Top Influencers: 33 UK Chief Architect’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Managing Director and Chief Architect play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Managing Director and Chief Architect role. We have selected these Managing Director and Chief Architect’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Managing Director and Chief Architect’s. The list is in no particular order!

Neil McRae

Managing Director and Chief Architect @ BT Global Services

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Named after Neil Armstrong, Neil has a personal purpose of working to connect as many people together as possible, and this is been a driving force in his career. Since the early nineties Neil has been a leading innovator in the Internet and Telecommunications industry: from using open software to create one of the first service providers in the UK, to building several Global Telecommunications and Internet Networks. Neil has significant knowledge and experience in IP technologies and also significant experience with Optical, Mobile, Voice, xDSL, MPLS and Ethernet. He ran Network Engineering at COLT for ten years, (where he also contributed to COLT’s datacentre build) and ran Network Engineering at Cable and Wireless for four years. For the last four years Neil has led BT’s global network strategy, culminating in extending BT’s leading position in the Gartner magic quadrant, and supporting significant global network expansion. In addition, Neil has worked to expand BT’s footprint and capability in the UK, from BT’s fibre network through to Ethernet, Broadband and TV services. Neil is one of two ‘Distinguished Engineers’ in BT. Neil has been involved in the start-up of many internet governance and supporting organisations, and has been a non-executive director of the London Internet Exchange for fifteen years. Neil has studied leadership and management at Sloan School of Management. He is married with one daughter and has a passion for motorsports and technology. Learn more about Neil McRae on Crunchbase…

BT Global Services plc is a division of United Kingdom telecommunications operator BT Group. Read more aboutBT Global Services on Crunchbase…

Adam Joyce

Co-Founder and Chief Architect @ Elliptic

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Adam has an MSci Mathematics and a PhD in Mathematics (appropriately, Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms), both from Imperial College London. After a brief stint as an academic researcher, Adam joined an options market-making firm as a quantitative analyst, working on price and volatility modelling, real-time risk-analytics, and automated market-making software. Adam brings mathematical, cryptographic and programming skills to Elliptic’s technical team. Learn more about Adam Joyce on Crunchbase…

Elliptic makes cryptocurrency transaction activity more transparent and accountable. Read more aboutElliptic on Crunchbase…

Andrew Schofield

Chief Architect, Event Streams @ IBM

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Andrew Schofield is a Senior Technical Staff Member in the Hybrid Integration group of IBM Cloud. He has more than 25 years of experience in messaging middleware and the Internet of Things, with particular expertise in the areas of data integrity, transactions, high availability and performance. Andrew is an active contributor to Apache Kafka. He works at the Hursley Park laboratory in England. Learn more about Andrew Schofield on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutIBM on Crunchbase…

Radek Maciaszek

Chief Architect @ Skimlinks

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Radek is the CTO and founder of Ad4Game, online game advertising network focused on MMO, RPG and browser-based games. He is also the CTO and founder of DataMine Lab. Radek used to be with Framework Training as consultant and trainer for 5 years and 1 month. He also spent 3 years and 9 months working for OpenX as senior software developer. He got his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. He also attended Birkbeck, University of London for his master’s degree in cognitive and decisions sciences in 2008-2010 and bioinformatics in 2010-2012. Learn more about Radek Maciaszek on Crunchbase…

Skimlinks is the leading commerce content monetization platform, supporting publishers’ creation of a new revenue stream. Read more aboutSkimlinks on Crunchbase…

Jatin Aythora

Chief Architect @ BBC

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Jatin Aythora is responsible for the corporation’s Technology strategy, transformation and innovation. He is leading the change to move the BBC to be much more data-driven, leading the implementation of Machine Learning capabilities to help solve industry challenges and create new public service opportunities. Believes in using technology and innovative approaches for social good and in the benefit of humankind. Before joining the BBC, Jatin has worked as a technical leader in many sectors ranging from energy utilities, oil and gas, home automation, sales and distribution, financial services, banking and trading. He has worked across these sectors on solving hard challenges and building new business opportunities by using data and platform driven approaches. Learn more about Jatin Aythora on Crunchbase…

BBC is a large-scale broadcasting corporation that offers content to inform, educate, and entertain people. Read more aboutBBC on Crunchbase…

Robert Seber

Chief Architect @ Instanda

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A highly skilled and respected Systems Architect and software developer, Robert is responsible for the INSTANDA design and development. He leads the team of software engineers, who add new features and enhancements to the INSTANDA platform. He is regularly consulted as a subject matter expert by clients and speaks externally on agile/ scrum delivery models. Learn more about Robert Seber on Crunchbase…

Instanda is a SaaS insurance software platform that allows insurance companies to build, configure, and launch products online. Read more aboutInstanda on Crunchbase…

Barry Kelly

Chief Architect @ Duco

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Barry drives the company’s technology strategy and architecture. Barry has 14 years of experience in software engineering across the full stack, from browser to CPU. Beginning with Irish startup Avaeon Solutions in 2004, he led the development of a framework for data-intensive web applications, including the design and implementation of an in-memory relational database. He then moved on to own Delphi language design for six years at Borland, where he shipped compiler, debugger and runtime library improvements to hundreds of thousands of developers. Learn more about Barry Kelly on Crunchbase…

Duco is a data engineering technology company that provides self-service data engineering in the cloud. Read more aboutDuco on Crunchbase…

Michal Magdziarz

President & Chief Architect @ DeepCrawl

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Michal Magdziarz, Chief Executive Officer at DeepCrawl Learn more about Michal Magdziarz on Crunchbase…

The #1 technical SEO SaaS platform for enterprise businesses Read more aboutDeepCrawl on Crunchbase…

Neil Ferguson

Chief Architect @ Secondmind

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Neil is a software engineer and architect with over 15 years’ experience, having spent the last 10 years building large-scale machine learning systems for various startups. He recently moved to Cambridge after living in London for many years. At he is responsible for designing and developing our software platform. Outside of work Neil loves skiing and rock climbing, and spending time with his family whilst pretending to be characters from children’s books. Learn more about Neil Ferguson on Crunchbase…

Machine learning for automotive innovators Read more aboutSecondmind on Crunchbase…

David Hunt

Chief Technology Officer & Chief Architect @ DCH Technology Services

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David Hunt has over 20 years experience as a Chief Technology Officer and Chief Architect working for retail, commercial and investment banks as both an executive level manager and a consultant. He is a visiting Lecturer at the department of Mathematics and Computing, University of Greenwich and member of their industrial advisory panel for IT. Learn more about David Hunt on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutDCH Technology Services on Crunchbase…

John Redford

Co-founder, Chief Architect & VP Perception @ FiveAI

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John Redford is a Co-Founder, VP Perception, and Chief Architect at FiveAI. He co-founded and was VP Software at Element 14 Inc, a DSL chipset company bought by Broadcom in 2000 for $640M where he continued to lead the DSP and high-performance software development. Previously John was CTO at Acorn Computers and is a graduate in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. Learn more about John Redford on Crunchbase…

FiveAI provides a software platform designed for providing a solution in urban mobility in public transport to complex urban environments. Read more aboutFiveAI on Crunchbase…

Peter Aron Zentai

Chief Architect and Co-Founder & CEO @ JayStack Technologies

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Read more aboutJayStack Technologies on Crunchbase…

Gemma Blezard

Co-CEO and Chief Architect @ The Architech Club

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Founder and CEO of The Architech Club, 18 x certified Salesforce Architect MVP, on her path to obtaining the CTA, and having 400+ badges as Trailhead ranger, Gemma gained her experience as a Salesforce expert by working in smaller firms. She then landed positions at Bluewolf (an IBM Company), Capgemini and FinancialForce. At FinancialForce, Gemma worked on two award-winning implementations, and throughout her career has delivered consultancy services for CRM and Professional Services Automation to over 60 clients. She has hosted lots of presentations, and has talked at numerous Salesforce and community-led conferences, including various user groups, Dreamforce, Salesforce World Tour London, the Salesforce Partner Forum, French Touch Dreamin’, InspireEast, YeurDreamin and Connected Non-Profit. Her awards include: the Salesforce’s Golden Hoodie award (May 2018), WeAreTheCity’s TechWoman100 award (2018), Salesforce MVP, BIMA100, Digital Champion for Change & Computing’s ENT Role Model of the Year. Gemma established lots of community-based projects. One of them is Ladies Be Architects (which she also founded), a community interest company that encourages the growth of top, diverse talent in the Salesforce architect space. Learn more about Gemma Blezard on Crunchbase…

The Architech Club is a management consulting company. Read more aboutThe Architech Club on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Cooper

Chief Architect @ Jukedeck

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Read more aboutJukedeck on Crunchbase…

Nikodem Lacki

Chief Architect @ BOLDMIND

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BOLDMIND is an IoT consultancy specialized in building connected devices. Read more aboutBOLDMIND on Crunchbase…

Gareth Visagie

Chief Architect @ Snyk

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Read more aboutSnyk on Crunchbase…

Jeff Hunter

Chief Architect @ YouView

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YouView is a subscription-free and easy-to-use TV service with many live digital channels. Read more aboutYouView on Crunchbase…

Jeff Hunter

Chief Architect @ YouView

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YouView is a subscription-free and easy-to-use TV service with many live digital channels. Read more aboutYouView on Crunchbase…

Matthew Newton

Chief Architect @ CWT

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Read more aboutCWT on Crunchbase…

Matthew Newton

Chief Architect @ CWT

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Read more aboutCWT on Crunchbase…

James Allderidge

Chief Architect @ iMeta

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James is the Chief Architect for iMeta. His role includes: technical management and direction for iMeta’s product development, research and investigation into new technologies associated with our products, overseeing the technical aspects of customer projects, and the provision of support for the development team leaders. Learn more about James Allderidge on Crunchbase…

iMeta has been delivering client onboarding and entity data management technology to some of the largest banks and financial brokers. Read more aboutiMeta on Crunchbase…

Adrian Hepworth

Chief Architect UK&I @ Worldline

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Read more aboutWorldline on Crunchbase…

Matt Rubin

Chief Architect @ rtobjects

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“World Streaming” — delivering rich interactive visuals to everyone everywhere. Read more aboutrtobjects on Crunchbase…

Andrew Hollister

Chief Architect & Product Manager @ LogRhythm

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Andrew Hollister, Sr. Technical Director EMEA oversees LogRhythm’s regional technical resources in order to advance LogRhythm’s vision of providing an unrivalled platform for Unified Threat Lifecycle Management. Andrew studies the threat landscape to understand how customers can leverage analytics to detect and respond to cyber threats. For the past 20 years, Andrew has worked in a variety of IT consulting roles, in both the private and public sector, including SIEM, DLP and application level firewall design and implementation. Learn more about Andrew Hollister on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutLogRhythm on Crunchbase…

Ian Pannell

Chief Architect @ GSMA

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Ian Pannell is Non-Executive Director at Global Certification Forum. Learn more about Ian Pannell on Crunchbase…

The GSMA is a trade group that represents network operators using GSM technology for their networks. Read more aboutGSMA on Crunchbase…

Lucas Allen

Chief Architect @ LiquidNexxus

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LiquidNexxus stands for adaptable network. Read more aboutLiquidNexxus on Crunchbase…

Glyn Bowden

Chief Architect, AI & Data Science Practice, HPE Pointnext @ Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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I lead the AI & Data Science Practice for HPE Pointnext and am Chief Architect in the AI, Data and Emerging Technology CoE. With a background in HPC and cloud native computing my goal is to make AI and ML accessible to all! Learn more about Glyn Bowden on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutHewlett Packard Enterprise on Crunchbase…

Scott Davidson

Chief Architect @ Preoday

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B2B pre-ordering platform for integrated e-commerce solutions for businesses serving food and beverages Read more aboutPreoday on Crunchbase…

Jeff Heathcote

Chief Architect, Digital Grid @ Siemens Energy

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Read more aboutSiemens Energy on Crunchbase…

Jay Carey

Chief Architect and Co-founder @ Blocksure

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Prior to co-founding Blocksure, Jay was lead developer at JPMorgan, working on a highly distributed, fault tolerant systems. In 2015 he started investigating blockchain technology as a revolutionary alternative to technical challenges he saw every day, as well as its potential to optimise the way industries orchestrate themselves. Since then he has developed systems that explore and prove how blockchain technology can be applied to real problems. Learn more about Jay Carey on Crunchbase…

Blocksure transforms the intermediated insurance industry, delivering benefits across the whole value chain with blockchain based platform Read more aboutBlocksure on Crunchbase…

Marc Hoffman

Chief Architect and CEO @ RemObjects Software

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As co-founder of RemObjects Software, marc has been part of the team since the beginning in 2002. With over twenty years of experience in the software industry and most of that time focused on developer tools, marc’s main focus as Chief Architect is on planning and driving the technological directions of the products and shaping the future of how software development is done. To a large part, this entails enhancing the Oxygene Language and Fire IDE, of which marc is the lead designer. Learn more about Marc Hoffman on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutRemObjects Software on Crunchbase…

Dave Page

Vice President and Chief Architect, Tools and Installers @ EDB

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Dave Page is Vice President and Chief Architect, Tools & Installers. In this role, Dave manages the development of EDB’s suites of tools that support database administrators in using EDB Postgres, and he oversees the build processes and development of installers and packages for all EDB products. Dave has been working with PostgreSQL since 1998 and is one of six members of the open source project’s Core Team. He joined EDB in 2007 and has been influential in the company’s direction and development of critical database management tools. Prior to EDB, Dave spent more than a decade with The Vale Housing Association as head of IT. He joined the organization after spending four years as an electronics technician with the Department of Particle and Nuclear Physics at the University of Oxford. Dave holds a Higher National Certificate in electronic engineering from Oxford Brookes University and a Master’s degree in information technology from the University of Liverpool. Learn more about Dave Page on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutEDB on Crunchbase…

Steven Goodwin

Chief Architect @ SGX Engine

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Steven Goodwin (London, England) has been involved in computing, science, and technology from an early age, building his first synthesizer while still in his teens. As a systems architect he’s designed and built global systems for Unilever, Playfish, and Third Space Learning using a wide range of languages and technologies. He has given talks around the world on topics as diverse as home automation, HTML5, game development, and quantum superpositions. Learn more about Steven Goodwin on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSGX Engine on Crunchbase…

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