Top Influencers: 98 UK Marketing Manager’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Principal Product Marketing Manager play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Principal Product Marketing Manager role. We have selected these Principal Product Marketing Manager’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Principal Product Marketing Manager’s. The list is in no particular order!

Richard Whitehead

Principal Product Marketing Manager @ Adobe

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Read more aboutAdobe on Crunchbase…

Niamh Gallagher

Marketing Manager @ Undo

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Undo allows some of the biggest software companies to improve the quality of their products and fix customer issues quickly. Read more aboutUndo on Crunchbase…

James Pluck

Marketing Manager @ Whoisvisiting

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Spoiler title
James Pluck is a marketing manager at Prior to joining Whoisvisiting, James served as an SEO Manager at Verto UK. He also held positions at SJ Electronics Ltd and fuse8. James holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from The Nottingham Trent University. Learn more about James Pluck on Crunchbase…

Whoisvisiting enables website owners to identify companies that visit their websites. Read more aboutWhoisvisiting on Crunchbase…

Paul Gowans

Mobility Marketing Manager @ Viavi Solutions

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Spoiler title
Paul Gowans, Mobile Strategy Director for Viavi has more than 20 years’ experience in the communications and mobile industries. He currently leads the Marketing team responsible for Viavi’s Mobile Location Intelligence & RAN Solutions. Paul’s expertise in IP, Mobile, LTE, VoIP, VoLTE & SON comes from developing, supporting, marketing and consulting on major mobile communications projects. Prior to Viavi, Paul was Global Marketing Manager for Agilent Technologies’ Network Systems Division. He is a seasoned spokesperson on many mobile issues for a variety of international conferences and forums and has written many articles. Paul is a graduate of Edinburgh University in Scotland with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Management Science. Learn more about Paul Gowans on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutViavi Solutions on Crunchbase…

Vanessa Wachtmeister

Global Launch & Product Marketing Manager @ Hotels

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Spoiler title
Vanessa Menchaca-Wachtmeister is a B2B Global Launch Manager at and an accomplished travel writer behind the blog: Originally from Los Angeles, Vanessa has spent the last decade bouncing between Beijing, Boston, and London pursuing a career in tech whilst exploring over 40 countries. She has a BA from Boston College, a Masters in International Development from SOAS (University of London), and her real passion is teaching people how to travel farther, longer and for less. When she’s not on a plane, she enjoys learning languages, developing her skills, and cooking with her husband and cat. Learn more about Vanessa Wachtmeister on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutHotels on Crunchbase…

Bryce Johnstone

Automotive Segment Marketing Manager @ Imagination Technologies

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Spoiler title
Bryce Johnstone is responsible for relationships and marketing throughout the automotive value chain in support of defining IP requirements for the rapidly changing car market. Previously at Imagination, he was in charge of Developer Ecosystem largely working with mobile games companies throughout the world. Prior to joining Imagination in 2011, Johnstone spent 19 years with Texas Instruments, where he worked in several technical, managerial and business development roles before moving into the Wireless Terminal Business Unit to head up the OMAP Developer Network activity. He started his career as a Senior Design Engineer at STC Semiconductors. Johnstone holds a BSC. In Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Edinburgh and an MBA from the Open University. Learn more about Bryce Johnstone on Crunchbase…

Imagination Technologies develops and licenses semiconductor system-on-chip intellectual property (SoC IP). Read more aboutImagination Technologies on Crunchbase…

Jovana Ljiljak

Digital Marketing Manager @ Forbidden Technologies plc

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Forbidden Technologies is a developer of cloud based video editing software. Read more aboutForbidden Technologies plc on Crunchbase…

Gordon Folta

E-Commerce , Digital Marketing Manager @ KLiNGEL Group

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Read more aboutKLiNGEL Group on Crunchbase…

Michael Czerniak

Product Marketing Manager @ Edwards Vacuum

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Spoiler title
Mike gained his PhD in Electrical Engineering at Manchester University (UK) in 1982. Starting his professional career with Philips, initially in their UK R+D labs & subsequently in the fab in Nijmegen, Holland. He had subsequent marketing roles at UK-based OEMs Cambridge Instruments, VSW and VG Semicon before joining Edwards 24 years ago. He has held various technical and marketing positions before beginning his current role 4 years ago. Mike has numerous published articles and patents to his name, co-chairs 2 SEMI standards committees, participates in the IRDS, is a UK PFC “expert” on the UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), now as a lead author. He has been a Visiting Industrial Professor “VIP” in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol since September 2017 and is a PhD student’s industrial supervisor. Learn more about Michael Czerniak on Crunchbase…

Edwards is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products. Read more aboutEdwards Vacuum on Crunchbase…

Bansri Buddhdev

Email Marketing Manager @ Liberal Democrats

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British political party in government working to build a stronger economy in a fairer society. Read more aboutLiberal Democrats on Crunchbase…

Imran Idrees

Sr. Product Marketing Manager @ Meraki

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Read more aboutMeraki on Crunchbase…

Katie Steed

Events and Field Marketing Manager @ DocuSign

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Peter Juszczynski

Product Marketing Manager, Google Maps @ Google

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Read more aboutGoogle on Crunchbase…

Chloe Pascal

Senior Marketing Manager – UK, Ireland & International @ Nosto

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Read more aboutNosto on Crunchbase…

Abbie Miller

Marketing Manager @ Taylor & Francis Group

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Taylor & Francis Group is an international company that publishes books and academic journals. Read more aboutTaylor & Francis Group on Crunchbase…

João Machete

Growth Marketing Manager @

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Eveliina Suoyrjo

Marketing Manager @ Raikastamo

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Read more aboutRaikastamo on Crunchbase…

Simon Westwood

Sales & Marketing Manager @ Westfield Technology Group

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Westfield is an autonomous vehicle provider that is known for selling niche sports cars globally. Read more aboutWestfield Technology Group on Crunchbase…

Emmi Laine

Marketing Manager @ Third Space Auto

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Read more aboutThird Space Auto on Crunchbase…

Talieh Mann

Senior Marketing Manager, Advertising and Acquisition @ Vitality

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Spoiler title
Talieh Mann is the Head of Group Advertising for Adviser and Invest at Vitality. Having marketed financial services in the Pacific, Asia and across Europe, today she is responsible for bringing Vitality’s brand to life through the world of advertising. Vitality’s unique shared value model helps members take a more active role in managing their own wellness, encouraging them to develop healthy long-term habits that are good for them, good for the company and good for society. Vitality has joined forces with the Wisdom Council and other FS partners in the “Yes She Can” initiative. In her involvement in this project, Talieh is helping to bring investing to life for women – and ultimately help the industry to change the conversation across genders and generations and engage more people with their long-term savings. Learn more about Talieh Mann on Crunchbase…

Vitality provides personal, business, and corporate health insurance solutions. Read more aboutVitality on Crunchbase…

Nikhil Patwardhan

Senior Marketing Manager @ Ariadne Capital Limited

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Spoiler title
Nikhil Patwardhan is Sr. Director – Client Services at Global University Systems. Learn more about Nikhil Patwardhan on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAriadne Capital Limited on Crunchbase…

Claire Williams

Marketing Manager @ Evergreen Life

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Evergreen Life is a personal health app provider that revolutionizes the way people manage their medications. Read more aboutEvergreen Life on Crunchbase…

Charlotte Wright

Senior Marketing Manager – EMEA @ OFX

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Read more aboutOFX on Crunchbase…

Eve Black

Marketing Manager @ GCA Altium

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GCA is a premier global investment bank serving a broad client base through a range of advisory services. Read more aboutGCA Altium on Crunchbase…

Nick Hall

Digital Marketing Manager @ Arcadis Gen

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Arcadis Gen offers cloud software and data drive solution & products for business solutions. Read more aboutArcadis Gen on Crunchbase…

Niomi Cowling

Marketing Manager @ Hamlyn Williams

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Hamlyn Williams is a global recruitment consultancy that offers staffing and recruitment services within regulated industries. Read more aboutHamlyn Williams on Crunchbase…

Emily Taylor

Marketing Manager @ Zipcar

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Spoiler title
Emily Taylor is a marketing manager at Zipcar. Learn more about Emily Taylor on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutZipcar on Crunchbase…

Ben Walton

Marketing Manager @ Provenance Butcher

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Provenance Butcher is a butcher shop that also provides online delivery services. Read more aboutProvenance Butcher on Crunchbase…

Matthew Hickman

Global Marketing Manager @ Montane

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Spoiler title
Matthew Hickman is the Global Marketing Manager at Montane. Learn more about Matthew Hickman on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMontane on Crunchbase…

Samer Ragheb

Product Marketing Manager @ Quantcast

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Read more aboutQuantcast on Crunchbase…

Bobby Redding

Performance Marketing Manager @ TaskRabbit

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Read more aboutTaskRabbit on Crunchbase…

Liz Leigh-Bowler

Product Marketing Manager @ Microsoft

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Spoiler title
Liz Leigh-Bowler recently joined Microsoft as the Product Marketing Manager for finance, supply chain management and fraud protection. Within this role, Liz is responsible for the commercial success of Microsoft’s core ERP products in the UK across all customer segments. Before coming to Microsoft, she started her career as an assistant language teacher in Japan before making a complete change and jumping to finance at Barclaycard. Since then, she has specialised in proposition and product marketing where she can ensure customer needs are put at the heart of business decisions and Go-To-Market strategies. Following her time at Barclaycard, Liz implemented the global payments and banking strategy across Sage Accounting solutions and took up the position as Director for Product and Marketing at Sage Pay with extensive experience in payments, ecommerce and fraud. Learn more about Liz Leigh-Bowler on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMicrosoft on Crunchbase…

Damian Hind

Marketing Manager @ Farmdrop

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Farmdrop: the online supermarket that delivers fresher, fairer food & home essentials directly to your door. Read more aboutFarmdrop on Crunchbase…

Emma Hill

Channel Marketing Manager @ Improded

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Spoiler title
Emma Hill is the Senior Channel Marketing Manager for Yell in the UK, with responsibility for developing sales and marketing strategies to drive revenue and growth. Working closely with product to develop and implement successful go to market plans, with a strong focus on gaining market share through channel activities. Emma joined the Yell team in 1998 so has a wealth of experience not only in marketing but sales too. Emma has been working closely with the management team on new initiatives which will not only take Yell forward but also deliver an enhanced, affordable and market changing set of services to Yell’s customers as Yell completes its digital transformation. Learn more about Emma Hill on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutImproded on Crunchbase…

Adrien Le Monze

Marketing Manager @ Ekos Global

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Ekos Global is the fastest way for retail to go global: any language, any currency, on all devices and in one day. Read more aboutEkos Global on Crunchbase…

Lance Concannon

UK Marketing Manager @ Sysomos

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Lance has over a decade of PR agency experience as a social media specialist at agencies including Immediate Future and Text 100, working with brands such as Sony Electronics, IBM, Oracle, BP and Accor amongst others. He recently joined Sysomos as the UK marketing manager. Learn more about Lance Concannon on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSysomos on Crunchbase…

Iain Davidson

Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Wireless Logic

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Wireless Logic is an M2M & IoT managed services provider delivering multiple bearer connectivity and value-added services. Read more aboutWireless Logic on Crunchbase…

Marcjanna Paszak

Sales & Marketing Manager @ Owocni

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Read more aboutOwocni on Crunchbase…

Natalie Andrews

Marketing Manager @ BISAF

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Spoiler title
Marketing Manager and Accounts Administrator Learn more about Natalie Andrews on Crunchbase…

Environmentally-friendly technology company specialising in solutions for the construction industry. Read more aboutBISAF on Crunchbase…

Aaron Romero

Marketing Manager, UK @ Flock

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Read more aboutFlock on Crunchbase…

Sean Barber

Marketing Manager @ Quick Mobile Fix

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Repairs mobile phones and tablets for low prices and offers free postage and sell refurbished mobile phones. Read more aboutQuick Mobile Fix on Crunchbase…

Anthony Adeloye

Marketing Manager @ Gradlancer

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Gradlancer is an online platform connecting employers with skilled, affordable and motivated students for freelance work opportunities. Read more aboutGradlancer on Crunchbase…

Philip Brown

Influencer marketing manager @ FIA Formula E

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Formula E is a new FIA motor racing championship featuring single-seater cars powered exclusively by electricity. Read more aboutFIA Formula E on Crunchbase…

Mark Baber

Technical Marketing Manager. Consumer & B2B Events. UK & Ireland Photo Channel @ Sony Electronics

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Read more aboutSony Electronics on Crunchbase…

Alvin Kibalama

Digital Marketing Manager @ Coolabi

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Coolabi Group is specialized in the creation, development and brand management of children’s and family intellectual property rights. Read more aboutCoolabi on Crunchbase…

Steven Ford

Marketing Manager @ Maven Capital Partners

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Spoiler title
Steven joined Maven in 2010 and is based in the Glasgow office. He is responsible for all campaigns across its traditional and digital marketing channels, as well as defining the strategic marketing direction for all Maven’s business areas. Steven started his career in the drinks industry with InBev UK before moving into financial services, working in a number of marketing roles. He previoulsy worked as an Assistant Marketing Manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh, managing communications to its private banking customers. Steven has a BA Honours degree in Geography as well as an MSc in Marketing from the University of Strathclyde. He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Learn more about Steven Ford on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMaven Capital Partners on Crunchbase…

Richard Davis

Group Product Marketing Manager @ Proofpoint

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Spoiler title
Richard is a seasoned Cybersecurity professional with over 20 years’ experience and passionate about helping organisations protect their people. Richard has been at Proofpoint for the last 10 years and has held various roles including Principal Architect, EMEA Product Manager and is currently part of the Global Cybersecurity Strategy team. As part of this team Richard regularly meets Proofpoint Customers to advise on their cyber security strategy. Richard holds an Engineering degree from the University of Exeter and started his career working as a software engineer for a small security vendor, followed by a number of years working in the IT Security Channel. Learn more about Richard Davis on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutProofpoint on Crunchbase…

Richard Best

CEO, Online Marketing Manager @ Mint Online Marketing

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Mint Online Marketing is an online marketing agency that provides PPC and social media management to small growing businesses. Read more aboutMint Online Marketing on Crunchbase…

Carl Smith

Product Marketing Manager, Connected Car @ Jaguar Land Rover

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Spoiler title
Carl Smith is a Product Marketing Manager, Connected Car at Jaguar Land Rover. Learn more about Carl Smith on Crunchbase…

Jaguar Land Rover manufactures and sells high-performance luxury saloons, specialist sports cars and four-wheel drive off-road vehicles. Read more aboutJaguar Land Rover on Crunchbase…

Mark Ford

Sales and Marketing Manager @ Intelligent Financial Systems

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IFS is a software company, provides financial market data research and execution quality analysis services in Europe. Read more aboutIntelligent Financial Systems on Crunchbase…

Abbey Brown

Marketing Manager @ FM Outsource

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FM helps businesses respond to and engage with customers across email, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Trustpilot, Twitter, voice and webchat. Read more aboutFM Outsource on Crunchbase…

Pauliina Jamsa

Global Senior Online Marketing Manager @ Siemens

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Spoiler title
Digitally disruptive marketing expert with 10+ years of experience across the whole digital landscape, from mobile apps to demand generation programs. She helps people to find new, unconventional ways to solve old problems and change the game, thanks to a fresh, international perspective. She has lived in 5 countries and speaks 7 languages. Learn more about Pauliina Jamsa on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSiemens on Crunchbase…

Richard Beckett

Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Sophos

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Spoiler title
Richard Beckett is responsible for Product Marketing of Sophos public cloud and SaaS email security tech. After getting his break working with tech startups and telecom VARs, he spent the best part of his 20s and 30’s in Product Management and Product Marketing for premium IaaS hosting brands, before joining Sophos in 2016. Learn more about Richard Beckett on Crunchbase…

Sophos develops network security and threat management products to protect organizations against malicious acts. Read more aboutSophos on Crunchbase…

Chris Ellis

Group Digital Marketing Manager @ Belron

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Read more aboutBelron on Crunchbase…

Vasileios Kospanos

Marketing Manager @ PNMsoft

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PNMsoft, a software company, develops and supports business process management, case management, and work optimization software. Read more aboutPNMsoft on Crunchbase…

Chloe Nicholls

Product Marketing Manager @ SimilarWeb

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Read more aboutSimilarWeb on Crunchbase…

Georgina Dunn

Freelance Digital Marketing Manager @ Self-Employed

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Spoiler title
I’m a freelance digital marketing manager and writer with over five years experience based in London. My specialism is in creating marketing strategies and actionable plans for B2B creative, technology and content startups and agencies. Learn more about Georgina Dunn on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSelf-Employed on Crunchbase…

Julianne Turner

Marketing Manager @ Kylli

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Read more aboutKylli on Crunchbase…

Emma Lauchlan

Marketing Manager @ Multipanel UK

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Multipanel UK is a manufacturer of aluminium composite panels for the construction, sign and printing industries. Read more aboutMultipanel UK on Crunchbase…

Jamie Fidler

Senior Marketing Manager @ Rutronik

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Read more aboutRutronik on Crunchbase…

Phil Charnock

Marketing Manager @ Draw and Code

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Draw and Code is a software company that is engaged in a variety of technology based projects. Read more aboutDraw and Code on Crunchbase…

Rosa Lenders

Marketing Manager @ Device Authority

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Device Authority is a global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain. Read more aboutDevice Authority on Crunchbase…

Jo Miguens

Senior Marketing Manager @ Nez

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Spoiler title
Jo Miguens is a Senior Marketing Manager at Nez. Learn more about Jo Miguens on Crunchbase…

Nez is a local marketing channel for the eating and drinking out of home sector Read more aboutNez on Crunchbase…

Ian Davis

Regional Marketing Manager Optical Fiber @ Corning

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Spoiler title
Ian Davis is the regional marketing manager for EMEA, responsible for developing and executing optical fiber product strategy within the region. Davis joined Corning in 1989 and has held various positions in product line management, product engineering, and applications engineering management – Europe. Most recently, Davis was a strategic alliances manager, establishing and maintaining relationships with key suppliers, customers, end-users, and system equipment manufacturers. Davis received First Class Honors from Nottingham University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Physics. He also received a diploma in management studies from St. Helens Technical College in Merseyside, England. Learn more about Ian Davis on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCorning on Crunchbase…

Belinda McGee

Solutions Marketing Manager @ Pennine

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Spoiler title
Marketing Pennine’s portfolio involves online, printed, digital, video and social media activity as well as event management. The team also manages the company’s PR and branding, organises exhibitions and manages marketing campaigns, ensuring that all our marketing communications are mobile responsive so they are presented correctly regardless of the device upon which they are opened. Learn more about Belinda McGee on Crunchbase…

Pennine is one of the UK’s independent business communication specialists. Read more aboutPennine on Crunchbase…

Milena Sakowicz

Marketing Manager @ G1ANT

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G1ANT providing robotic software solutions. Read more aboutG1ANT on Crunchbase…

Valerie Hall

Editorial and Marketing Manager @ Equinox Publishing

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Equinox Publishing Ltd is an independent academic publisher founded in 2003. Read more aboutEquinox Publishing on Crunchbase…

Steve Kidd

Marketing Manager @ Air Engineering Group

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Air Engineering Group designs and supplies pneumatics technologies and compressed air equipment. Read more aboutAir Engineering Group on Crunchbase…

Kyle Douglas McCormick

Growth Marketing Manager @ Let’s Do This

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Read more aboutLet’s Do This on Crunchbase…

Andrew Dickerson

Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Spoiler title
Responsible for a team of Product Marketeers for Backup, Recovery and Archive Products and Solutions within the Storage Organization. Learn more about Andrew Dickerson on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutHewlett Packard Enterprise on Crunchbase…

Ben Wilcock

Principal Product Marketing Manager for Spring @ Pivotal

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Spoiler title
Ben Wilcock is a Senior Solutions Architect for Pivotal Labs and helps Pivotal’s Fortune 500 clients to go cloud-native using the Pivotal Application Service (PAS) and Pivotal Container Service (PKS). Ben has a passion for CQRS, event sourcing, microservices, cloud, and mobile applications. He’s also an established technology blogger whose articles have featured in DZone, Java Code Geeks, InfoQ, The Spring Blog and more. Learn more about Ben Wilcock on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutPivotal on Crunchbase…

Candice Rose

Marketing Manager @ Forbidden Technologies plc

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Forbidden Technologies is a developer of cloud based video editing software. Read more aboutForbidden Technologies plc on Crunchbase…

Kunal Shah

Marketing Manager @ Arena

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Sports Analytics through Global Industry-Leading A.I. for Sports Right’s Holders Read more aboutArena on Crunchbase…

Anamarija Ferrari

Digital Marketing Manager @ SwiftGift

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SwiftGift is the world’s first Instant Gift Messenger App which allows you to send real gifts to anyone in your phone’s contact book. Read more aboutSwiftGift on Crunchbase…

Dean Williams

Marketing Manager @ Print Print

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Spoiler title
He’s been working with print and graphic design for over 25 years, starting as a graphic designer at a large printing company to reach his current position as marketing and operations manager for two companies. Learn more about Dean Williams on Crunchbase…

Print Print is a printing company that specializes in leaflet, flyer, booklet and brochure printing. Read more aboutPrint Print on Crunchbase…

Rebekah Fice-Thomson

Marketing Manager @ Happy Days

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Happy Days is a UK-based nursery catering for children between three months and five years of age. Read more aboutHappy Days on Crunchbase…

Ben Borden

Marketing Manager @ DMJ Recruitment

FollowBen Borden on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

DMJ is an agency specializing in legal, company secretarial and governance recruitment, vision is to become the most respected consultancy. Read more aboutDMJ Recruitment on Crunchbase…

Nicola Douglas

Marketing Manager @ Feedback Ferret

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Feedback Ferret make it easy for companies to improve your customer experience using text analytics. Read more aboutFeedback Ferret on Crunchbase…

Jo Crossley-Anderson

Marketing Manager @ The Creative Engagement Group

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Spoiler title
Jo Crossley-Anderson serves as a Marketing Manager at The Creative Engagement Group. Learn more about Jo Crossley-Anderson on Crunchbase…

The Creative Engagement Group is creates and delivers live experiences, communications, interactive and immersive content. Read more aboutThe Creative Engagement Group on Crunchbase…

Richard Wilson

Marketing Manager @ AuditComply

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AuditComply is an Integrated Risk Management platform. Read more aboutAuditComply on Crunchbase…

Lynn Hall

Marketing Manager @ Kelvin Capital

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Spoiler title
Lynn plays a key part in the marketing and PR of both Kelvin Capital and its portfolio companies. Lynn manages all aspects of social media, public relations, events and virtual pitch sessions. Learn more about Lynn Hall on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutKelvin Capital on Crunchbase…

Kirsty Macalister

Design & Marketing Manager @ Leengate Valves

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Spoiler title
I’m interested in all things Arty, particularly Graphic Design & Marketing Media. I currently work Monday to Thursday in a Design and Marketing role for Leengate Valves Ltd. I enjoy taking my children swimming, home educating my 9 year old, nights in with friends, film/TV and cooking. All opinions and comments are my own and are not related to my employers, past or present. Learn more about Kirsty Macalister on Crunchbase…

Leengate Valves engages in the wholesale supply of valves for gas, water, HVAC, steam, process, power, and agriculture applications. Read more aboutLeengate Valves on Crunchbase…

Donna Cooper

Marketing Manager @ The FSE Group

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Spoiler title
Donna works as part of the marketing team to deliver all aspects of internal and external communications. With over 10 years marketing experience in the SME support sector, Donna previously worked for Scottish Enterprise in Aberdeen, joining FSE in 2006. Outside of work Donna is kept busy by her 3 young children. She enjoys face painting, novelty cake making, running and cycling. Learn more about Donna Cooper on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutThe FSE Group on Crunchbase…

Jason Poole

Principal Product Marketing Manager @ Citrix Systems

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Spoiler title
Jason is a seasoned technology professional in the area of networking and security. Jason started his career as a scientist. For the past 17+ years, he has helped enterprises deploy solutions and services in application delivery and security in a hybrid, multi-cloud, multi-device world. He is passionate about understanding the technology needs of businesses and simplifying IT in enterprises. Jason has experienced business transformation of the industry from a variety of angles – as a vendor, a partner and as a customer. When not working, Jason can be found walking his two Rhodesian Ridgebacks in the countryside. Learn more about Jason Poole on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCitrix Systems on Crunchbase…

Andy Wilkinson

Marketing Manager @ Rymote

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Read more aboutRymote on Crunchbase…

Edward Jones

Technology Writer and Inbound Marketing Manager @ Firebrand Training

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Award winning provider of accelerated IT and Management Training Read more aboutFirebrand Training on Crunchbase…

Laura Tennant

Content editor and marketing manager @ Chic Retreats

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Spoiler title
Writer, editor, content strategist, marketer Learn more about Laura Tennant on Crunchbase…

A luxury travel marketplace using the latest in digital technology to connect our collection of independent hotels to affluent travellers Read more aboutChic Retreats on Crunchbase…

Sophie Tebbetts

Sales and Marketing Manager @ Salad Days

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Wholesome Healthy Food Delivered Straight to your Office. Read more aboutSalad Days on Crunchbase…

Travis Simons

Marketing Manager Expert @ TJ Group Marketing Agency

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TJ Group Marketing Agency UK Marketing solutions to professionals and begginers. Read more aboutTJ Group Marketing Agency on Crunchbase…

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