Top Influencers: 43 UK Coach’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

F1 Performance Coach and Physiotherapist play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the F1 Performance Coach and Physiotherapist role. We have selected these F1 Performance Coach and Physiotherapist’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative F1 Performance Coach and Physiotherapist’s. The list is in no particular order!

Michael Collier

F1 Performance Coach and Physiotherapist @ McLaren Racing

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Michael Collier has over 15 years of extensive industry experience working in human performance. His previous roles include elite sports, the National Health Service and his most recent role supporting 2009 Formula 1 world champion and McLaren-Honda driver Jenson Button for almost a decade. Learn more about Michael Collier on Crunchbase…

One of the most successful teams in Grand Prix racing, creating some of the most iconic cars in the sport’s history. Read more aboutMcLaren Racing on Crunchbase…

Andy Skipper

CTO Coach and Founder @ CTO Craft

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Consultant CTO to online businesses around Europe; founding CTO with, a designer furniture retailer launched in March 2010 under Pro Founders and Jaina Capital among others. Responsible for technology and partner selection, business process modelling, team building and resource strategy, production infrastructure design. Executive-level technical manager, with a hands-on development and testing background. Having operated as a CTO for a number of high growth startups since 2006, he’s built and managed several successful agile teams of PHP, Python, Java and .Net developers and testers, including internationally distributed teams. A certified Scrum Product Owner, he specialises in implementing agile practices which provide means of constant improvement within the development and operations teams, and a culture of improved transparency with the rest of the business. Learn more about Andy Skipper on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCTO Craft on Crunchbase…

Nick Hatter

Accredited Life Coach @ Nick Hatter – Accredited Life Coach in London

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Accredited Life Coach in London Learn more about Nick Hatter on Crunchbase…

Coach of musicians, actors, CEOs, ex-military and other coaches. Read more aboutNick Hatter – Accredited Life Coach in London on Crunchbase…

Nic Mitham

Co-Founder and Head Coach @ Footij

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Read more aboutFootij on Crunchbase…

Stelios Andrew

Co-founder, creative coach & CEO @ Rush Hair

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It is a Croydon based hair and beauty brand Read more aboutRush Hair on Crunchbase…

Kuldip Singh Sahota

Business Coach – ActionCOACH UK @ ActionCOACH

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Read more aboutActionCOACH on Crunchbase…

Alice Perkins

Business Coach @ JCA Group

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Alice Perkins is a Non-Executive Director of the Executive Board. She joined the Board on 1 April 2014 and has been appointed for an initial term of three years, until 31 March 2017. During the course of her career, Alice Perkins has worked with many large public and commercial organisations. She is currently Chairman of the Post Office and since 2006 has also been a Coaching Partner at executive search firm, JCA Group. Alice Perkins was previously Group HR Director for the UK civil service at the Cabinet Office between 2001 and 2005. Prior to this she had a number of senior roles in government departments including Director of Corporate Management at the Department of Health between 1998 and 2001, and Director of Public Spending at HM Treasury between 1993 and 1998. Alice Perkins has also previously held a number of other Non-Executive Director roles at Taylor Nelson Sofres between 2005 and 2008 and at the Littlewoods Group between 1997 and 2001. In 2002 Alice Perkins was made a Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB). Learn more about Alice Perkins on Crunchbase…

JCA Group, we work with the world’s top leaders to help with their most important asset: their senior people. Read more aboutJCA Group on Crunchbase…

Shakir Chowdhury

Coach @ Changing Health

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Shakir is a clinical researcher working on a PhD that explores how diet and activity change can improve health, and the effect of relapses on the body. Shakir has been involved in developing strategies to improve lifestyle in his own local community, and is passionate about supporting people to take control of their health and wellbeing. Learn more about Shakir Chowdhury on Crunchbase…

Changing Health provides personalised, digital behaviour change programmes for Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and weight management. Read more aboutChanging Health on Crunchbase…

Ruth Louise Scholefield

Agile Coach and Scrum Master @ Giffgaff

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Ruth-Louise is an unusual Scrum Master at giffgaff – she doesn’t do scrum! Powered by tea, R-L helps people to manage their work and life using agile techniques, which most of us do already and don’t even realise it. Graduating with a 1st Class in Business Management, R-L spent nearly 5 years at IBM in various roles from sales to project management and project executive, before moving to the ‘gaff where she takes a particular interest in organisational change, diversity and inclusion. When she’s not covered in whiteboard pen and stickies, Ruth-Louise can be found bopping at a music venue or on the hockey pitch. Learn more about Ruth Louise Scholefield on Crunchbase…

Giffgaff is a new type of mobile network, run by its members for its members. Like a modern revolution. Read more aboutGiffgaff on Crunchbase…

Julia Bryden

Lead Agile Coach @ BP

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Julia joined BP in 2009 as a project and programme manager in Supply and Trading before moving into Scrum Master roles. She now works as the Lead Agile Coach supporting the ongoing transformation in Downstream IT&S. Prior to joining BP Julia worked as a project and programme manager on large scale transformations for a number of consulting and IT companies including CSC Index and The Berkeley Partnership. Julia is a Certified Agile Coach and Certified Scrum Master. She holds an MSc from Oxford University and an MBA from IMD. Outside work Julia enjoys running, gardening and family time with her husband and 9-year-old daughter. Learn more about Julia Bryden on Crunchbase…

BP delivers heat, light and mobility products and services to people all around the world. Read more aboutBP on Crunchbase…

Tom Stables

Managing Director National Express Rail and UK Coach @ National Express Group

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National Express is one of the most recognised brands in the UK. Read more aboutNational Express Group on Crunchbase…

Carol Roche

Agile & DevOps Coach @ BP

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Carol has spent the majority of her career in BP’s Supply and Trading Division. She has a strong trading background having held many roles across front, middle and back office over the past 21 years. Carol is BP’s Senior Expert in Agile, having led BP’s first Agile Product delivery in 2010. She is a Certified Enterprise Agile Coach, Kanban and Scrum Professional and is the Lead Agile & DevOps Coach for Integrated Supply & Trading. Outside work Carol runs occasional meetups for Agile South East Woking, has been the team manager for Surrey’s Junior County Chess team and enjoys being an active mum. Learn more about Carol Roche on Crunchbase…

BP delivers heat, light and mobility products and services to people all around the world. Read more aboutBP on Crunchbase…

Peter Hopwood

Startup Pitch Coach @ Hopwood Communications

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Peter Hopwood born in Watford (UK), he is a communication consultant, copywriter, public speaking coach, voiceover talent and founder of Hopwood Communications. Essentially, his strength lies in helping companies, professionals and startups to confidently communicate with impact. A passionate communicator, listener and motivator, Peter just loves to share ideas and holds a strong appreciation for collaboration and development. A quick thinker with an acute attention to detail – and loves to be kept on his toes. With a background career across the hospitality, travel, and training industries feeling lucky enough to have moved through 6 European countries, he now combines all of his accumulated communication experience, balancing his work between Croatia and the UK. Words have always played an important part in his career and as a copywriter and shameless wordplay addict Peter simply gets a kick out of being creative with words. Always ready to pull some compelling copy out of the bag – enjoying the challenges along the way. Holding a passionate flair and talent for public speaking and a life-long love of storytelling, Peter helps clients hit the spot in their presentation, writing and customer focus skills becoming all-round better communicators. Equally, he lends his charming talents as a British English voiceover artist becoming the voice of brands, companies and startups. When Peter’s on stage presenting at conferences and events, he’s got that unique knack of keeping an audience entertained and informed – a role he enjoys immensely. His hosting engagements have taken him across Europe – taking tech and startup conferences by storm. When he’s not writing, training or presenting, you might find Peter winding down in front of the big screen or perhaps following (the misfortunes of) Watford football Club. Admittedly as something that cannot be denied, Peter was once stuck in a lift with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Yes – the kick-boxing movie star in the 90s. The story? Don’t ask. Learn more about Peter Hopwood on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutHopwood Communications on Crunchbase…

Robert Swain

Registered and Approved GrowthAccelerator Coach @ Growth Accelerator

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Read more aboutGrowth Accelerator on Crunchbase…

Mark Pettit

Business Coach & Accountability Coach @ Lucemi Consulting

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Lucemi Consulting provides productivity and time management coaching programs. Read more aboutLucemi Consulting on Crunchbase…

Jason Staniforth

High Performance Coach & Hybrid Marketing Consultancy Owner @ Expert Unleashed

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Expert Unleashed assists Coaches in overcoming overwhelm and replacing time-consuming marketing strategies. Read more aboutExpert Unleashed on Crunchbase…

Andy Kriebel

Head Coach @ The Information Lab

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Andy, a three-time Tableau Zen Master working hard to make it four, stumbled upon Tableau in 2007 when he was desperate for help to quickly create dashboards using SSAS cubes. Since then, it’s been Andy’s personal mission to help as many people as possible “see and understand” their data with Tableau, which is the focus of his role as Head Coach at The Information Lab’s School of Data. In August 2009 he launched, which provides examples of data visualization best practices, methods for improving existing work, and tips and tricks with Tableau Software. He writes two weekly series: Makeover Monday and Tableau Tip Tuesday. In late 2014, Andy launched, a site created to highlight data visualization best practices. Learn more about Andy Kriebel on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutThe Information Lab on Crunchbase…

Zoë Regent

Head of Innovation Coaching @ &us

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&us is a community of problem solver individuals including strategists, designers, and coaches that help to create products and services. Read more about&us on Crunchbase…

Ross Herridge

Physical Performance Coach @ Sydney Sixers

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Read more aboutSydney Sixers on Crunchbase…

Nova Ferguson

Head of Coaching Faculty @ QA Ltd

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As Head of QA’s Coaching Faculty, Nova Ferguson provides leadership and strategic direction for QA’s Coaching and Mentoring proposition. She also has a coaching practice providing coaching and coaching supervision for a range of QA clients. In addition she authored QA’s ILM Level 5 in Coaching and Mentoring programme which she delivers, as well as delivering the ILM Level 3 Award in Coaching. Part of Nova’s role is to innovate and create coach mentoring interfaces and new products to bring them into the heart of leadership, management, project management and staff and business development. This maximises ROI for customers and development for individuals. Nova is currently working across a range of other business units within QA Learning, working with our experts in Agile, Project Management and ITIL to create cutting edge programmes combining technical and coach mentoring expertise. The QA Coaching Faculty also partners with other providers of coaching and mentoring. Nova holds a B Ed, CIPD Intermediate Certificate in Organisational Coaching and Mentoring, an OCM Certificate in Organisational Coach Mentoring Supervision and has more than 30 years’ experience of management, consultancy, coaching, and training in the UK and Scandinavia. In addition, she holds a Kirkpatrick Bronze award, is a qualified PRISM facilitator, and conducts coaching de-briefings on this neuroscience based assessment tool. She is also an NLP Master Practitioner and holds an NLP Business Practitioner Certificate and Licence. In addition Nova has managed training businesses and teams, provided coaching and training, and designed and run facilitated events and focus groups for a wide range of organisations and industries, as well as implementing change programmes within her own organisation. Nova works with a broad range of clients, providing executive coaching and extensive coach mentoring training programmes for the public and private sectors. Her approach to everything she does is highly interactive and collaborative, and she shares tools for achieving positive influence with learners and customers alike. Learn more about Nova Ferguson on Crunchbase…

QA is the UK’s leading training company, providing the complete range of training, talent development and learning services. Read more aboutQA Ltd on Crunchbase…

Claus Geissendoerfer

Agile Coach @ Cognizant

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Read more aboutCognizant on Crunchbase…

Simon Read

Registered and Approved Growth Coach @ Growth Accelerator

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Judge and mentor at We In Social Tech, sponsored by Deutsche Bank. Director at Insanity, a global diversified media group. Director at KwikTrust, a platform that creates tamper proof records on the blockchain of anything important. University of Oxford, Blockchain Strategy Programme. I am a Dad to two too. Learn more about Simon Read on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGrowth Accelerator on Crunchbase…

Simon Robinson

Master Coach @ HSBC

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HSBC is a banking and financial services organization that offers a comprehensive range of services. Read more aboutHSBC on Crunchbase…

Ian McCalla

Leadership & Business Coach @ andCoaching

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Read more aboutandCoaching on Crunchbase…

Rudy De Waele

Keynote Speaker, Conscious Futurist, Personal Transformation Coach, Mentor, Author, Co-Founder @ Human Works Design

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Read more aboutHuman Works Design on Crunchbase…

Dan Freedman

Innovation Coach @ Direct Line Insurance

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Read more aboutDirect Line Insurance on Crunchbase…

Mirja Fowler

Leadership Coach @ Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

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Mirja has a genuine interest in her clients and meets them with openness, enthusiasm, positivity, commitment and appreciation. She is a coach who favors experiential, physically and mentally engaging, personalized approaches applying transactional analysis and systemic methods to consider the complexity of life. Mirja’s view is that there is no one ideal character but rather it is a matter of finding out where one stands, recognizing one’s own potential and develop one’s skill set by harnessing the knowledge, skills and capacity that one already possesses to achieve extraordinary growth and handle any possible challenges authentically and effectively. She also supports clients in areas such as confidence building and empowerment. She is very passionate about helping others to learn and develop, whilst at the same time enjoying the journey and remaining true to oneself. She finds energy and inspiration in dance, her husband and family, friends, travel and spending time in the mountains (e.g. skiing and hiking). Mirja has lived and worked in the U.S., U.K. and Germany, supporting a varied client base from a number of industries (e.g. finance, engineering and medical), as well as charities schools, universities, research centers and professional dancers. Her background in business as a former auditor and business risk consultant in the US and Europe, allows her to effectively integrate development programs into the business. Mirja has extensive international experience across a varied client base, spanning the entire Learning & Development cycle. As part of her PhD research she tests and builds on leadership development theories and methods, such as 360-degree feedback assessment, coaching and supervision (peer consultation) and applies those to ethical leadership development practice. She speaks at international conferences, holds guest lectures at universities, and is involved in social projects (such as Awareness Through Dance). Mirja is also certified in transactional analysis, systemic coaching and therapy. Learn more about Mirja Fowler on Crunchbase…

Icaew provide our members with knowledge and guidance based on the highest ethical and technical standards. Read more aboutInstitute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales on Crunchbase…

Jadine Scragg

Coach @ Changing Health

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Jadine is a Biomedical Sciences masters student, specialising in the impact of physical activity on cardiac function and heart failure. She loves travel, yoga and pole fitness and is a flexibility and pole fitness instructor at Newcastle University. ​ Learn more about Jadine Scragg on Crunchbase…

Changing Health provides personalised, digital behaviour change programmes for Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and weight management. Read more aboutChanging Health on Crunchbase…

Jennifer Cramb

Founder and Director, Coach and Consultant @ Viveka Coaching & Consulting

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Viveka Coaching & Consulting renders business coaching, team facilitation, development, leadership and management development services. Read more aboutViveka Coaching & Consulting on Crunchbase…

Bayo TheVocalCoach

Professional Singing lessons London Camden. XFactor Vocal Coach @ BayoTheVocalCoach

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Singing Lessons London Free First Lesson. Professional Singing Lessons with Bayo The Vocal Coach London. Your future is limitless. Courage Today Success Tomorrow. Beginners and Professionals. Rock, RnB, Pop, EDM, Jazz, Soul, Metal, Gospel, Folk, Musical Theatre. The More You Achieve, The More I Want You To Achieve. You will learn: Diaphragmatic Breathing, Support, Articulation, Modern Placement, Range Extension, Pitch Correction, Focused Unfocused Tone Switching, Power Belting, Register Blending, Vibrato, Microphone Technique, Stage Technique, Rock Melisma, Advanced R&B Melisma, Recording Studio Method, Home Practice Method, Music Industry Guidance, What The Music Business ‘Really Expects From You’, Successful Audition Techniques, How To Conquer Stage Fright and more. Learn more about Bayo TheVocalCoach on Crunchbase…

Professional Singing lessons London with X Factor Vocal Coach London as seen on TV. Your future is limitless. Your success is my success Read more aboutBayoTheVocalCoach on Crunchbase…

Rose Watson

Coach @ Changing Health

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Rose is a Medical Sociologist with an MSc in Social Research. She has worked on a variety of research projects relating to health, and has personal experience of gestational diabetes. Rose enjoys long walks in the park with her husband and toddler. Learn more about Rose Watson on Crunchbase…

Changing Health provides personalised, digital behaviour change programmes for Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and weight management. Read more aboutChanging Health on Crunchbase…

Mariana Lucia Marquez

Co-Founder/ Public Speaking Coach @ Metaspeech

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Metaspeech are Mariana Lucia Marquez and Emma Zangs. As choreographers and movement directors (Marquez&Zangs) we help performers overcome fear and use their bodies to articulate confidence. Through practice we discovered that these skills are easily transferable to pitching and other public speaking situations. We approach public speaking from the body. Presence is at the core of our method. We help our clients become relaxed and confident speakers for pitch presentations, job interviews, or in front of a camera. Our work improves anxiety and self-esteem through tailored exercises designed to achieve rock-solid confidence around one’s posture, voice, hand gestures, eye contact, clear diction, and hosting (or “owning the room”). Our one-to-one sessions and group workshops are fun and dynamic meetings that deliver the tools you need to empower an audience with a simple, efficient, straight-forward and personal communication style. Learn more about Mariana Lucia Marquez on Crunchbase…

Helping entrepreneurs and corporate clients become aware of their body language and upgrade it to professional, confident, & authentic. Read more aboutMetaspeech on Crunchbase…

Carl Lumsden

Behaviour Change Coach @ Changing Health

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Carl is a qualified personal trainer and former member of Newcastle’s Sports Health and Fitness Team. He has experience working with GP referrals and weight management groups, helping them reach specific goals. Carl enjoys teaching exercise classes, walking his dogs, football and music. Learn more about Carl Lumsden on Crunchbase…

Changing Health provides personalised, digital behaviour change programmes for Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and weight management. Read more aboutChanging Health on Crunchbase…

Kubair Shirazee

Enterprise Agile Coach @ AgiliTea

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Entrepreneur turned intrapreneuer turned Agile Coach, Kubair supports enterprise teams to shape their future state vision into a pragmatic transformation strategy. Kubair works with the c-suite and teams in equal measure with experience spanning public sector, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, telecoms, NGOs, retail, digital agencies and nascent start-ups. Away from his day job, Kubair volunteers in the international development sector, coaching non-technical teams in the use of Agile frameworks to design and deliver impactful products to secure livelihoods in marginalised communities. Learn more about Kubair Shirazee on Crunchbase…

Agile is a natural state of being – life evolved over time through inspection and adaption at a cellular level. Read more aboutAgiliTea on Crunchbase…

Vicenc García Altes

Technical Coach @ Voxel Group

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Spoiler title
When I’m not playing with my son I’m trying help teams to improve. I’m an seasoned .Net developer who believes in the agile principles. Learn more about Vicenc García Altes on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutVoxel Group on Crunchbase…

Holly Hart

Coach @ Changing Health

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Holly has recently completed her MSc in Health Psychology from Northumbria University. She has a close relationship with type 2 diabetes herself through family members who are living with it and keeps herself healthy with home cooking and as well as being a keen climber and mountaineer. In particular, she will be found getting out and about walking on weekends. Alongside coaching she works closely with GPs and commissioning groups as the company Accounts Manager.​ Learn more about Holly Hart on Crunchbase…

Changing Health provides personalised, digital behaviour change programmes for Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and weight management. Read more aboutChanging Health on Crunchbase…

Kirsten Ashley

Coach @ Changing Health

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Kirsten is a student at Northumbria University completing a masters in Health Psychology, having previously gained a BSc Psychology degree. Throughout her studies she has developed a strong interest in how physical activity and diet can impact on both physical and mental health. Kirsten has a passion for health and fitness and participates in various activities, such as badminton and netball. Having previously travelled around Asia, Kirsten has experienced many different cultures and places.​ Learn more about Kirsten Ashley on Crunchbase…

Changing Health provides personalised, digital behaviour change programmes for Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and weight management. Read more aboutChanging Health on Crunchbase…

Nduka Okwose

Coach @ Changing Health

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Nduka is a clinical exercise physiologist whose research explores how physical activity and diet can improve health in people who have conditions such as heart failure and Type 2 diabetes. Nduka enjoys communicating professional advice to his clients, and in his spare time he loves to walk and play table tennis!​ Learn more about Nduka Okwose on Crunchbase…

Changing Health provides personalised, digital behaviour change programmes for Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and weight management. Read more aboutChanging Health on Crunchbase…

John Blakey

Keynote Speaker, Researcher & Author – Coaching & Leadership @ Aston Business School

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Spoiler title
John was named as one of the top thought leaders globally on organizational trust at the Trust Across America awards in 2016. This accolade reflects his prize-winning doctoral research on trust at Aston Business School, his writing of the acclaimed book, ’The Trusted Executive’, as well as his practical experience as a highly successful business leader and pioneer in the executive coaching profession. Learn more about John Blakey on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAston Business School on Crunchbase…

Chloe Brotheridge

Hypnotherapist and Coach @ Calmer You

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Chloe Brotheridge is a hypnotherapist and coach for anxiety and confidence. Learn more about Chloe Brotheridge on Crunchbase…

Calmer You is a complete anxiety toolkit to manage peoples anxiety in their day-to-day life. Read more aboutCalmer You on Crunchbase…

Martin Hinshelwood

Agile & DevOps Guide: Mentor, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, and Consultant @ naked Agility Ltd

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Experts in DevOps & Agility with Visual Studio, TFS, VSTS, Nexus, and Scrum Read more aboutnaked Agility Ltd on Crunchbase…

Juliet Mann

Media Coach @ Benjamin Ball Associates

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Benjamin Ball Associates offers financial presentation coaching, training, and advice. Read more aboutBenjamin Ball Associates on Crunchbase…

Sheen Brisals

Senior Engineer and Coach @ The LEGO Group

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Read more aboutThe LEGO Group on Crunchbase…

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