Top Influencers: 43 UK Director & Founder’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Director & Founder play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Director & Founder role. We have selected these Director & Founder’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Director & Founder’s. The list is in no particular order!

Richard Fearn

Director & Founder @ The Friday Club London

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Richard started in his career in advertising but has since shifted his attention to start-ups. As an investor/advisor to over 50 early stage companies, including Sofar Sounds, Blaze, Dojo & What3Words, Richard has learnt a lot about what it takes to launch & grow a start-up. He also the co-founder of the ‘Friday Club London,’ a ‘non-profit’ events company aimed at providing start-ups free access to senior marketing expertise. Since launching, over 250 start-ups have benefitted from the programme. And in exchange for their advice, industry mentors have had access to the UK’s brightest founders. In 2013 & 2014 Richard was named in BIMA’s ‘Hot 100’ list and in 2016 and 2017 short-listed for the Europas ‘Investor of the Year’ award. Learn more about Richard Fearn on Crunchbase…

Friday Club London setup to help boost the success rates of London’s start-ups by getting them better access to top marketing professionals. Read more aboutThe Friday Club London on Crunchbase…

Evan Hoff

Director & Founder @ Velo Partners

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Evan is a chartered accountant with significant industry experience. The initial part of his career was at PWC in audit and corporate finance. Later he was both founder and CEO of a series of ventures focused on various segments of the online gaming sector, including founder and CEO of a gaming investment company listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market. Since then, Evan has focused on venture capital, private equity and fund raising with a particular focus on gaming investments. Evan is married with 3 kids, is a hack cyclist and triathlete and when not occupied with family and business is often found tending to his flock of 3 bikes. Learn more about Evan Hoff on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutVelo Partners on Crunchbase…

Ron Atzmon

Managing Director & Founder @ AU10TIX

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Ron Atzmon is Managing Director of AU10TIX Limited, pioneers of multi-channel ID Authentication and record generation. Mr. Atzmon has led the company to the position of technology leader and provider of choice of the world’s major players. Under Mr. Atzmon’s leadership AU10TIX introduced the concept of Secure Customer Onboarding enabled by next generation technology solutions that redefine performance, efficiency and best practices of customer acquisition in regulated markets. Ron Atzmon’s track record includes stretches across 20 years of leading startups and developing business in the areas of technology, internet and finance. Ron hold a MBA from Imperial College London and a bachelor’s degree in Management & Marketing from The college of Management- Academic Studies, Rishon, Israel. Learn more about Ron Atzmon on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAU10TIX on Crunchbase…

Max Boonen

Director & Founder @ B2C2

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B2C2 is the trading firm of choice in the institutional crypto markets. Read more aboutB2C2 on Crunchbase…

Stefania Barbaglio

Director & Founder @ Cassiopeia Services

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Stefania Barbaglio is the Founder and Director of Cassiopeia Services. She is a London-based entrepreneur, business strategist, and well-recognized PR and Investor Relations expert. Learn more about Stefania Barbaglio on Crunchbase…

Cassiopeia Services is a public and investor relation consultancy firm. Read more aboutCassiopeia Services on Crunchbase…

Kresimir Budinski

Managing Director & Founder @ AirTicketArena Ltd.

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Kresimir Budinski is the Managing Director & Founder at AirTicketArena. Learn more about Kresimir Budinski on Crunchbase…

Air Ticket Arena is the first fully automated platform which matches unsold seats on scheduled flights with air traveller’s bids. Read more aboutAirTicketArena Ltd. on Crunchbase…

Andrew Michael

CEO, Director & Founder @

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A new better way to buy services online Read more on Crunchbase…

Shum Singh

Managing Director & Founder @ Agnitio Capital

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Shum Singh is the founder and managing director of Agnitio Capital Limited Learn more about Shum Singh on Crunchbase…

Agnitio Capital is a fully authorised and regulated investment bank focused on digital media and games. Read more aboutAgnitio Capital on Crunchbase…

Daniel Couchman Kendall

Managing Director & Founder @ Mission Based Media

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Mission Based Media creates and produces audio content that depends on the organization’s goals. Read more aboutMission Based Media on Crunchbase…

James Minkin

Owner ,Commercial Director & Founder @ Purity Brewing Co

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James Minkin is the Founder & NED at Purity Brewing Co. Learn more about James Minkin on Crunchbase…

Purity Brewing Company is an award winning craft brewery established in 2005. Read more aboutPurity Brewing Co on Crunchbase…

Ben Antcliff

Managing Director & Founder @ Omnis Data

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Omnis Data provides its clients with detailed and relevant insight on the lifestyle & life-stage of UK consumers using its Data services. Read more aboutOmnis Data on Crunchbase…

Mitun Patel

Managing Director & Founder @ Netstar

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Netstar is an IT Support company in central London providing fully managed IT Support, Cyber Security and Technology Consulting services. Read more aboutNetstar on Crunchbase…

Roger Llewellyn

Managing Director & Founder & CEO @ Kognitio

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Llewellyn joined Kognitio in April 2003, having previously been Managing Director of Arelon for two and a half years – a company acquired by Cedar Software. Roger instigated the Management Buy-Out of Cedar and the formation of the Redac Group with Alchemy in May 2002. Roger has started a number of American companies in Europe, including WICAT Europe, where he was Managing Director for 6 years and Vice President USA Sales, and Macromedia, where he was Managing Director Europe for 5 years from start-up to IPO. Roger then took the helm at VINCA Europe for 4 years, until it was purchased by Legato, now EMC. He was also Vice President of Elevon Inc. He trained as an Electronic Engineer before taking his first job for Hewlett Packard. He then held senior positions in Digital Equipment and Prime Computers, before becoming Managing Director of Prime Sweden. After two years in this role Roger took the Managing Director role for Prime in Switzerland. Learn more about Roger Llewellyn on Crunchbase…

Kognitio is an in-memory analytical software platform that supports BI, OLAP and analytical applications on large and complex data. Read more aboutKognitio on Crunchbase…

Andrew Gerraty

Marketing Director & Founder @

FollowAndrew Gerraty on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. are here to deliver bespoke wall murals to help transform your living space or workplace. Read more on Crunchbase…

Peter Lukes

Managing Director & Founder @ Wanstor

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Peter established Wanstor in 2002 to provide a more proactive approach to IT support services than the then established ‘maintenance’ companies. Following an early career as a research chemist working at the universities of St Andrews, Durham and Rome, Peter changed track in the mid-90s and began the second phase of his career, in IT. Spells in Italy with a small system builder then back in the UK as technical director of an IT service and integration business followed, before the ambitious launch of Wanstor. Over ten years later, Peter has led the company through continuing success and growth by focusing on their dedication to “service and technical excellence”. Peter has kept Wanstor at the forefront of developments in cloud and hosting services, while adding a focus on core IT infrastructure, networking and front office support. Learn more about Peter Lukes on Crunchbase…

Wanstor are a trusted IT Services company that supports organisations of all sizes in all industries. Read more aboutWanstor on Crunchbase…

Mike Fish

Director & Founder @ BigData4Analytics

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Mike Fish is the Director and Founder at BigData4Analytics. Learn more about Mike Fish on Crunchbase…

Management Consultants in Big Data Read more aboutBigData4Analytics on Crunchbase…

Olly Hiscocks

Director & Founder @ Olly’s Olives

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Olly’s Olives is the world’s first 100% natural, unpasteurised snack pouch of olives with no artificial additives. Read more aboutOlly’s Olives on Crunchbase…

Jon Simon

Managing Director & Founder @ Pieminister

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Taking Pieminister from humble beginnings into a thriving business has been an incredibly enjoyable journey. With Pieminister’s focus in the UK’s vibrant and competitive fast casual dining sector we have had to think differently and be obsessive over our customers. Together with the rest of a team of very talented people, Pieminsiter has become a highly respected, market leader in high quality pies and a unique restaurant operator with exceptional food and service levels. Learn more about Jon Simon on Crunchbase…

Pieminister is a Bristol-based family business known for making award winning pies. Read more aboutPieminister on Crunchbase…

Jeremy Coupland

Managing Director & Founder @ Rebirth Analytics

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Read more aboutRebirth Analytics on Crunchbase…

Gareth Parkin

Managing Director & Founder @ GoPromotional

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GoPromotional is an online marketing group and that offers goods in bulk for businesses. Read more aboutGoPromotional on Crunchbase…

Colin Watson

Director & Founder @

FollowColin Watson on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. are here to deliver bespoke wall murals to help transform your living space or workplace. Read more on Crunchbase…

Andrew Sheldon

Creative Director & Founder @ True North Productions

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ndrew is an award winning journalist and film maker who leads the Documentaries and Current Affairs departments at True North. Having started his career in newspapers, he’s been telling stories that matter ever since. Andrew is constantly breaking new ground, often in the world of the police and crime. His genre-bending Big Sting brand took the best of Candid Camera and Crimewatch, working with police forces to catch up with criminals on the run. His eye for a story often takes him inside the stories that everyone is talking about – like One Man and His Canoe for ITV, which told the story of fraudster John Darwin as the police investigation unfolded. With a reputation for negotiating exclusive access and years of investigative experience, Andrew’s Executive Producer credits include the inside story of the disappearance of schoolgirl Shannon Matthews in Panorama: The Mother of All Lies, the UK’s first ever hand transplant in My New Hand and the expose of the UK’s biggest funeral company in Dispatches: Undercover Undertaker. Learn more about Andrew Sheldon on Crunchbase…

True North Productions is one of the biggest most dynamic TV production companies in the UK – a beacon for talent in the north of England. Read more aboutTrue North Productions on Crunchbase…

Andrew Newell

Managing Director & Founder @ Cipher Surgical

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Andrew Newell is Founder & Managing Director at Cipher Surgical Learn more about Andrew Newell on Crunchbase…

Cipher Surgical is a medical device company established to design, patent, and globally market its laparoscopic medical device. Read more aboutCipher Surgical on Crunchbase…

Nick Cochrane

Director & Founder @ Zebra People

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Nick Cochrane is the Director of Zebra People and Founder of UX People. Learn more about Nick Cochrane on Crunchbase…

Zebra People is a digital recruitment agency bringing together the smartest Digital talent. Read more aboutZebra People on Crunchbase…

Rajeev Nayyar

Managing Director & Founder @ Fixflo

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Raj is a former property lawyer – the idea of Fixflo came to him as he was suffering the pain of property repair management as a tenant in New Zealand while managing properties in London. He enjoys long walks on the beach and carries a Fixflo stress ball with him wherever he goes. Learn more about Rajeev Nayyar on Crunchbase…

Fixflo is a repair reporting and maintenance management software system. Read more aboutFixflo on Crunchbase…

Paul Andrews

Director & Founder @ School Lettings Solutions

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A comprehensive management solution Read more aboutSchool Lettings Solutions on Crunchbase…

Mike Griffiths

Managing Director & Founder @ Expert Agent

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“I’ve been in the estate agency industry since 1977 – I did a Land Management degree, qualified in Leicester and then worked in volume residential sales in Leicester, Birmingham, Twickenham and the South West. I even ran my own agency for a year. I drifted into writing estate agency software for myself and turned that into a business in 1988. It became the biggest supplier of estate agency software through the ’90s and I was lucky enough to sell it to a now vanished Rightmove competitor in 2000. I worked for them for a couple of years, left, took some time off and decided that I wanted to get back involved – I missed the challenge of developing software. I was joined by my old business management team and we launched Expert Agent in 2004. At the time, a totally cloud-based solution was brave but it has certainly paid off! I genuinely understand the challenges that agents face, and genuinely enjoy thinking of ways that our products can help solve them. I’m ultimately responsible for ensuring that everything works well for you.” Learn more about Mike Griffiths on Crunchbase…

Expert Agent provides a complete workflow solution and essential systems for estate agents. Read more aboutExpert Agent on Crunchbase…

Kate Eady

Managing Director & Founder @ Wrapped Agency

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I still love getting involved in client projects when I can and making clients feel excited and enthusiastic about design. The best parts about working here are the people – clients and our team. I’m married with two children and two dogs and have always lived in Yorkshire, though you’ll find me walking in the Lake District or wandering around art galleries on city breaks as often as I can! Learn more about Kate Eady on Crunchbase…

Wrapped Agency specialises in growing businesses. Read more aboutWrapped Agency on Crunchbase…

Nick Ellenden

Director & Founder @ secur-view AB

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Read more aboutsecur-view AB on Crunchbase…

Joel Davis

Director & Founder @ Mighty Social

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Joel Davis is the founder and Director of the UK’s first social media agency – agency:2 & sister brand Mighty Social. Founded in 2007, he has overseen the agency’s growth to become a truly global agency. Client experience includes Barbie, Microsoft, Disney, JLL, Worldpay & Pan Macmillan. With over 19 years marketing experience in social & digital, Joel is adept at helping brands identify and hone their marketing objectives, recommending compelling ideas and strategies to capitalise on what social media can do for their business and how to leverage the best possible ROI from social media activities. Learn more about Joel Davis on Crunchbase…

Mighty Social is a fast growing social ad technology company. We provides advanced targeting technology. Read more aboutMighty Social on Crunchbase…

Dylan Tanner

he Executive Director & Founder @ InfluenceMap

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Dylan Tanner currently works as the Executive Director and Founder for InfluenceMap. Learn more about Dylan Tanner on Crunchbase…

InfluenceMap provides information and analysis on the impact of business and finance on the climate crisis. Read more aboutInfluenceMap on Crunchbase…

Matthew Funge

Managing Director & Founder @ Your Stand Builder

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Matthew is the Managing Director & Founder of event technology company Your Stand Builder, and currently lives in London. He is a graduate from the University of Manchester who already has valuable experience of living and working in both the USA and France, in addition to various parts of the UK, which has provided him with valuable international exposure already. He is responsible for building and launching the Your Stand Builder platform in March 2019, following more than 5 years’ in an exhibition project manager role preparing 25+ worldwide events annually for his previous employer – an experience which directly led to the YSB idea being born. Matthew is passionate about making a difference in the global events industry, and is committed to continually exploring technological innovation. He has taken YSB from concept all the way through to execution and plans to build upon this in the future through gradually developing the service further. Learn more about Matthew Funge on Crunchbase…

SaaS, online marketplace, web platform Read more aboutYour Stand Builder on Crunchbase…

Dan Williams

Managing Director & Founder @ 100 Percent Group

FollowDan Williams on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Dan Williams is the managing director of 100 Percent Group. Learn more about Dan Williams on Crunchbase…

100 Percent Group provides International Retail Installation services, to activate in-store marketing campaigns for global brands. Read more about100 Percent Group on Crunchbase…

Sergey Usov

Director & Founder @ Cambridge Nanotherm

FollowSergey Usov on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Cambridge Nanotherm produces the industrys most efficient thermal management technology for LED applications and high powered electronics. Read more aboutCambridge Nanotherm on Crunchbase…

Alex Tsantikos

IT Director & Founder @ broadbandchoices

FollowAlex Tsantikos on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Alex Tsantikos is a IT Director & Founder at broadbandchoices. Learn more about Alex Tsantikos on Crunchbase…

broadbandchoices offers a platform, and tools and guides that enable individuals to compare broadband, mobile phone, and TV prices. Read more aboutbroadbandchoices on Crunchbase…

Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski

Managing Director & Founder @ Aseptium

FollowPawel de Sternberg Stojalowski on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Company was originated out of Pawel’s passion for clever solutions as he is a design engineer, first and foremost. Thanks to his background in mechanical engineering (MSc 2006), automation and robotics (BSc 2006) as well as business (MBA 2013) he takes an interdisciplinary approach to projects, integrating both engineering and commercial aspects. Decontamination of surgical instruments combines many disciplines of science and that is what brought Pawel into this environment. Complexity as well as multitude of problems require creativity and a wide spectrum of knowledge in order to devise innovative solutions. Pawel was involved in R&D of surgical instruments reprocessing equipment since 2007. In that time he contributed to over 100 products that reached the market – from ultrasonic washers through pass-through washer disinfectors to sterilisation indicators. Today his main focus is on complex surgical instruments and challenges industry faces reprocessing them. Learn more about Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski on Crunchbase…

Aseptium provides innovative decontamination solutions that reduce infections carried by dirty surgical instruments. Read more aboutAseptium on Crunchbase…

John Atherton

Director & Founder @ Sonalytic

FollowJohn Atherton on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Sonalytic develops a content identification approach that enables us to connect creators and rights-holders to monetization opportunities. Read more aboutSonalytic on Crunchbase…

Toni Dare

Managing Director & Founder @ Pulse Cashflow Finance

FollowToni Dare on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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With over 30 years’ experience in the asset-based lending market, Toni delivers a proven track record at a senior level in both operational and risk environments. She has successfully built and managed teams and processes in this space, consistently hitting performance targets. Having worked at Director level for the least 15 years in both the banking and independent sector from Barclays Bank to Bibby Financial Services, she has built a credible reputation for managing group and divisional risk portfolios. A consummate industry professional with a wealth of experience she is committed to facilitating quick decision making and well-structured facilities for clients. As such, she made her move in 2008 to lead her own firm to enable businesses to access funding quickly, simply and on their terms giving them greater control. Her reward comes from seeing others succeed in the work place and clients flourish from the firms flexible and transparent funding solutions. Learn more about Toni Dare on Crunchbase…

Pulse Cashflow Finance is a invoice finance and credit management specialist. Read more aboutPulse Cashflow Finance on Crunchbase…

Jess Fowle

Creative Director & Founder @ True North Productions

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Jess started in television as a TV-am trainee and during her time in ITV’s factual department was behind some of the channel’s highest ever factual ratings with the shocking expose Nannies from Hell. In a twenty-year career in factual television, Jess has made everything from long running, multi-episode features series to immersive one-off docs. At True North Jess leads the Features and Children’s departments – creating returning brands like Building the Dream and Junior Vets and has also been responsible for delivering some of the company’s most talked-about pop docs including Addicted to Surrogacy, My Mums Used to Be Men, The Twins who Share a Body and My Fake Baby. Working collaboratively with contributors, Jess has been at the forefront of forging True North’s reputation for telling sensitive stories with integrity and humanity. Learn more about Jess Fowle on Crunchbase…

True North Productions is one of the biggest most dynamic TV production companies in the UK – a beacon for talent in the north of England. Read more aboutTrue North Productions on Crunchbase…

James Dean Miet

Director & Founder @ Circuitree Energy Independence

FollowJames Dean Miet on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Circuitree systems capture and store energy from new or existing P.V installations. Read more aboutCircuitree Energy Independence on Crunchbase…

Patrick Griffiths

Director & Founder @ Indieworx

FollowPatrick Griffiths on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutIndieworx on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Holmes

Managing Director & Founder @ Milky Tea

FollowJonathan Holmes on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

A digital game and animation development studio based in the north west region of the United Kingdom. Read more aboutMilky Tea on Crunchbase…

Brad Burton

Managing Director & Founder @ 4Networking

FollowBrad Burton on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Brad can give you the sharpest advice you’ll find on how to get your business moving. Author, inspirational speaker, media pundit, tireless 4Networker. Learn more about Brad Burton on Crunchbase…

The UK’s only joined-up business network. Read more about4Networking on Crunchbase…

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