Top Influencers: 8 UK Managing Director & Co-Founder’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Managing Director & Co-Founder play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Managing Director & Co-Founder role. We have selected these Managing Director & Co-Founder’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Managing Director & Co-Founder’s. The list is in no particular order!

Michael Holland

Managing Director & Co-Founder @ FE fundinfo

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Joint Managing Director Michael Holland – A graduate of Oxford University, Michael spent his early career with Citibank in the Middle East, New York and London, specialising in asset-based and off-balance sheet finance. In the late 80s with Craig Wilson he co-founded LSD Software Ltd which provided portfolio and pension administration software to advisers and institutions. LSD was successfully sold to a larger group in the mid 90s. At the same time, he and Craig co-founded Financial Express which has become an international provider of fund data, ratings and research. Learn more about Michael Holland on Crunchbase…

FE fundinfo is a provider of data, software and performance analytics to the financial services industry. Read more aboutFE fundinfo on Crunchbase…

Dale Lovell

UK Managing Director & Co-Founder @ ADYOULIKE

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Chief Digital Officer at Adyoulike – the European leader in native advertising. Successful track record in online start-ups and one of BIMA’s Hot 100 2015. Prior to Adyoulike Dale was co-founder of Content Amp, a content marketing service that merged with Adyoulike in March 2014. Proven at building creative content businesses, nurturing start-up teams, content development, developing brand content strategy and promoting the benefits of online content to all businesses and brands. An experienced content marketer, online editor, publisher and media professional. Experienced across the entire spectrum of online media with direct hands-on experience in numerous internet start-ups. Learn more about Dale Lovell on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutADYOULIKE on Crunchbase…

Tom Stapleton

Managing Director & Co-Founder @ TravelLocal

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Tom is originally from Kent, in England and loves real ale and trains. In hindsight, TravelLocal wouldn’t have worked without this unique combination – he and Huw talked strategy on long train journeys and got creative at the local pub, all in the service of this travel revolution. Tom does many things for TravelLocal, but spends much of his day choosing and communicating with the amazing local travel companies with whom we work. He has worked in the travel industry since 2005 so knows where to look and what questions to ask. Tom’s favourite travel memory took place on the Trans-Asia express between Istanbul and Tehran where he shared a compartment and a bottle of wine with an Iranian couple. The scenery in Eastern Turkey was spectacular, and the train crossed Lake Van by ferry(!), but it was the mix of people on board that really made this journey special. Learn more about Tom Stapleton on Crunchbase…

Global managed marketplace for tailor-made holidays. Read more aboutTravelLocal on Crunchbase…

Paul Haslam

Managing Director & Co-Founder @ The Web Bureau

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Paul is the Managing Director and co-founder of The Web Bureau. Paul has extensive expertise in Web Design, User Experience and Digital Marketing. As well as providing creative direction at The Bureau, Paul works closely with our clients, helping them to develop their digital strategy. Outside work Paul loves spending time with his two young boys Matt and Ollie. He also enjoys a spot of fishing, sea-kayaking, playing 5-a-side football and strives to BBQ at least once a week despite the unpredictable Northern Irish Climate! Learn more about Paul Haslam on Crunchbase…

An award winning web design & digital marketing agency based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Read more aboutThe Web Bureau on Crunchbase…

Jan Berghe

Managing Director & Co-Founder @ Novalis Biotechnology Incubation

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Read more aboutNovalis Biotechnology Incubation on Crunchbase…

James Miles

Managing Director & Co-Founder @ Liv-ex

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James Miles was born in Hong Kong and attended school and university in the UK. He started his career with Jardine Fleming Investment Management in Hong Kong in 1991, before becoming an equities analyst and strategist with Asia Equity (which later became Banque Paribas and then BNP Paribas). He moved to London in 1997 and left banking in March 2000 to set up Liv-ex. Learn more about James Miles on Crunchbase…

Liv-ex is the global marketplace for the wine trade, to whom we supply data, trading, technology and fulfilment services. Read more aboutLiv-ex on Crunchbase…

Phill Adamson

Managing Director & Co-Founder @ Paragon Rapid Technologies Ltd

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A leading product development and production support company, offering prototyping, manufacturing and supply chain management solutions. Read more aboutParagon Rapid Technologies Ltd on Crunchbase…

Ben Mott

Managing Director & Co-Founder @ Future Kings

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Responsible for the overall smooth running of the business and building deep, long-term client relationships. Ben is the enabler, focussed on creating the perfect environment for the Future Kings team to deliver brilliant, effective work for their clients. Ben co-founded the company in order to build a great team, do great work with great clients and, more importantly, have fun doing it. Learn more about Ben Mott on Crunchbase…

Future Kings is a marketing and advertising firm. Read more aboutFuture Kings on Crunchbase…

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