Top Influencers: 39 UK Chief Technical Officer’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Chief Technical Officer play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Chief Technical Officer role. We have selected these Chief Technical Officer’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Chief Technical Officer’s. The list is in no particular order!

Charlotte Bermingham

Chief Technical Officer @ Vitamica

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As co-inventor of the bacterial fluctuation detection technique, Charlotte has been working on developing and validating the method as a post doc in the group of Dr Antognozzi at the University of Bristol, and continues this work for Vitamica. Charlotte is a physicist with a background in nanophysics and biophysics. Learn more about Charlotte Bermingham on Crunchbase…

Vitamica is developing a rapid method for testing whether bacterial pathogens. Read more aboutVitamica on Crunchbase…

Pete Craghill

Chief Technical Officer @ Thomsons Online Benefits

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Pete Craghill became Chief Technology Officer in 2005. He is responsible for leading the global technology team and the development and testing of our proprietary software, Darwin™. Prior to joining Thomsons, Pete worked at Microsoft, Northgate IS and PWA specialising in the delivery of HR and payroll systems. Learn more about Pete Craghill on Crunchbase…

Thomsons Online Benefits is a global benefits management and employee engagement software company. Read more aboutThomsons Online Benefits on Crunchbase…

Ian Hughes

Chief Technical Officer @ Trust Payments

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Trust Payments is a global unified payments group for global pay-in, pay-out and customer journey technologies. Read more aboutTrust Payments on Crunchbase…

Tony Frisch

Chief Technical Officer @ Xtera

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Tony joined Xtera in 2004 initially managing Marketing and Proposals for terminal equipment and upgrades and then responsible for products such as Repeaters and Branching Units, and now serves as CTO. Tony started work at BT’s Research labs investigating cable problems and then moved to Alcatel Australia, becoming involved in testing and commissioning submarine systems. A move to Bell Labs gave him experience in terminal design and troubleshooting, after which he went back to Alcatel France, where he worked in Alcatel Submarine Networks’ Technical Sales before moving to head Product Marketing. Learn more about Tony Frisch on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutXtera on Crunchbase…

Yuri Staroselskiy

Chief Technical Officer @ Crimtan

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Yuri started his career in advertising in 2007, joining the research team at Nebuad. Yuri worked with big data, using his academic expertise in experimental design to develop new algorithms. Two years later Yuri joined Red Aril as head of ad operations, helping the company build a team of traffickers and analysts. Yuri formally took the role of Head of Technology in March, 2013. Yuri holds a PHD in Statistics from Saint Petersburg State University. Learn more about Yuri Staroselskiy on Crunchbase…

Crimtan is the dynamic marketing company that makes brands distinctive and compelling to consumers across all digital media platforms. Read more aboutCrimtan on Crunchbase…

Rafal Okninski

Chief Technical Officer @ BrickVest

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Rafal has over 16 years of software engineering and delivery experience out of which almost 7 years in finance industry. Most recently, he was Chief Architect at Aquis Exchange Ltd., which is an established MTF and trading technology provider. Prior to this he was designing trading systems and risk management tools for Marble Bar Asset Management LLP – London based hedge fund. Before he moved to finance, he was responsible for design and delivery B2B e-commerce systems and bespoke enterprise applications. Rafal holds Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from European University in Warsaw. Learn more about Rafal Okninski on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutBrickVest on Crunchbase…

Matthew Applegate

Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder @ Nu Quantum

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Matthew Applegate is the co-inventor of Nu Quantum technology and currently serves the company as CTO. Matthew is a computer scientist, mathematician, and industry expert turned quantum physicist. Learn more about Matthew Applegate on Crunchbase…

Nu Quantum is a telecommunications company that develops end-to-end quantum cryptography systems. Read more aboutNu Quantum on Crunchbase…

Peter Loveday

Chief Technical Officer @ Awin

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Peter has over 15 years of experience in developing and managing complex web applications, specialising in online marketing and web analytics. Peter also helped establish Think Business Services Ltd as a key player in the web analytics industry, before moving to Affiliate Window to drive forward the evolution of all technology solutions whilst implementing an agile process for product development. Learn more about Peter Loveday on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAwin on Crunchbase…

John Fearns

Chief Technical Officer, Co-founder @ Symplectic

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Symplectic produces software for Higher Educational Institutions in the UK. Read more aboutSymplectic on Crunchbase…

David Lomas

Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder @ Uniphy Ltd

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David has over 30 years of experience of Research and Development in Integrated Circuit design. He began his career working for Plessey Semiconductors as an R&D Engineer in the late 80’s. After which he returned to academia to complete his post graduate studies. David holds a BEng(Hons) in Electronics Engineering from Leeds University, an MSc in VLSI Systems Design, and a PhD in “High Resolution X-Ray Photon Imaging ICs” from UMIST. He then continued to work, for several more years, for the Department of Electronic Engineering at UMIST, as a Research Associate focussing on the area of Integrated Sensor Design. David then went on to work for Cadence Design Services as a Principal Design Engineer, after which he moved to Panasonic Design Europe as RF IC Design Group Technical Lead, working primarily in the areas of state of the art RF, High-Speed Datacomms and Telecomms IC design, during which time he gained extensive design experience working in numerous processes including SiGe, Bipolar, SOI and CMOS. After this David joined Wolfson Microelectronics’ as part of their Advanced Technology Group, working on cutting edge audio and power management integrated circuits. He then went on to jointly set up a Swindon Design Centre for Silicon Valley based Micrel Semiconductors, working on extending their range of both RF IC and Advanced Power Management IC products, before going on to jointly found Uniphy Ltd. Learn more about David Lomas on Crunchbase…

Uniphy is an electronic company that enables intuitive free-form Touch Interfaces that are beautiful, robust and economic. Read more aboutUniphy Ltd on Crunchbase…

Gavin Sillitto

Chief Technical Officer, Co-Founder @ OriGyn Medical

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Read more aboutOriGyn Medical on Crunchbase…

Feroze Rub

Chief Technical Officer @ Campus Society

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Read more aboutCampus Society on Crunchbase…

Dayong Zhang

Deputy Chief Technical Officer – Europe @ China Telecom

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Dayong Zhang joined the telecom industry 20 years ago during the first wave of the Internet boom. Following that, he was engaged in some crucial projects in China, including the first commercial internetworks backbone, the first internet roaming, first VOIP, first oversea POP projects for China. Since 2008, he has joined the international business of China Telecom, taking the responsibility of setting up the sales support operation in EMEA. Last year, he joined China Telecom (Africa and Middle East) Limited. Being the CTO of the company, he overlooks the company’s technical road map for networks infrastructure and products portfolio in the Middle East and Africa region. Learn more about Dayong Zhang on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutChina Telecom on Crunchbase…

Simon Bird

Chief Technical Officer @ dotmailer Group

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Simon Bird has developed an in depth technical knowledge of the internet and its applications. Prior to co-founding dotDigital Group he assisted in the development of a major internet access provider. He has provided services to a number of well known companies and organisations in helping create websites, intranets, extranets, content management systems and other online solutions. Learn more about Simon Bird on Crunchbase…

dotmailer Group provides digital marketing professionals with SaaS technology solutions and tools, and offers an email marketing platform. Read more aboutdotmailer Group on Crunchbase…

Robert Todd

Chief Technical Officer @ Optalysys

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Robert founded RDT Precision Optics in 1998, after working with optics companies Vickers and Biorad. He has a wealth of experience in manufacturing optical components. In recent years he has provided a design-to-prototype-to-manufacture solutions for bespoke systems. Learn more about Robert Todd on Crunchbase…

Optalysys solves the fundamental limitations of conventional computing. Read more aboutOptalysys on Crunchbase…

Peter Fox

Chief Technical Officer @ Congenica

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Peter has over 20 years of experience in leading product development in a range of industries, and applies his extensive experience at Congenica where he is responsible for the development & innovation of Congenica’s key product; Sapientia. After completing a degree in Pure & Applied Physics at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, Peter went on to a masters in Software Engineering at Aston University. Following his education, Peter went on to hold several Software Engineering and Development Leader roles, before being appointed the Development Director at Oracle, then Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Aegate, and finally CTO at Congenica in September 2017. Learn more about Peter Fox on Crunchbase…

Congenica is a biotechnology company that provides a diagnostic decision support platform. Read more aboutCongenica on Crunchbase…

Mike Faram

Chief Technical Officer @ Nanogentech

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Nanogentech is engaged in the development of ultrafine bubble technology for water oxygenation and associated applications. Read more aboutNanogentech on Crunchbase…

Mark Sykes

Chief Technical Officer @ First Derivatives

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Spoiler title
Mark manages Kx operations worldwide, as well as new initiatives. He joined Kx in 2015 with over 20 years’ experience in capital markets and data analytics. Previously, as Global Head of Algorithmic Solutions at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, he managed the quant, trading, and technology teams, and introduced the FX execution platform built on Kx. Prior positions include Director, Foreign Exchange at Citigroup, designing FX algorithmic execution strategies; and Director, Head of Algorithmic Trading at Deutsche Bank, implementing the bank’s first tick history database using Kx; and Partner in an active trading firm specialising in strategies based on Deep Learning methodologies. Learn more about Mark Sykes on Crunchbase…

First Derivatives is a provider of products and consulting services to the largest finance, technology and energy institutions. Read more aboutFirst Derivatives on Crunchbase…

Lydia Campbell

Chief Technical Officer & Founder @ Nandi Proteins

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Lydia holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa and has completed a post-doctoral study in protein chemistry. Lydia has extensive R&D and product application experience gained during 9 years with Nestle Switzerland, Germany and South Africa. She was latterly project leader in charge of culinary product development and has filed several different patents. During her career, Lydia was also the Product Development Co-ordinator at the Dutch Blood Transfusion Service. Since 2000 she has been a part time lecturer and research leader in Food Science at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Learn more about Lydia Campbell on Crunchbase…

Nandi Proteins is a biotechnology company developing technologies to improve the properties of proteins in food manufacturing. Read more aboutNandi Proteins on Crunchbase…

John Pragnell

Chief Technical Officer @ ExactTrak

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ExactTrak supplies embedded technology that protects data and devices, giving the user visibility and control over turned off devices. Read more aboutExactTrak on Crunchbase…

Melvyn Horgan

Chief Technical Officer @ Trans European Oil & Gas

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Melvyn is a reservoir engineer with over 35 years of experience. Melvyn has a BSc (Hons) from Keele University in Maths and Physics, an MSc. from Imperial College in Atmospheric Physics and Dynamics and a Ph.D in Applied Mathematics from Exeter University. Melvyn joined British Gas in 1980 as a petroleum engineer and undertook petroleum and reservoir engineering tasks associated with the management of Southern North Sea gas fields and the Morecambe gas field. Melvyn joined Burmah Oil in 1984 as a reservoir engineer, involved with North Sea oil and gas assets. In 1986 Melvyn joined Welldrill / Geopec, an international petroleum consultancy business, as a reservoir engineer, performing client project work together with software and business development. In 1996 the company was purchased by Duke Engineering and Services Ltd, a subsidiary of Duke Energy in the USA. Melvyn continued as a manager and director of the UK company. The company’s principal business activity was performing integrated reservoir and field development studies for major oil companies and national oil corporations around the world. Melvyn was involved in projects in the UK, North Africa, Middle East, FSU and the Indian sub-continent, and held overall responsibility for project management and delivery. In 1999 Melvyn joined Star Energy Limited as a founder member and Technical Director, responsible for all aspects of the company’s sub-surface activities including geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering and drilling. Melvyn developed an in-house team of technical professionals, and was with the company through the initial funding, various acquisitions, AIM listing and purchase by Petronas. Melvyn left Star Energy in 2012 when the company was purchased by iGas and became a consultant reservoir engineer until becoming a co-founder of Trans European Oil and Gas. Learn more about Melvyn Horgan on Crunchbase…

A new platform from the founders and former management team of Star Energy Read more aboutTrans European Oil & Gas on Crunchbase…

Steve Walsh

Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder @ Track Surveys

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Steve Walsh is Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Track Surveys.He is a highly-experienced software designer and developer, with a PhD, from Manchester University, in applied mathematics. Prior to co-founding Track with Jo Ayoubi, He held senior technical positions including clinical systems director at Medidesk, and systems development director at EMIS, and subsequently at Medidesk. He also has extensive experience in the oil and energy sector.He leads the development teams at Track, and also has board responsibility as a director of the company.He is a keen squash player, and takes an active interest in new scientific theories and ideas. Learn more about Steve Walsh on Crunchbase…

Track Surveys is a company that provides leading-edge feedback and data reporting tools to support HR & Development, and Assessment. Read more aboutTrack Surveys on Crunchbase…

Matthew Wring

Chief Technical Officer @ Southern Communications

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Matthew Wring is Chief Technical Officer at Southern Communications Ltd. Learn more about Matthew Wring on Crunchbase…

Southern Communications is a supplier of business-to-business telecoms products and services. Read more aboutSouthern Communications on Crunchbase…

Andy Ayers

Chief Technical Officer & Founder @ ContactEngine

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ContactEngine is a proactive Conversational AI technology that automates conversations between corporates and their customers Read more aboutContactEngine on Crunchbase…

Alex Farrell

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer @ Kinteract

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Kinteract is a portfolio and assessment platform that facilitates fast feedback and collaboration between teachers, students. Read more aboutKinteract on Crunchbase…

Graeme Mathieson

Chief Technical Officer @ Wossname Industries

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By day, he’s a web & iOS developer – and dabbles with DevOps – for Wossname Industries. By night, he’s a bit of a rock climber, board gamer, and keen cook. Learn more about Graeme Mathieson on Crunchbase…

Exploring the intersection of technology and mental health. Read more aboutWossname Industries on Crunchbase…

Zahid Younis

Chief Technical Officer @ Cubeware

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Read more aboutCubeware on Crunchbase…

Paul Parsons

Founder and Chief Technical Officer @ The Server Labs

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Paul steers the strategic technology direction of The Server Labs whilst closely leading its teams of IT architects and consultants in customer projects. He is passionate about the opportunities new technology trends open up and enjoys the challenges of complex development projects. Paul holds an MSc in Electronic Engineering from Southampton University (UK) and has more years of hands-on software and systems development experience than he cares to admit. He has held senior development roles in the European Space Agency (ESA) working on the development of its Satellite Control and Operation System SCOS2000 and BEA Systems. Amongst other positions he has been designing and implementing real time distributed systems at Deutsche Börse, Commerzbank and DG Bank and was in charge of designing the architecture of the Uno-e Internet bank. Learn more about Paul Parsons on Crunchbase…

The Server Labs is specialized in the planning, design and development of IT architectures, enterprise integration Read more aboutThe Server Labs on Crunchbase…

Craig Howard

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer @ Evoke Systems

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Craig is also a co-founder of Evoke Systems and manages and oversees day to day technical operations of the company. Craig has a Ph.D. in Data Mining and extensive experience in intelligent data analysis and problem- solving. Over the last 15 years, he has delivered numerous successful cost-effective efficiency solutions to the aviation industry. Learn more about Craig Howard on Crunchbase…

Evoke Systems primarily focusing on the development of software to improve the efficiency of flight operations. Read more aboutEvoke Systems on Crunchbase…

Steve Caulkin

Chief Technical Officer @ Cubic Motion

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Chief Technical Officer at Cubic Motion. Learn more about Steve Caulkin on Crunchbase…

Cubic Motion is the world leader in real-time model-based computer vision and digital animation technology. Read more aboutCubic Motion on Crunchbase…

Kenneth Leiper

Chief Technical Officer @ Celtic Renewables

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Biochemist with 20 years’ experience of research, development and quality control in the brewing, distilling and biofuel sectors. Kenneth was a researcher on the whisky co-products to biofuel Proof of Concept project at Edinburgh Napier that led to the establishment of Celtic Renewables. His current role is to lead laboratory and pilot-scale work covering enhancement of the ABE fermentation process and assessment of novel substrates. Learn more about Kenneth Leiper on Crunchbase…

Celtic Renewables is a biofuel startup focused on the renewable energy and whisky sector. Read more aboutCeltic Renewables on Crunchbase…

Guy Hainsworth

Foundet & Chief Technical Officer @ be the brand

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be the brand is a marketing solution that streamlines the storage, creation, approval and delivery of marketing campaigns and key assets. Read more aboutbe the brand on Crunchbase…

Giles Hunt

Chief Technical Officer @ Optimise

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Global Performance Marketing Company Read more aboutOptimise on Crunchbase…

Sarah Couch

Chief Technical Officer @ Arquer Diagnostics

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Arquer Diagnostics is a diagnostics company focused on the development and commercialisation of a non-invasive immunoassay diagnostic test. Read more aboutArquer Diagnostics on Crunchbase…

James Miskin

Chief Technical Officer @ Oxford BioMedica

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Oxford BioMedica is a pioneer of gene and cell therapy, with a leading industry position in lentiviral vector and cell therapy research. Read more aboutOxford BioMedica on Crunchbase…

David Hopson

Chief Technical Officer @ Chooz.Pics Ltd

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Visual decision making applications Read more aboutChooz.Pics Ltd on Crunchbase…

Henry Sykes

Chief Technical Officer @ CCR Data

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Spoiler title
Henry, one of the founding partners, has a vast array of experience in IT systems and data manipulation. Henry is constantly looking for and testing innovative ideas within the IT world and has been responsible for implementing technical processes within the company. Henry is married with two children and his interests include land management, building virtually anything from recycled materials and rearing organic rare breed pigs. Learn more about Henry Sykes on Crunchbase…

CCR Data provides a software platform that helps businesses keep track of customers that have moved elsewhere recently. Read more aboutCCR Data on Crunchbase…

Martin White

Chief Technical Officer @ Locations Reel

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Spoiler title
Chief Technical Officer at Locations Reel. Learn more about Martin White on Crunchbase…

Locations Reel automates the booking process of film, event and photographic locations. Read more aboutLocations Reel on Crunchbase…

Tim Shields

Chief Technical Officer @ Trendzer

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Trendzer is a managed business websites platform for small businesses. Read more aboutTrendzer on Crunchbase…

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