Top Influencers: 93 UK Founder and CTO’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Co-Founder and CTO play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-Founder and CTO role. We have selected these Co-Founder and CTO’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-Founder and CTO’s. The list is in no particular order!

Luca Martinetti

Co-Founder and CTO @ TrueLayer

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TrueLayer is a fintech platform utilized to build financial apps that connect to bank data, verify accounts, and access transactions. Read more aboutTrueLayer on Crunchbase…

Tomas Halgas

Founder and CTO @ Stealth

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Read more aboutStealth on Crunchbase…

Georgina Kirby

Co-Founder and CTO @ Vinehealth

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Georgina is a data scientist who has spent her career developing AI-driven health technology. She holds a Master’s in Medical Robotics from Imperial College London and led GSK’s first data-driven clinical trial using remote monitoring to predict patient outcomes at McLaren Applied Technologies. As Head of Data Science and part of the Executive Team at Touch Surgery she built, grew and managed technical teams to deliver data-driven products. Learn more about Georgina Kirby on Crunchbase…

Vinehealth is a AI-driven platform providing support to improve the quality of life and survival of cancer patients. Read more aboutVinehealth on Crunchbase…

Zachary Williamson

Co-Founder and CTO @ Aztec Protocol

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Zachary Williamson is Co-Founder & CTO at CreditMint. Learn more about Zachary Williamson on Crunchbase…

Aztec develops an ethereum trading protocol that enables private transactions across the public blockchain. Read more aboutAztec Protocol on Crunchbase…

Guy Farley

Co-Founder and CTO @ Bought By Many

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Guy is the author of the first-generation technology used by Bought by Many. He now steers the tech ship in the right direction. Outside the office, he’s a devoted father of two and is looking forward to sharing his passion for sailing, climbing and skiing with his kids once they’re old enough. Learn more about Guy Farley on Crunchbase…

Bought By Many is a pet InsurTech company that provides insurance products and a streamlined customer experience. Read more aboutBought By Many on Crunchbase…

Ali Minaei

Co-Founder and CTO @ Gr4vy

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Ali is the Co-Founder and CTO of Gr4vy. who has more than 15 years’ experience in tech engineering, has been in payment for the past 8 years working at PayPal and Wonga prior to Yoyo. At Yoyo he is responsible for leading and scaling the Engineering team and building the next generation of Yoyo’s payment and loyalty platform. Learn more about Ali Minaei on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGr4vy on Crunchbase…

Razvan Ranca

Co-Founder and CTO @ Tractable

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Razvan Ranca is a co-founder at Tractable. Learn more about Razvan Ranca on Crunchbase…

Tractable is a software company that develops artificial intelligence for accident and disaster recovery. Read more aboutTractable on Crunchbase…

Alex Metaxas

Co-Founder and CTO @ Cloud Maker

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Alex Metaxas is Co-Founder and CTO at Cloud Maker Learn more about Alex Metaxas on Crunchbase…

Cloud Maker is a Visual DevOps platform that enables organisations to easily design and build scalable cloud solutions. Read more aboutCloud Maker on Crunchbase…

Boris Ploix

Co-founder and CTO @ Calipsa

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Boris has spent 4 years working with transport authorities in France and England where he worked closely with transport planners and intelligent transport systems teams. He has a Masters in Applied Mathematics from Imperial College London Learn more about Boris Ploix on Crunchbase…

Deep Learning powered video monitoring Read more aboutCalipsa on Crunchbase…

James Hooker

Co-Founder and CTO @ Hack The Box

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James Hooker is a self taught Engineer, who through necessity and intrigue became active within the field of Information Security. He went on to join the Hack The Box as a user, yet ended up joining the team in order to progress the platform and ensure high quality self driven training experiences are made available to the community. Learn more about James Hooker on Crunchbase…

Hack The Box provides a training platform and community designed for advancing skills in penetration testing and cybersecurity. Read more aboutHack The Box on Crunchbase…

Nicolas Georges

Co-Founder and CTO @ Qwil Messenger

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Nicolas is a former investment banking quantitative strategist who has an exceptional capacity to architect and deliver sophisticated software solutions. His experience over the last 10 years spans large financial services firms (Societe Generale, BBVA, Nomura, Bank of America) and nimble FinTech startups. He is a hands-on technology leader with deep full stack knowledge as well as cloud (AWS, Azure) and mobile experience (iOS & Android). Learn more about Nicolas Georges on Crunchbase…

Safe and compliant client chat for business Read more aboutQwil Messenger on Crunchbase…

Jack Pordi

Cofounder and CTO @ Realm

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Realm is an app for finding and hosting house parties with the aim of making socializing cheaper and more meaningful. Read more aboutRealm on Crunchbase…

Pravin Paratey

Co-founder and CTO @ Kaizan

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12+ years building high performing engineering teams and executing crucial products for companies during key growth stages. Learn more about Pravin Paratey on Crunchbase…

The AI assistant that amplifies your abilities at work – Stop writing notes, updates and reports – Get your AI to do it. Read more aboutKaizan on Crunchbase…

Vikram Simha

Co-Founder and CTO @ Pouch

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Pouch is a technology company that develops tools to save online shoppers time, money and hassle. Read more aboutPouch on Crunchbase…

Mostafa Afgani

Co-Founder and CTO @ pureLiFi

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Mostafa is a respected hardware and firmware engineer. A chief architect of VLC hardware platforms over the past three years, Mostafa holds three patents and has filed for two more in the VLC field. Prior to co-founding pureLiFi he developed sensitive signal anomaly detection hardware for Agilent and held a research position at DoCoMo labs, Munich, Germany. Mostafa has BSc and MSc degrees in electronics from Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany and a PhD in communications and signal processing from the University of Edinburgh. Learn more about Mostafa Afgani on Crunchbase…

pureLiFi develops technology for communication networks that integrates data and lighting utility infrastructures. Read more aboutpureLiFi on Crunchbase…

Joe Vallender

Co-founder and CTO @ LandlordInvest

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Joe has worked extensively in areas such as publishing, business systems and data analysis. He combines over 10 years practical IT experience working with business-critical systems and management roles engaging a range of clients in B2B, B2C and the public sector. Joe is an experienced landlord, and has experienced many of the issues LandlordInvest is trying to solve. Learn more about Joe Vallender on Crunchbase…

LandlordInvest is an online marketplace which matches professional landlords. Read more aboutLandlordInvest on Crunchbase…

Ben Jensen

Founder and CTO @ Surrey NanoSystems

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Ben’s background is in the development of novel reactors used in Nanomaterials growth. Prior to founding SNS he was responsible for developing new technologies used in the hard disk drive industry and in sputter processing. He leads technical development of Vantablack coatings, and is involved with commercial engagement in new technology sectors from defence to luxury goods. Personally, I’m an explorer, creative thinker and solver of problems at the nano and commercial scale. Someone with serious commercial sense and a great ability to develop new business and close deals, especially in a start-up environment where competition and gaining traction are tough. Learn more about Ben Jensen on Crunchbase…

Surrey NanoSystems manufactures nanoscale materials for use in engineering and product applications. Read more aboutSurrey NanoSystems on Crunchbase…

Luke Saunders

Co-Founder and CTO @ AmaZix

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Read more aboutAmaZix on Crunchbase…

Kimeshan Naidoo

Co-Founder and CTO @ Unibuddy

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Kimeshan Naidoo is CTO & Co-Founder at Unibuddy. Learn more about Kimeshan Naidoo on Crunchbase…

Unibuddy helping universities and students to attract, engage and convert prospects through peer interactions. Read more aboutUnibuddy on Crunchbase…

David Scott Turner

Co-Founder and CTO @ Imburse

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David’s long background in and strong passion for disruptive technology makes him the right person to lead our technical development and vision as CTO of IMburse. David deploys his extensive startup and advisory experience, coupled with his strong leadership, innovative thinking and strong technical background into the role; all essential to lead the technical development off IMburse. It is no surprise that with someone like David in your corner the product will be amazing. Learn more about David Scott Turner on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutImburse on Crunchbase…

Mandeep Gill

Co-Founder and CTO @ Datapane

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Datapane is a Python framework for developing data science documents for companies, clients, or communities. Read more aboutDatapane on Crunchbase…

Pieter Fabry

Co-Founder and CTO @ Observe Technologies

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Observe applies computer vision and machine learning to optimise aquaculture farms. Read more aboutObserve Technologies on Crunchbase…

Mat Clayton

Co-Founder and CTO @ Mixcloud

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Mat Clayton is a specialist in social media and web 2.0 development projects. He has developed a range of successful Facebook applications, including Sponsor Me, and the Sony commisioned Become Rambo, which was awarded best Viral Application by the Facebook Developer Garage London, in association with Sun Microsystems. Mat is now a co-founder of Mixcloud and heads up the technical development of the site. Mat has a Masters in Engineering from the University of Cambridge, specialising in Electrical and Information Sciences. He was sponsored throughout his BA by Qinetiq and by the Institute of Engineering and Technology, of which he is still a member. Mat has worked on a variety of systems and control projects, ranging from biometric monitoring for Electronic Arts to Zigbee based wireless data capture systems for the oil industry. In his spare time, Mat enjoys playing squash and rock climbing. Learn more about Mat Clayton on Crunchbase…

Mixcloud is an online long-form audio platform providing content such as radio shows, podcasts and DJ mixes. Read more aboutMixcloud on Crunchbase…

Charlie Blackburn

Co-Founder and CTO @ Azur Group

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Charlie Blackburn is a co-founder of BrightTALK and served as the chief operating officer from BrightTALK’s U.K. headquarters in London, England. Previously, he was vice president of European operations for Scient. He also developed the Investment Banking practice at Pyramid Imaging in San Francisco after starting he career at Accenture. Blackburn earned a first class honors degree from Manchester University (U.K.) in Mechanical Engineering. Learn more about Charlie Blackburn on Crunchbase…

Azur is a Managing Digital Agency (MDA), in partnership with AIG, one of the world’s largest and best-respected insurance companies. Read more aboutAzur Group on Crunchbase…

Christos Ellinas

Co-Founder and CTO @ Nodes & Links

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Dr. Christos Ellinas holds a doctorate in Complex Systems from Bristol University (UK), where he was a faculty member, and was a Visiting Professor at Stevens Institute (USA). His research is award winning, has been published in leading scientific journals and industry guides, has attracted EU and industry funding and has been piloted across several large-scale projects. Learn more about Christos Ellinas on Crunchbase…

Nodes & Links empowers organizations across all domains to tame project complexity. Read more aboutNodes & Links on Crunchbase…

Stuart Timms

Founder and CTO @ Covatic

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Covatic is the use of mobile based algorithms to bring smart personalisation to apps. Read more aboutCovatic on Crunchbase…

Anthony Welgemoed

Founder and CTO @ Ziflow

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Anthony Welgemoed is Founder and CTO at Ziflow Prior to co-founding Ziflow, Anthony was co-founder and CTO of ProofHQ, the industry’s leading online proofing solution. At ProofHQ, Anthony built a world-class development team responsible for the market’s most scalable, resilient and secure online review and approval solution. At the time of ProofHQ’s acquisition by Workfront, ProofHQ was used by thousands of companies across the world every day, producing tens of millions of proofs per year. Prior to ProofHQ, Anthony was Director of Product Management at Mtivity, where he helped develop a sophisticated marketing process automation platform for agencies and brands. Learn more about Anthony Welgemoed on Crunchbase…

Ziflow is a SaaS company that builds smart tools for creative production teams. Read more aboutZiflow on Crunchbase…

Nick Graham

Founder and CTO @ Hicomply

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Hicomply is an Information Security Management Software platform giving you the tools to build your ISMS as well as protect the business. Read more aboutHicomply on Crunchbase…

Kevin Marzec

Founder and CTO @ FrontDesk Master

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Founder and CTO at FrontDesk Master, CTO at ThisWay Global Learn more about Kevin Marzec on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutFrontDesk Master on Crunchbase…

Jan Domanski

Founder and CTO @ Labstep

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Jan Domanski co-founder and CTO at Labstep. Labstep set out to make scientists more productive and creative. Jan Domanski used to work as a scientific associate in D. E. Shaw Research, New York City. The focus of this work (among other things) were transient/cryptic protein pockets identified via ANTON simulations in phosphatases PTP1B and Ship2. The aim was to predict small molecules that would bind to these pockets. Jan Domanski undergraduate work in Oxford, studying Biochemistry, earning an MBioch with honors and a medal from the Queen and Mick Jagger. My graduate project was in Groningen, Netherlands working on molecular dynamics simulations. Learn more about Jan Domanski on Crunchbase…

Labstep captures real time scientific process data to provide an internally shareable timeline of a lab’s activity. Read more aboutLabstep on Crunchbase…

Lewis Hemens

Co-founder and CTO @ Dataform

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Lewis Hemens is a Co-founder and CTO at Dataform. Learn more about Lewis Hemens on Crunchbase…

Dataform manages data pipelines in data warehouse. Read more aboutDataform on Crunchbase…

Connell Gauld

Co-Founder and CTO @ Zappar

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As Zappar’s CTO, Connell oversees the ZapWorks team (Zappar’s AR/VR/MR creation software) as well as being responsible for all the cloud infrastructure and the core functionality of the Zappar app (which can also be embedded into third-party apps). Connell met Zappar Co-Founder Dr Simon Taylor whilst they were both studying engineering at the University of Cambridge. They founded Zappar, along with Caspar Thykier, 8 years ago and have seen it grow into one of the leading AR platforms with $3.75M in funding, 50 staff, and four offices around the world. Learn more about Connell Gauld on Crunchbase…

Zappar is a clever little app that can see and recognise images and objects in the world around us. Read more aboutZappar on Crunchbase…

Dan Williams

Co-Founder and CTO @ Workshop

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Dan Williams is the co-founder and CTO of Workshop Technology. Prior to co-founding Workshop, Dan served as an analyst at Metapraxis. Before that, he held positions for various companies including Intro, Team Bath Racing electric, Oxalis Group, and Sagentia. Learn more about Dan Williams on Crunchbase…

Workshop is a technology-driven company that creates tools for learning and teaching in partnership in educators and brands. Read more aboutWorkshop on Crunchbase…

Cristian Dan

Co-Founder and CTO @ YAYZY

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Yayzy is building technology to automatically track, understand and reduce carbon footprint Read more aboutYAYZY on Crunchbase…

Jonas Simanavicius

Co-Founder and CTO @ Clouder

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Clouder is a marketplace, subscription service and hyperlocal delivery. Read more aboutClouder on Crunchbase…

Joao Caxaria

Co-Founder and CTO @ Codacy

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Over 15 years of experience in Software development. Specialities: Scala, Java, .NET, Objective-C Learn more about Joao Caxaria on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCodacy on Crunchbase…

Dinesh Acharya

Co-Founder and CTO @ Solution Rock

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Dinesh Acharya is the Co-Founder and CTO of and Solution Rock Technologies. Learn more about Dinesh Acharya on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSolution Rock on Crunchbase…

Xiao Ai

Co-founder and CTO @ QLM Technology

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Quantum Light Metrology (QLM) is a Bristol, UK- based startup developing ultra-compact, high-precision quantum optical sensors. Read more aboutQLM Technology on Crunchbase…

Dan Selman

Co-founder and CTO @ Clause

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Dan Selman is the co-founder and CTO at Clause. Learn more about Dan Selman on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutClause on Crunchbase…

Ben Stoneham

Founder and CTO @ Autologyx

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Ben Stoneham is a technology entepreneur specialising in on-demand software and service models. Learn more about Ben Stoneham on Crunchbase…

Autologyx is the next-generation Fabric Automation Platform for enterprise businesses. Read more aboutAutologyx on Crunchbase…

Mircea Danila Dumitrescu

Founder and CTO @ StatusToday

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Before StatusToday, Mircea established himself as a highly technical enterprise architect and adviser. He lead innovations focused on system security and IT scale such as at Just-Eat and Kurt Geiger for millions of users. Mircea is an established technical leader in large scale cloud infrastructure. Learn more about Mircea Danila Dumitrescu on Crunchbase…

StatusToday is an AI that gives people analytics to drive organizational change. Read more aboutStatusToday on Crunchbase…

Richard Gissing

Founder and CTO @ MDX Technology

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Richard was the founding partner at Gissing Consulting in 1991 (which became Gissing Software), which supplied market data software solutions to the financial markets. Richard has over 20 years’ experience of technology for the financial markets, with particular emphasis on market data and trading gateways. His experience, knowledge and understanding of both the business and technology of the financial markets allow him to interpret business requirements and translate these into a technical solution. In addition to providing product and strategic technology direction, one of Richard’s key strengths is in technical support of the sales process. Gissing Software was sold to Reuters in 2008. Richard co-founded MDX Technology in 2010. Learn more about Richard Gissing on Crunchbase…

MDX Technology Ltd focuses on real-time market data connectivity solutions for Traders, Developers and Market Data Professionals. Read more aboutMDX Technology on Crunchbase…

Andrew Martin

Founder and CTO @ Inkpact

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Andrew Martin is the founder and CTO of Inkpact. He previously served as the head of product at Sideways 6. Andrew earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Portsmouth. Learn more about Andrew Martin on Crunchbase…

Deliver handwritten personalised notes and gifts to the people who make your business great Read more aboutInkpact on Crunchbase…

Andrew Kuzmych

Co-Founder and CTO @ TechMagic

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• 8+ years of experience in IT industry • AWS Certified Solution Architect • Certified Microsoft Technology Specialist (.NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Applications; .NET Framework 2.0, Windows Applications) • Certified ScrumMaster • Co-founder of Techmagic • Co-founder of 2 startups, • Solid experience in Mobile development – IOS, Android. • Solid experience in NodeJS, JavaScript and Web UI • Extensive experience in requirement and business analysis, designing and implementing web, desktop and mobile applications. • 4+ years of team leading experience Technical Specialties: • Node JS • AWS • IOS • Android • MS C#.NET/ASP.NET • MS SQL Server/SSAS/SSRS. • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery. • Mongo DB Learn more about Andrew Kuzmych on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTechMagic on Crunchbase…

David Edoja

Founder and CTO @ Analytics Intelligence

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David Edoja is the founder of Analytics Intelligence. He is a web analyst and entrepreneur, based in London. Previously, he worked at British Telecom and Omniture. Learn more about David Edoja on Crunchbase…

Palantir of Africa Read more aboutAnalytics Intelligence on Crunchbase…

Richard Hamnett

Co-Founder and CTO @ ResponseTap

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Richard Hamnett is the co-founder and CTO of ResponseTap. Learn more about Richard Hamnett on Crunchbase…

ResponseTap Call Intelligence takes call tracking to another level, amplifying the depth of data across the end-to-end customer journey. Read more aboutResponseTap on Crunchbase…

Tuomas Hietanen

Co-Founder and CTO @ Fund Ourselves

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Short-term credit from the people to the people. Read more aboutFund Ourselves on Crunchbase…

Alex Christodoulou

Co-Founder and CTO @ Weengs

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Alex Christodoulou is the Co-founder & CTO at [Weengs](, where he leads the tech team while taking care of how the vision of the company is reflected on the product. Serial entrepreneur with a background in software engineering, algorithms and long experience in web/mobile developing. His major academic research was a study on hybrid Artificial Intelligence systems, merging neural networks with heuristic rules in decision making systems. Also founder of [Locish](, a real-time Q&A app operating in NYC and SF. Learn more about Alex Christodoulou on Crunchbase…

Weengs provides all the logistics services people need to build and grow their e-commerce businesses. Read more aboutWeengs on Crunchbase…

Chris Miller

Founder and CTO @ Percentile

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Spoiler title
With over 20 years of experience as a software engineer and architect, Chris spent 8 years working on the risk technology platform for KBC Financial Products and KBC Investments. He has a wealth of experience in high-performance software and spearheaded the development of RiskMine’s scalable distributed computing architecture. Learn more about Chris Miller on Crunchbase…

Percentile provides technology to align risk management and front office for better decision making and easier regulatory compliance. Read more aboutPercentile on Crunchbase…

Kevin Lind

Co-Founder and CTO @ Perceptual Robotics

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Perceptual Robotics is creating intelligent automation to make wind turbine and other infrastructure inspection simple and fast Read more aboutPerceptual Robotics on Crunchbase…

Tom Taylor

Co-Founder and CTO @ Breakroom

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Tom Taylor is the co-founder and CTO at Poplar. Learn more about Tom Taylor on Crunchbase…

Breakroom is a crowdsourced data platform for hourly and shift workers. Read more aboutBreakroom on Crunchbase…

Yang Lu

Co-founder and CTO @ Vivacity Labs

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Spoiler title
Yang is responsible for the technical choices Vivacity makes, and for the team that builds our products. Following his role as Technical Director of Cambridge’s solar car team, Yang spent time at a leading technology consultancy, working on technical solutions from in-ear monitoring using the internet-of-things to high-speed genetic sequencing. As a technology polyglot, with a 1st and Distinction from Cambridge in Engineering, Yang leads Vivacity’s technology development, driving technical excellence across the business. Learn more about Yang Lu on Crunchbase…

Vivacity Labs makes intelligent cameras to gather transport data, using the latest machine learning & computer vision techniques. Read more aboutVivacity Labs on Crunchbase…

Andrew Pickett

Co-Founder and CTO @ ShareIn

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Andrew has been pioneering web technology at startups since 2000. He benefits from combining his software development expertise with an excellent business background. Learn more about Andrew Pickett on Crunchbase…

ShareIn help our clients deliver market leading direct investment channels. Read more aboutShareIn on Crunchbase…

Lukas Dirzys

Founder and CTO @ Creative AI

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Creative AI gives every business, big or small, the power of a dedicated marketing team. Read more aboutCreative AI on Crunchbase…

Jonathon Valentine

Founder and CTO @ ThingCo

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Telematics, Cars, IoT, SaaS, Insurance, ADAS, Intelligent voice,Automotive Read more aboutThingCo on Crunchbase…

Dimitris Athanasiou

Co-Founder and CTO @ Neurofenix

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Neurofenix is aiming to make rehabilitation more autonomous, enjoyable and accessible to stroke victims. Read more aboutNeurofenix on Crunchbase…

Anj Latif

Co-Founder and CTO @ British Pearl

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Anj Latif is one of the founders of British Pearl and is the Chief Technical Officer. He is responsible for the design, implementation and administration of the entire IT infrastructure, including information security. Anj is a highly motivated and ambitious professional with extensive experience in IT management and networking and two decades’ experience in the SME sector. He has worked with companies in retail, legal, manufacturing, finance and health using technologies from Cisco, WatchGuard, Citrix, VMware and Microsoft. He has a BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering from Oxford Brookes University. Learn more about Anj Latif on Crunchbase…

British Pearl is an online property investment platform facilitating share and loan-based investment in UK property. Read more aboutBritish Pearl on Crunchbase…

Benjamin van Enckevort

Co-founder and CTO @ Metomic

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Spoiler title

The power of data without the risk. Metomic detects & protects sensitive data across all your internal databases & cloud applications. Read more aboutMetomic on Crunchbase…

Scott Porter

Co Founder and CTO @ WATR

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WATR develops a water monitor that is self-powered, portable, easy to install, with a live data dashboard and notification alerts. Read more aboutWATR on Crunchbase…

Chris Wright

Co-founder and CTO @ Moixa Energy Holdings

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Pioneer of energy storage, DC micro-grid power and aggregate electricity grid services in the UK Read more aboutMoixa Energy Holdings on Crunchbase…

Hugh Nimmo-Smith

Co-founder and CTO @ Onedox

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Onedox is a free, secure service that enables UK consumers to take control of their household bills Read more aboutOnedox on Crunchbase…

Javaid Karim

Co-Founder and CTO @

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Spoiler title
Javaid is a veteran FinTech developer (with over 25 years experience), having held senior roles at BNP Paribas and Fidelity Investment, where he developed a Global Web Portal and Data distribution tool, which for the first time provided Fidelity the ability to distribute multi-billion pound funds through third parties. Learn more about Javaid Karim on Crunchbase… is a leading learning, financial intelligence and investing platform for the $4 trillion global Islamic economy. Read more on Crunchbase…

Jay Shah

Co-founder and CTO @ Kiroku

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Jay Shah is the co-founder and CTO of Kiroku Limited. Jay has a thorough academic history in computer science, natural language processing and machine learning and has previously started a successful online company. He holds degrees from both the University of Cambridge and University College London. While at Cambridge Jay studied the concept of machine translation within English; This naturally led him to implement these ideas into the Kiroku product. Prior to Jay’s interest in natural language processing, Jay started and grew an online gift selling business which successfully sells over 400 different products. Additionally, Jay gained insight into how to grow and manage a start-up during his work at BrainLabs Digital. Jay was the first technical lead at BrainLabs, and within three years the company had an annual revenue of £20 million and had grown from 10 to 160 employees. Learn more about Jay Shah on Crunchbase…

Kiroku is an intelligent note taking platform for professional services. Read more aboutKiroku on Crunchbase…

Ben Allen

Co-founder and CTO @ Laka

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Ben Allen is the Co-Founder and CTO at Laka. Learn more about Ben Allen on Crunchbase…

Laka develops a peer to peer bicycle insurance platform to insure bicycles and cycling equipment against theft or damage. Read more aboutLaka on Crunchbase…

Riccardo Ferretti

Co-Founder and CTO @ Momentumworks Inc

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Riccardo Ferretti is the co-founder at Momentumworks. Learn more about Riccardo Ferretti on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMomentumworks Inc on Crunchbase…

Rafal Kwasny

Founder and CTO @ Evolution AI

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Evolution AI works with enterprises to uncover value in data and develop a natural language processing application. Read more aboutEvolution AI on Crunchbase…

Chris O’Sullivan

Co-Founder and CTO @ Lexoo

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Chris has been developing websites and apps for more than 10 years – with companies such as Forward Partners, Aegis Media, and the BBC. He loves playing board games and drinking cocktails – ideally at the same time. Learn more about Chris O’Sullivan on Crunchbase…

Lexoo is a lawyer comparison marketplace that helps businesses choose a lawyer with confidence. Read more aboutLexoo on Crunchbase…

Ben Kingsbury

Founder and CTO @ MicroTech Ceramics Ltd.

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Ben has 8 years of experience in the fabrication of ceramic membranes and substrates for a wide range of applications and has published and presented extensively in these fields. He has been a research consultant to several major industrial partners to develop and commercialise novel ceramic products for automotive catalysis. This expertise matches perfectly with the product development stage that SSL is at, by bringing on board a unique set of skills and the analytical perspective of a PhD Engineering degree. Ben is advising mainly on membrane manufacturing methods and membrane microstructure expertise, for added value in the different application settings of the technology. Learn more about Ben Kingsbury on Crunchbase…

MicroTech Ceramics Ltd. develops novel ceramic substrates for the automotive emissions control market. Read more aboutMicroTech Ceramics Ltd. on Crunchbase…

Ethan Ghoreishi

Co-founder and CTO @ Teamflow

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Teamflow unlocks the power of human intelligence in organizations to improve productivity. Read more aboutTeamflow on Crunchbase…

Tim Panton

Founder and CTO @ pipe

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Tim believes that experiments are the key to successful innovation. His recent work includes Artworks, Lego dogs and various Internet of Everything (IoE) devices, trying to figure out how people actually relate to their smart objects and what security features they expect from them. Last year in Berlin he co-founded |pipe| to add a secure, direct authenticated data transport layer between connected devices and their owners, having tested the practicality of these solutions in a video calling app for pets, called YoPet.
 Previous projects have included a training simulation for oil platforms, a time management app for a space telescope, a mobile phone network on a remote Pacific Island, and a solar-powered interactive art exhibit at the Burning Man festival. Learn more about Tim Panton on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutpipe on Crunchbase…

Marius Cobzarenco

Co-Founder and CTO @ re:infer

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I believe artificial intelligence will improve most aspects of our lives in the next decade. AI is already “eating the world”​ today. In particular, I am interested in how emerging technologies such as deep learning can be used to build frictionless natural language interfaces. To this end I co-founded re:infer. I’m an old-fashioned hacker with strong understanding of machine learning and its proxy fields such as probability theory, statistical modelling, linear algebra and multivariate calculus. Academically, my interests are in probabilistic generative models of language. Learn more about Marius Cobzarenco on Crunchbase…

Re:infer is an enterprise intelligence system that makes communications data understood and actionable. Read more aboutre:infer on Crunchbase…

Stuart Kemp

Co-Founder and CTO @ Reducer

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Reducer empowers businesses by giving them the information needed to make smart buying decisions. Read more aboutReducer on Crunchbase…

Duncan Pauly

Co-Founder and CTO @ Edge Intelligence Software

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Read more aboutEdge Intelligence Software on Crunchbase…

Duncan Pauly

Co-Founder and CTO @ Edge Intelligence Software

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Read more aboutEdge Intelligence Software on Crunchbase…

Panos Savvas

Co-Founder and CTO @ Akoni Hub

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Panos has extensive retail and commercial banking expertise. With over 13 years in Banking and Fintech, he has been leading global product development teams and change management programmes for leading financial organisations including RBS, IG Group, Intelligent Environments and others. Panos has worked with a wide range of Fintech and e-commerce ventures, providing consultancy on tech strategy and product/service design. Panos holds a BSc Computer Science, an MSc Distributed Systems and an Executive MBA from London Business School. Learn more about Panos Savvas on Crunchbase…

Akoni provides simple cash management tools for individuals and SMEs. Read more aboutAkoni Hub on Crunchbase…

Panos Savvas

Co-Founder and CTO @ Akoni Hub

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Panos has extensive retail and commercial banking expertise. With over 13 years in Banking and Fintech, he has been leading global product development teams and change management programmes for leading financial organisations including RBS, IG Group, Intelligent Environments and others. Panos has worked with a wide range of Fintech and e-commerce ventures, providing consultancy on tech strategy and product/service design. Panos holds a BSc Computer Science, an MSc Distributed Systems and an Executive MBA from London Business School. Learn more about Panos Savvas on Crunchbase…

Akoni provides simple cash management tools for individuals and SMEs. Read more aboutAkoni Hub on Crunchbase…

Henric Larsson

Co-Founder and CTO @ Dashl

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Read more aboutDashl on Crunchbase…

Henric Larsson

Co-Founder and CTO @ Dashl

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Read more aboutDashl on Crunchbase…

Phil Smith

Co-Founder and CTO @ ReBOUND Returns

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ReBOUND Returns is a global returns management platform. Read more aboutReBOUND Returns on Crunchbase…

Petros Lafazanidis

Co-founder and CTO @ Lirica

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Lirica harnesses the power of music to make learning both memorable and fun. Read more aboutLirica on Crunchbase…

Zac Roberts

Co-founder and CTO @ Ebsta

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Zac is the co-founder and CTO of Ebsta, a business dedicated to delivering intuitive apps for businesses that integrate email and the web with CRM. After completing his Mechanical Engineering degree, Zac started developing software at a company called Perfect Information (PI). Zac followed his manager from PI to a new business called iProfile in 2000. Over the following 7 years, Zac became the product development director at iProfile running a team of 40 internal and external developers building a ‘big data’ platform that was processing 500,000+ resumes a month for the UK recruitment industry. The platform included a portal for jobseekers, a front end for recruiters along with a suit of API’s that were used to integrate with 18 disparate systems. Zac started Ebsta with his business partner Guy Rubin in 2013 as an app focussed on helping recruiters reference and update their CRM. In 2014 Ebsta expanded to service companies outside of recruitment. Since this expansion Ebsta has become the most popular ‘app’ in the Salesforce ecosystem (arguably the most popular app store in the world), with an install base of over 10,000 companies within a year. As CTO, Zac is responsible for reporting, strategy, security and performance. Outside of Ebsta Zac is an avid Arsenal fan, keen skier, father to Charlie and Sam, and husband to Faye. Learn more about Zac Roberts on Crunchbase…

Gmail and LinkedIn integration for Salesforce Read more aboutEbsta on Crunchbase…

George Asampong

Co-Founder and CTO @ DooWapp

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An API and App to add playable lyrics to any part of your message to express yourself with music you love Read more aboutDooWapp on Crunchbase…

William Thomas

Co-Founder and CTO @ Hoxton Analytics

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Cloud computer vision software to digitise and automate processes in physical spaces. Read more aboutHoxton Analytics on Crunchbase…

Ivaylo Yosifov

Co-Founder and CTO @ FindMeCure

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Read more aboutFindMeCure on Crunchbase…

Dom O’Neill

Co-Founder and CTO @ Buzzer Feedback

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Buzzer is a customer feedback company which provides restaurant management with a high volume of private, specific and verified feedback Read more aboutBuzzer Feedback on Crunchbase…

David Adams

CoFounder and CTO @ Chime Advisors

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Disrupting the expert network industry Read more aboutChime Advisors on Crunchbase…

Paul Barker

Founder and CTO @ Claritum

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Our cloud based spend management platform helps companies gain visibility and control of expenditure Read more aboutClaritum on Crunchbase…

Dean Ward

Founder and CTO @ Evoke Creative

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Evoke Creative is a design and manufacture digital technologies. Read more aboutEvoke Creative on Crunchbase…

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