get Kids Going, Wedlake Bell and KPMG. Most recently He has worked on sustainability and supply chain procurement articles and ideas for a business called Ecodesk. Learn more about Marc Ambasna-Jones on Crunchbase…

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Jon Snow

Journalist & Team Member @ Channel 4

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Jon Snow is Team Member @ Channel 4. Learn more about Jon Snow on Crunchbase…

Channel 4 provides public broadcasting services via television. Read more aboutChannel 4 on Crunchbase…

Nichi Hodgson

Television Journalist @ Sky UK

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Nichi Hodgson is an author, broadcaster, and journalist living in London. A former sex columnist for Men’s Health, she regularly contributes to the Guardian, Vice, and the Telegraph on civil liberties and censorship issues, sex and the law, and gender politics. From court-reporting obscenity trials, to getting a nuru massage at a Nevada brothel, Nichi is fearless in the face of sexual misadventure, emboldened by her stint as a professional dominatrix. As well as regular media appearances on BBC radio and Sky News, Nichi makes frequent appearances in TV documentaries and debates on sex, porn and society. Her Radio 4 documentary on porn and ethics is available on iPlayer. Her first book, Bound To You, details her time as a professional dominatrix and personal submissive, and her latest book, The Curious History of Dating, from Jane Austen to Tinder, is due out in January 2017. Learn more about Nichi Hodgson on Crunchbase…

Sky is an entertainment company, serving 22 million customers across satellite, OTT, and broadband in five countries. Read more aboutSky UK on Crunchbase…

Matthew Syed

Journalist @ The Times

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Matthew Syed is married and a father to two young children (Evie and Teddy), and a trustee of Greenhouse Sports, a charity that empowers young people from disadvantaged communities through sport. He is a columnist for The Times, the author of two acclaimed books on the science of high performance – Bounce and Black Box Thinking – and a former international table tennis champion. Matthew challenges organisations to avoid institutionalism and open themselves up to change. Feedback should be shared with everybody. Just as the entire aviation industry learns from each aircraft’s black box after an incident, failure should become an opportunity to adapt and grow. Learn more about Matthew Syed on Crunchbase…

The Times is a daily newspaper published in London, United Kingdom. Read more aboutThe Times on Crunchbase…

Sally Whittle

Journalist, Influencer Marketing Consultant @ Flea Enterprises

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Flea Enterprises links together brands and social media influencers in the food, parenting, lifestyle, and travel areas. Read more aboutFlea Enterprises on Crunchbase…

Ben Brown

Senior Broadcast Journalist @ BBC

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BBC is a large-scale broadcasting corporation that offers content to inform, educate, and entertain people. Read more aboutBBC on Crunchbase…

Joanna Abeyie

Senior Entertainment and Current Affairs News Journalist @ BBC

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Joanna Abeyie is a leader. The go-getting 32-year-old has blazed a trail as an award-winning entrepreneur, champion of diversity, inclusion and equality, public speaker and campaigner, as well as making a mark as a journalist and broadcaster. The serial entrepreneur’s latest enterprise is founding Blue Moon (launching June 2019), a flagship consultancy and recruitment business helping businesses grasp the importance of having inclusive and diverse workforces. Blue Moon also sources diverse talent, enabling businesses to be more successful through having representative workforces that reflect an increasingly diverse society. Learn more about Joanna Abeyie on Crunchbase…

BBC is a large-scale broadcasting corporation that offers content to inform, educate, and entertain people. Read more aboutBBC on Crunchbase…

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