Top Influencers: 8 UK Co-Founder & Managing Partner’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Co-Founder & Managing Partner play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-Founder & Managing Partner role. We have selected these Co-Founder & Managing Partner’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-Founder & Managing Partner’s. The list is in no particular order!

Aviad Eyal

Co-Founder & Managing Partner @ Entrée Capital

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Aviad Eyal is the co-founder and Managing Partner at Entree Capital. Learn more about Aviad Eyal on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutEntrée Capital on Crunchbase…

Reshma Sohoni

Co-Founder & Managing Partner @ Seedcamp

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Reshma has always combined technology and business from university to today. Getting degrees in both Engineering and Business (UPenn M&T) meant that from an early age she was cultivating a path that would always bring business and technology together. Early on in her career during the height of the dot com boom, Reshma worked in M&A and venture capital across B2B Software and Internet services businesses in the US and India. She had a small helping hand in building MakeMyTrip (NASDAQ) in its formative days. Following on from this, Reshma went to INSEAD and earned her MBA, fell in love with Europe and stayed on to work in Commercial and Marketing Strategy at Vodafone. Starting Seedcamp in 2007 was a once in a lifetime opportunity and one that she jumped into with a strong desire to help the European founder realize global success. Reshma brings a good mix of tech, business, commercial drive, marketing and that American chutzpah to our incredible team. Learn more about Reshma Sohoni on Crunchbase…

Seedcamp is a European seed fund that identifies and invests early in founders attacking global markets. Read more aboutSeedcamp on Crunchbase…

Stephen Chandler

Co-Founder & Managing Partner @ Notion Capital

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Stephen Chandler is Co-founder and Managing Partner at Notion Capital. An entrepreneur, investor and company builder, with 20 years experience in forming, funding, running, advising and investing in technology businesses, he has been a co-founder of over ten businesses with involvement in dozens more, where he helped a number of leading tech companies develop and execute winning market strategies. He has primary responsibility for the external fundraising activities of the firm and is active in deal origination in SaaS, FinTech and eCommerce enablement in the UK and Nordic region. He is / was the Notion Capital representative on the boards of Tradeshift, Mojn, Selfnet and Star. Learn more about Stephen Chandler on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutNotion Capital on Crunchbase…

Niko Waesche

Co-Founder & Managing Partner @ German Media Pool

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Niko co-Founded German Media Pool with Aljoscha in 2011. Niko has over fifteen years of media industry experience, for example, as Global Industry Head for Media & Entertainment at GfK and Partner at IBM Global Business Services, leading IBM’s European Media & Entertainment Industry practice. Niko also worked in VC and helped set up a corporate accelerator. He has a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics as well as other degrees. Learn more about Niko Waesche on Crunchbase…

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John van Oost

Co-founder & Managing Partner @ Fluxus Ventures

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John Van Oost serves as Managing Partner at Fluxus Ventures LLP since September 2015. He also serves as the Founder and Managing Partner at Yishan Capital Partners Pte. Ltd. He responsible for Yishan Capital’s investment strategy. He also serves as Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer and Chairman of Captiva Capital Management. He Co-founded and serves as Deputy Chairman at Alstria Office REIT AG until 2011. Prior to this he served as Managing Director at DTZ Corporate Finance and Grubb & Ellis. Prior to this he served as Vice Chairman of Supervisory Board at Alstria Office REIT AG from April 1, 2007 to June 8, 2011 and also Member of Supervisory Board from 2006 to June 8, 2011. He holds Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration from the University of Louvain. He holds degree in BS Economics and Quantitative Finance from KU Leuven in 1990. He holds MBA from KU Leuven in 1991. He also holds MS in Material Science and Engineering from Stanford University in 2016. Learn more about John van Oost on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutFluxus Ventures on Crunchbase…

Katy Turner

Co-founder & Managing Partner @ Multiple London

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Katy is Managing Partner and co-founder at Multiple. Multiple supercharges the progress of high growth companies and funds through brand and culture. They support European tech founders and funds building the capabilities, culture and communications that will enable them to take out the competition, take a big exit or take over the world. At Multiple, Katy has worked alongside the founders of companies such as Pipedrive, WeTransfer, Unbabel, Kalo, Aire, Beryl (formerly Blaze), Verve, Drover, Favro and Trouva, and funds such as Kindred, Connect, Whitestar and Albion; to clarify purpose, shape vision, define positioning, refine strategy, develop culture, build brand, acquire customers and drive growth. Katy began her career in publishing before choosing a bright future at Orange (in a time when it was actually cool to work for a mobile operator), where she launched products nationally and internationally. Roles in tech include VC at Eden Ventures, VP of Marketing at Videoplaza (acquired by Ooyala) and CMO at Tech City UK (now Tech Nation), as well as mentoring for Seedcamp and Techstars. She sits on the Investment Committee for the University of Bristol’s Enterprise Fund. Learn more about Katy Turner on Crunchbase…

Their drive growth through purpose, platforms and people for organisations with customers at their heart and tech at their fingertips. Read more aboutMultiple London on Crunchbase…

James Sealey

Co-Founder & Managing Partner @ Imagine Capital

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Read more aboutImagine Capital on Crunchbase…

Irina Pafomova

Co-Founder & Managing Partner @ Engelworks

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We help companies grow by creating desirable products & services based on human-centric design principles & actionable business strategies. Read more aboutEngelworks on Crunchbase…

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