Top Influencers: 26 UK Founding Director’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Founding Director play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Founding Director role. We have selected these Founding Director’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Founding Director’s. The list is in no particular order!

Stan Stalnaker

Founding Director @ Hub Culture

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Stan Stalnaker is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Hub Culture, an ecosystem that includes the Ven the digital currency, Ultra Exchange, AQUA quarantine system and HubID digital identity. Previously, Stan was the international director of marketing for the Time Inc. Business and Finance group, based first in Hong Kong, then London. Learn more about Stan Stalnaker on Crunchbase…

Hub Culture is a global collaboration platform focused on digital currency and identity, knowledge brokerage and community services. Read more aboutHub Culture on Crunchbase…

Rhodri Llewellyn

Founding Director @ Axial Capital Partners

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Investment and banking entrepreneur, founded Axial Capital after graduating from banking & finance studies in San Francisco and working within private equity and consulting in London. The core services at Axial include private capital and VC financing, pre-IPO investment and public listings, and M&A advisory. Learn more about Rhodri Llewellyn on Crunchbase…

Private equity and VC financing, pre-IPO investment and public listings, and M&A advisory Read more aboutAxial Capital Partners on Crunchbase…

Bleddyn Rees

Deputy Chair and Founding Director @ Echalliance

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Bleddyn is an experienced commercial and international healthcare lawyer with 30 years legal experience.He spent almost 4 years on secondment as General Counsel of the Commercial Directorate of the UK Department of Health. He is the Deputy Chair of the European Connected Health Alliance (, a Director of the Digital Health Society, a member of the Commercial Committee of Guy’s and St.Thomas’ NHS Hospital in London and a member of the European Commission’s eHealth Stakeholders Group.He is on the Industry Advisory Board of a range of health and care organisations including Digital Health.London and a Non Executive Director for health startups. He has worked across Europe and the Middle East in healthcare and has a special interest in digital health as well as health technology, healthcare contracting, outcomes, health data, analytics and innovation and startups. Bleddyn advises Governments, Hospitals and businesses working across the health and social care sectors. The European Connected Health Alliance facilitates the transformation of health and care systems by creating permanent geographic multi stakeholders Ecosystems which transfer best practice ,innovation and lessons learned from one country and region to another. There are 32 International Ecosystems already in existence. Bleddyn is the MC for the Digital Health and Wellness Summit at 4YFN ( 4 Years from Now) now in its seventh year at Mobile World Congress the annual Conference for telecommunications and technology businesses which attracts 92,000 people in Barcelona in February each year. Learn more about Bleddyn Rees on Crunchbase…

The European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) brings people and organisations in the health and wellbeing industry together. Read more aboutEchalliance on Crunchbase…

Giovanna Forte

Founding Director & CEO @ Forte Medical

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Giovanna is credited within bringing her GP brother’s invention to life. She invested personally in his idea, to explore design and material R&D, secure IP rights and ultimately attract investment from the GLA Early Growth Fund in 2006. As CEO she realised the successful launch of Peezy Midstream, established credible clinical evidence, developed PR, marketing, sales campaigns and has overseen the ongoing investment needs of the business. Specimen collection is arguably the most basic procedure required for analysis, diagnosis and treatment of myriad conditions; Giovanna’s desire to improve these often messy processes drove engagement with clinicians, microbiologists and patients. Her inquiry and love of good design has led to development of The Specimen Collection. Learn more about Giovanna Forte on Crunchbase…

Forte Medical is a diagnostic center in London, England. Read more aboutForte Medical on Crunchbase…

Tom Hibberd

Founding Director @ iO Associates

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Following a successful recruitment career within the S3 Group, Tom took the decision to fulfil the long term ambition of building a company from inception, and so in 2009 jointly founded Panoramic Associates Ltd. Having experienced significant success and exciting growth within the senior level staffing sector, it was time to launch phase 2 of the plan, the development of a group company to house both Panoramic Associates and the new technical brand, iO. Tom has an extensive background in the provision of specialist contract, interim and permanent resource into specific industry sectors, and technology based recruitment forms a large proportion of this experience. A visionary & adaptable business leader, well versed in developing mutually beneficial, long term business relationships. Proven in building and managing teams of recruitment professionals with a core focus on creating exciting career opportunities through the development of individuals at all levels. Learn more about Tom Hibberd on Crunchbase…

iO is an industry leading IT search firm, with specialist disciplines including FinTech, development, analytics, IT security and more. Read more aboutiO Associates on Crunchbase…

Richard Ross

Founding Director & CSO @ Diurnal Group

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Richard Ross is a founding Director of Diurnal and Chief Scientific Officer and is contracted to perform work for the Group by the University pursuant to the terms of a secondment agreement and a research agreement. He is a Professor of Clinical Endocrinology and Head of the Academic Unit of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism at the University of Sheffield and was previously a Senior Lecturer at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. Richard’s primary research interest is pituitary and adrenal disease with a particular focus on hormone replacement. His research has yielded over 200 papers, more than 30 granted patents and publications in Nature Medicine, Nature Reviews Endocrinology, Nature Genetics, The Lancet, The BMJ and PNAS. He has been a member of the editorial boards of Clinical Endocrinology and the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism and served as an elected member of the executive committees for the European Society of Endocrinology (Treasurer), the Society for Endocrinology and Growth Hormone Research Society. Learn more about Richard Ross on Crunchbase…

Diurnal Group is an innovative pharmaceutical company creating high-value therapeutic drugs for use in the endocrine hormone area. Read more aboutDiurnal Group on Crunchbase…

Themba Ndlwana

Founding Director @ Sports Media Africa

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Themba Ndlwana is the Founder and MD of Sports Media Africa (SMA). He has more than a decade of experience in sports rights distribution and commercial exploitation. After obtaining his Msc in Sports Business Management from Birkbeck College (University of London), he joined Optima Sports Management International (OSMi) initially as a content strategist, then a sales executive and ultimately a sponsorship sales and services manager. After his departure from OSMi, he established SMA with a vision for the entity to become an integral part in the development of a mature and sustainable African sports media market. SMA’s mission is to leverage on the tremendous power that is inherently in media, and to utilise its influence for the development of African sports. The company is primary involved with the pan-African distribution of sports rights/content and has a diversity of clients i.e. PayTV, FTA, OTT, TELCOs etc. It has established strong relationships with global content suppliers and rights holders. SMA also works with various African sports federations to assist them enhance their capabilities of commercialising media assets and rights. SMA recognises that the ultimate opportunity in African sports media is in local sports content and programmes. It has now positioned itself to create projects and partnerships to develop and produce world class African sports content. Themba has also co-produced the African Sports TV Market report which is a comprehensive analysis of the industry and is currently working on the next edition of the report. Learn more about Themba Ndlwana on Crunchbase…

SMA is strategically positioned in the African Sports TV market to be a catalyst between all the major players in the market. Read more aboutSports Media Africa on Crunchbase…

Luke Wilde

Founding Director @ twentyfifty

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Luke Wilde Chief Executive twentyfifty ltd. He is recognized as a leader in the field of business and human rights, in particular in developing practical approaches to implementing the corporate responsibility respect with major businesses in the mining, finance, food and industrial sectors. He has a broad portfolio of experience that includes board-level engagements, multi-cultural and international teams, private and public sector and the United Nations. He has worked extensively with companies in the FTSE 100 and DAX 30, supporting them to develop policy, conduct risk Prior to starting twentyfifty limited by in 2004, Luke In the late nineties, he was a senior management adviser to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson,and helped establish the business Leaders Initiative on Human Rights. Luke holds a Diploma in Management Studies and an in Mathematics from Cambridge University. Learn more about Luke Wilde on Crunchbase…

twentyfifty builds the capacity of business to lead change that serves the business, and society. Read more abouttwentyfifty on Crunchbase…

Dominic Falcao

Founding Director @ Deep Science Ventures

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Founding Director at Deep Science Ventures Learn more about Dominic Falcao on Crunchbase…

DSV is a venture studio and a fund that develops a systematic, optimized approach to science company development and investment. Read more aboutDeep Science Ventures on Crunchbase…

Peter Hind

Founding director @ RDC Aviation

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Peter is the MD of RDC and obsesses about knowing what’s going on inside and outside the company. He still gets hung up on presentation and organisation, but having been here since we were only a 3 person business, it’s understandable. He has spent over 20 years working in the commercial aviation industry, so has a decent understanding of how it works and an extensive network of contacts around the world.When not at his desk or in the air, he can be found playing golf, tennis or football with varying degrees of success, and spending time with his family. Learn more about Peter Hind on Crunchbase…

RDC Aviation is experts in the economics of the air transport industry. Read more aboutRDC Aviation on Crunchbase…

Tom O’Brien

Founding Director & CEO @ The Services Family

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The Services Family building better financial services for the ‘Services Family’. Read more aboutThe Services Family on Crunchbase…

Paul Spencer

Founding Director @ Axial Systems

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Read more aboutAxial Systems on Crunchbase…

Lucy Blythe

Founding Director and Lead Consultant @ Philia International

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Lucy Blythe is Founding Director and Lead Consultant @ Philia International. Learn more about Lucy Blythe on Crunchbase…

Lucy founded Philia International in 2009 with a mission to transform not-for-profit leadership. Read more aboutPhilia International on Crunchbase…

Richard Churchill

Founding Director & Chief Product Officer @ SessionCam

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SessionCam is an exciting UK company developing uniquely innovative and intelligent solutions for website optimization. Read more aboutSessionCam on Crunchbase…

Christianne Davies

Founding Director @ AGL Communications

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Christianne has worked in communications for 13 years, initially as a copy-writer and then for a management consultancy specialising in communication, before co-founding AGL in 2010. She works with corporates and private individuals; in one-to-one sessions and in groups; across sectors and around the world. It might be helping with an important speech; a leadership transition; an employee engagement project around a piece of change; a refreshed corporate narrative or simply communication coaching to make sure a person or team are being as impactful as possible. Whatever the situation, she’s most interested in finding the human moment that transforms data transmission into something that makes a connection, that changes minds and behaviour, and that works. Clients include Vodafone, GSK, British Airways, Garda World, Lily’s Kitchen, Tyrrells Crisps, Lloyds Banking Group, JCB, Shell, DMGT, Santander and Jaeger Le Coultre. Christianne is a graduate of Edinburgh and Rome universities. Learn more about Christianne Davies on Crunchbase…

AGL Communications gives people the words, skills and confidence they need to make the most of these moments. Read more aboutAGL Communications on Crunchbase…

Michael Kohn

Founding Director @ Confers

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Confers helps to manage decisive development conversations at key stages with different stakeholder groups. Read more aboutConfers on Crunchbase…

Kirsty Carr

Founding Director @ Carli Consulting

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Carli Consulting provides consulting services and solutions to companies going through procurement. Read more aboutCarli Consulting on Crunchbase…

Paul Yallop

Founding Director and Chief Sales Officer @ SessionCam

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SessionCam is an exciting UK company developing uniquely innovative and intelligent solutions for website optimization. Read more aboutSessionCam on Crunchbase…

Paul Yallop

Founding Director and Chief Sales Officer @ SessionCam

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SessionCam is an exciting UK company developing uniquely innovative and intelligent solutions for website optimization. Read more aboutSessionCam on Crunchbase…

Eddy Gonsalves

Founding Director @ Cooplexity Institute

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Read more aboutCooplexity Institute on Crunchbase…

Julie Lake

CEO, Founding Director @ FinTechCity – The FinTech50

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Julie is CEO and Founding Director of The FinTech50 launched in 2013 to recognize the European game-changers transforming financial services. Published annually, the list is now helping FinTech companies to raise profile globally, connect with influencers, investors and funders and generate business. In 2017, the FinTech50 will announce the first FinTech50 Asia and a new Financial Inclusion 50 which will showcase innovators worldwide who are delivering greater access to financial services. Learn more about Julie Lake on Crunchbase…

FinTechCity London is the home of The FInTech50 – 50 game-changing businesses across Europe. Read more aboutFinTechCity – The FinTech50 on Crunchbase…

Mark Hammond

Founding Director @ Deep Science Ventures

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Mark manages the commercialisation of software including web and mobile apps. Since joining the technology transfer team in 2011 he has founded the Imperial Digital Enterprise Accelerator and built a community of student entrepreneurship around the accelerator under the icstartup brand. This initiative drives venture creation via workshops, talks, funding and mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs in collaboration with both College initiatives and student societies. Mark completed a combined Masters in Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence from UMIST and went on to obtain a PhD whilst leading a project which investigated how networks of neurons generate behaviour by implementing a biological neuronal network as the brain of a mobile robot. He has also been featured in New Scientist and given talks at the Science Museum and Dana Centre. Marks commercial background includes setting up an IT service business unit and an analyst role at a boutique investment bank in which he worked with IT and cleantech start-ups to develop their commercial and fundraising strategy. Learn more about Mark Hammond on Crunchbase…

DSV is a venture studio and a fund that develops a systematic, optimized approach to science company development and investment. Read more aboutDeep Science Ventures on Crunchbase…

Mike Jenkins

Founding Director, Strategy, Plans and Development @ The Services Family

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Mike Jenkins Strategy, Plans and Development – had a full career in the Royal Air Force. A experienced pilot, he has deployed on Balkan, Middle East and other operations on Land and Sea. He has held leadership positions in regulation, development, internal audit, training, logistics and transformational change. Leading in effective governance and planning, he developed organisational and technical solutions to analyse and manage behaviours and operational, financial and reputational risk. He has been a Governor of a Foundation Trust hospital, Chair of an association of charities and a flying instructor and examiner regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority. Learn more about Mike Jenkins on Crunchbase…

The Services Family building better financial services for the ‘Services Family’. Read more aboutThe Services Family on Crunchbase…

Jock Busuttil

Founding Director @ Product People

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Jock is a product consultant, speaker, and writer. He has spent more than a decade working as a product manager for technology companies ranging in size from startups to multinationals, including Zeus Technology, Iron Mountain, and Experian. He has worked in varied industries including networking, oil and gas, film and sound, business services, data and analytics, fintech and gaming. In 2012, he founded Product People, a product management consultancy. With a number of associates, he provides help to companies large and small needing an extra pair of hands. His clients include After the Flood, BBC, Brainmates, eWise, Inkling, Ministry of Justice Digital, SwiftServe and What Users Do. Jock also mentors startups, entrepreneurs and product professionals, and writes and teaches classes on product management. Learn more about Jock Busuttil on Crunchbase…

Product People provide product managers to be your extra pair of hands when you’re busy. Read more aboutProduct People on Crunchbase…

Mark Elton

Founding Director @ AfterMap

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Mark has extensive understanding of the site acquisition and development process having worked for clients such as Berkeley Homes, CAPCO, Homes England, Helical Bar, British Land and St Modwen. A lifelong love of maps combined with a passion for proptech, has resulted in a focus on the digital transformation of the site finding process. His extensive network of developer clients and agents together with co-professionals including architects, planners, costs consultants, environmental and transport consultants, investors and project managers, enables Aftermap to not only to identify sites but also recommend leading experts and project teams for support as required. Learn more about Mark Elton on Crunchbase…

Aftermap is a platform of site search and development due diligence. Read more aboutAfterMap on Crunchbase…

Nic Marks

Founding Director @ Happiness Works

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HW provides science-based, responsive analytics with instant reporting that unlocks new ways to happiness and productivity for workplaces. Read more aboutHappiness Works on Crunchbase…

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