Top Influencers: 25 UK Founder / CEO’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Co-founder / CEO play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-founder / CEO role. We have selected these Co-founder / CEO’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-founder / CEO’s. The list is in no particular order!

Hayden Wood

Co-founder / CEO @ Bulb

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Hayden co-founded Bulb with Amit Gudka in 2015 with a mission to reduce people’s bills and cut carbon emissions. Today Bulb has over 1 million members, supplies 100% green electricity and 100% carbon neutral gas and was recently named the fastest growing private company in the country. Learn more about Hayden Wood on Crunchbase…

Bulb provides affordable renewable energy for homes and businesses. Read more aboutBulb on Crunchbase…

Azmat Yusuf

Founder / CEO @ Citymapper

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Mr. Azmat Yusuf is a Founder at Citymapper Limited.Yusuf previously worked at Google, as well as in the venture capital and equities fields for international banks. He started the app in 2011 as a guide for Londoners to navigate the city’s bus network. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in both Electrical Engineering and Economics and received his MBA from INSEAD in 2009. Learn more about Azmat Yusuf on Crunchbase…

Citymapper is a transport app for cities. Read more aboutCitymapper on Crunchbase…

James Hawkins

Co-Founder / CEO @ PostHog

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James Hawkins is a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at PostHog. Learn more about James Hawkins on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutPostHog on Crunchbase…

Timothy Creswick

Founder / CEO @ Vorboss

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Timothy is the Founder and Director of Vorboss Limited, a specialist, high-performance cloud service provider based in the City of London in the United Kingdom. Vorboss is the UK’s most interconnected, fully autonomous cloud service provider. We operate AS25160 (see for independent data) which is an independent service provider network. Vorboss is a founding member of the SPN Alliance. Learn more about Timothy Creswick on Crunchbase…

Vorboss believe that these crucial decisions should be made with a technical expert, rather than someone driven by margins. Read more aboutVorboss on Crunchbase…

Louis Tag

Founder / CEO @ Passnfly

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Louis is a serial-entrepreneur and founder of multiple tech-based start-up companies such as PASSNFLY, Helicopters Worldwide or Fast-Track. A visionary entrepreneur, from Germany, currently residing in London. To those who know him, it’s no surprise that WIRED named him Top100 Entrepreneurs in Europe. Helicopters worldwide (est. 2021) is already today a leading provider for heli-transfers. Users can book on partner sites door-to-door transfers combining heli+limo. WallStreetJournal calls PASSNFLY ”the check-in app for frequent travelers”. Louis says himself, that “My journey in business started with my first tech company at the age of 21, but not every youthful project came to prosper still it gave me what it took, to succeed at innovation.” His most popular initiative is a disruptive travel tech startup – PASSNFLY. “When I see an apparently overdue market gap I ask myself if the solution I envision could be useful on a daily basis and turn out to be a new trend. Airlines ask passengers to check-in themselves – 20+ clicks until the boarding pass. Making check-in a 1-click experience is what I believe to be useful for every of the 8 billion annual air passengers.” PASSNFLY provides what every passenger needs to fly – the boarding pass. Today PASSNFLY automated check-in service is available for most airlines worldwide. Customers are some of the world’s well-known travel brands. Investors and advisers are some of the leading heads from the travel and aviation industry. PASSNFLY provides seamless travel solutions for Passengers, Travel Distributors, Airlines and Airports around the globe. For more info visit Louis Tag, 37, is originally from Germany, where he studied law. With just 21 years age and while still studying, he built his first company. With his first startup and only 30k investment, he accomplished a 100x return on sales in less than a year. Since then he continues on the entrepreneurial path. When Louis is not working he enjoys running, reading, and golf. He is married to Elizabeth and has a daughter Violetta and a son Peter. The family lives between Munich, Barcelona and London – with Barcelona being their absolute favorite. Specialities: business plan, cash flow, executive management, finance, investments, leadership, travel, positioning, pricing, purchasing, data processing and encryption technologies, telematic infrastructures, accreditation technologies, aeronautical engineering, architecture of informatics and communication systems, research, risk analysis, sales, strategic planning, vision. Learn more about Louis Tag on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutPassnfly on Crunchbase…

Sanford Dickert

Founder / CEO @ OWLR Technologies

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Sanford Dickert is a product technologist focusing on bring new technology-based products to market. In his varied career, Sanford has held numerous senior positions in Product Development, Marketing, and Technology. When describing Sanford, descriptions include Product Expeditor, a transformative CTO and/or Market-sensitive Technologist — primarily working with promising start-up, leading venture funds and Fortune 500 firms to take on high-beta projects or accelerate positive change within their organizations through the effective use of technology, performance metrics and product development/marketing techniques. Learn more about Sanford Dickert on Crunchbase…

User-friendly software which makes complex home security cameras easy-to-use, more intelligent and safer for all. Read more aboutOWLR Technologies on Crunchbase…

Mohammad Khodadadi

Founder / CEO @ SATIS.AI

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Mohammad Khodadadi is a Director/Chief of data, Technologist, Entrepreneur. Mo is an accomplished technologist and entrepreneur with over 15 years of industry experience that includes building and managing large teams, designing complex AI oriented data architectures, and leading high-growth intelligence-driven businesses. His interests include applying artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts to health and biotech and developing cognitive ecosystems capable of contextual deduction from data for actionable suggestions. Prior to joining Babylon, he founded and ran, a food advisor that tracks/suggest what you eat. He was also CTO at Klappo, a semantic platform for food ingredients, enabling the development of applications that help people to make educated choices about what they consume. He completed his PhD in Computer Science, speciality in formal methods, and his MSC in Bioinformatic at The University of Manchester. He is also one of the first of 100 tech exceptional talent visa holders in the UK and the winner of sirius enterprenurship competition by UK Trade and Investment ministry. Learn more about Mohammad Khodadadi on Crunchbase…

Food that makes sense | Delicious, Nutritious and affordable, while green and fair Read more aboutSATIS.AI on Crunchbase…

Aidan Cramer

Co-founder / CEO @ Stride

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Deep jobs marketplace connecting sales talent with jobs at tech companies. Read more aboutStride on Crunchbase…

Mike Charalambous

Founder / CEO @ Threedium

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We create memorable brand experiences, drive product considerations and deliver conversions through 3D/AR Technology. Read more aboutThreedium on Crunchbase…

Constantine Yurevich

Founder / CEO @ SegmentStream

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SegmentStream is a data intelligence platform for advanced marketing analytics and attribution. Read more aboutSegmentStream on Crunchbase…

Ron Kastner

Founder / CEO @ Future Spectrum

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Future Spectrum is an independent wind energy developer involved in creating environmentally-sensitive wind farms. Read more aboutFuture Spectrum on Crunchbase…

Nathan Koren

Founder / CEO @ Podaris

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Nathan is an entrepreneur with an MBA from the University of Oxford and a background in software development. Nathan is passionate about harnessing technology to improve the intelligence, robustness, and agility of organisational strategy and planning, and leads the technical development of the Futurescaper software. Learn more about Nathan Koren on Crunchbase…

Podaris is a real-time collaborative urban infrastructure planning. Read more aboutPodaris on Crunchbase…

Riham Satti

Co-founder / CEO @ MeVitae

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Riham Satti, CEO of MeVitae is amongst the top 50 disruptive game changers in Thames Valley, top 100 influential UK tech business leaders and according to Forbes a ‘female founder taking the UK by storm’. As well as her involvement in the tech ecosystem and working with innovative start-up companies, Riham’s main interests lie in leveraging technology to unleash human capital and solve the biggest employment challenges, supported by the likes of Microsoft, European Space Agency and Oxford University – quoted as ‘disruptive recruitment technology innovation’ by Stephen Kelly (CEO of Sage). She is involved in several initiatives in promoting female founders and women in STEM. Riham is a computational neuroscientist from Oxford and Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London. Learn more about Riham Satti on Crunchbase…

Deep tech company helping companies find talent smarter, faster and fairer without unconscious or algorithmic bias. Read more aboutMeVitae on Crunchbase…

Tiff Burns

Founder / CEO @ LuckyTrip

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LuckyTrip is a travel inspiration app that lets you find a trip in one tap. Read more aboutLuckyTrip on Crunchbase…

Samuel Hunt

Co-Founder / CEO @ Materials Market

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Samuel Hunt Co-Founder / CEO at Materials Market. Learn more about Samuel Hunt on Crunchbase…

Materials Market is an online platform that connects customers and suppliers of building materials in a competitive marketplace. Read more aboutMaterials Market on Crunchbase…

Rael Cline

Co-Founder / CEO @

FollowRael Cline on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. is an eCommerce and advertising optimization platform for Amazon. Read more on Crunchbase…

Henry Bennett

Co-Founder / CEO @ YourWelcome

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YourWelcome is a SaaS platform enabling short term rental managers to add a service layer to their business. Read more aboutYourWelcome on Crunchbase…

Benji Vaughan

Founder / CEO @ Disciple Media

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Disciple helps you host, engage and monetise your community on your terms. Create your own community app and gather your customers. Read more aboutDisciple Media on Crunchbase…

Charlie Buckle

Founder / CEO @ Amondo

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We create content destinations that drive audience engagement Read more aboutAmondo on Crunchbase…

Stefano Sironi

Co-founder / CEO @ Axioma

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Stefano Sironi is the co-founder and CEO of Axioma Europe. Learn more about Stefano Sironi on Crunchbase…

Automated insurance claims handling and insurance claims marketplace. Read more aboutAxioma on Crunchbase…

Yasmine Boudiaf

Founder / CEO @ Serious DAtum

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Yasmine Boudiaf makes virtual reality experiences that change people’s behaviour. She uses VR as a tool to address subtle forms of behaviour and biases which can effect the way another person feels. Her main topics of interest are implicit biases, cross- cultural understanding and innovation. With a background in biomedical science and documentary film, she enjoys inter-disciplinary collaboration as a way to solve problems. She produces experiences and consults via her company Serious Datum Ltd. Learn more about Yasmine Boudiaf on Crunchbase…

Serious DAtum makes behaviour changing virtual reality experiences. Read more aboutSerious DAtum on Crunchbase…

Andrew Tarver


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Read more aboutBOLD ROCKET on Crunchbase…

Sean Hawie

Founder / CEO @ Oculizm

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Collect, curate & capitalise on user generated content Read more aboutOculizm on Crunchbase…

Adam Butwilowski

Founder / CEO @ CiiVSOFT

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Recruitment automation tools and technology Read more aboutCiiVSOFT on Crunchbase…

Desmond Kelleher

Founder / CEO @ Mental Technologies

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Read more aboutMental Technologies on Crunchbase…

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