Top Influencers: 99 UK Development Director’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Founder and Business Development Director play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Founder and Business Development Director role. We have selected these Founder and Business Development Director’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Founder and Business Development Director’s. The list is in no particular order!

Chris Ash

Founder and Business Development Director @

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Gambling games provider – Games made by players 4ThePlayers! Read more on Crunchbase…

John Matcham

Founder – International Business Development Director @ Greengage Lighting

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John Matcham is the Technical Director and Product Development at Light Science Technologies. Science and Food Technology Development Learn more about John Matcham on Crunchbase…

Agri-Tech company providing LED lighting induction systems. Read more aboutGreengage Lighting on Crunchbase…

Jacques de Villiers

Business Development Director @ Global Reach Group

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Read more aboutGlobal Reach Group on Crunchbase…

Nick Collard

Product Development Director @ Citywire

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Nick came to Citywire in 2006 from Centaur Publishing. His responsibilities include the company’s growing events portfolio. Outside of work, Nick enjoys fishing and coaching his son’s rugby team. Learn more about Nick Collard on Crunchbase…

Citywire provides news, information and insight for professional advisers and investors around the world. Read more aboutCitywire on Crunchbase…

Stephen Casey

Development Director, DCC Retail & Oil @ Exertis

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Exertis is a technology distribution and specialist service providers. Read more aboutExertis on Crunchbase…

James King

Founder & Business Development Director @ Fig VC

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James founded Fig to provide a pragmatic new approach to supporting and investing in high-growth early-stage companies. He built Fig with the support of angel investors who wanted to see a more consistent and practical approach to sourcing deal flow, as well as with the support of his business partners who are passionate about delivering the best possible services to founders. James oversaw the development of the Fig services, the establishment of Fig’s student outreach programme, ESSA, and the creation of FIG Village alongside raising substantial capital for start-ups. In the past four years James has raised more than £19m for early-stage ventures, having identified investment opportunities for Fig’s network of angel investors. James now manages New Model Venture Capital (NMVC). NMVC is an authorised fund manager, investing directly into the companies Fig supports as well as providing corporate finance services to a wide variety of clients. Learn more about James King on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutFig VC on Crunchbase…

Paul Harvey

Group Business Development Director @ Arma Partners

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Joined Arma in 2018. Paul has over 20 years of European and transatlantic business building, M&A business development and investing experience in Europe and North America and joins Arma from Octo Telematics, where he led Business Development and M&A. Previously, Paul was a Managing Director and Head of Technology Investment Banking in the EMEA region for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Before this he led EMEA Technology Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley and was a General Partner at Atlantic Bridge, a technology-focused private equity fund he co-founded. Paul holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BSBA from Georgetown University. Learn more about Paul Harvey on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutArma Partners on Crunchbase…

Mike Wellings

Commercial Development Director @ Lightvert Ltd.

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Mr. Mike Wellings is a Co-Founder of Lightvert Ltd. and has been its Commercial Director since January 2015. Mr. Wellings is a Co-Founder of Twelve Management Limited and has been its Commercial Director Since June 2014. He is responsible for guiding Lightvert through fund raising, structuring, market share and revenue growth. Learn more about Mike Wellings on Crunchbase…

Digital Outdoor Media Technology Read more aboutLightvert Ltd. on Crunchbase…

Phil Alcock

Business Development Director, Raisin UK @ Raisin

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Phil is a co-founder of PBF, bringing over 15 years of experience in online sales and marketing through senior roles at high growth start-ups and international online media companies such as Yahoo! and MSN. Learn more about Phil Alcock on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutRaisin on Crunchbase…

Ian Monaghan

Development Director @ rtobjects

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“World Streaming” — delivering rich interactive visuals to everyone everywhere. Read more aboutrtobjects on Crunchbase…

Justyn Trenner

Corporate Development Director @ QA Media

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QA Media connects buyers and sellers in the marketplace for software quality assurance services. Read more aboutQA Media on Crunchbase…

Dominic Jacquesson

Venture Development Director @ Index Ventures

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As Venture Development Director at Index, Dominic combines his experiences as a startup Chief Operating Officer in New York and London with a passion for data and analytics – which he uses to discover critical information, develop it into insights, and apply those insights into actionable commercial strategies for entrepreneurs. At Index, one of his roles is to design an ecosystem catering to the 150 companies in the global Index family that provides learnings, best practices, and content for the founder/CEO level as well as full-scale leadership teams. His work for such companies as MOO, Electric Word, Biomni, and Institutional Investor has given him a deep respect for the vision and ambition that entrepreneurs bring to the table every day at Index. Learn more about Dominic Jacquesson on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutIndex Ventures on Crunchbase…

Ken Logan

Group Business Development Director @ A-Gas

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World leader in the supply and lifecycle management of refrigerants, blowing agents, industrial gases, halon and fire suppressants. Read more aboutA-Gas on Crunchbase…

Andrew Musgrave

Business Development Director @ Thales Group

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Andrew Musgrave, Vice President IFEC UK and IRE Region, Thales InFlyt Experience, has more than 25 years in the aviation satellite communications industry. In his regional leadership role at Thales, he is responsible for customer account management as well as establishing and running in-flight entertainment and connectivity maintenance activities based at London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports. Mr. Musgrave has worked in a variety of business and program management roles delivering satellite connectivity solutions for cockpit and cabin to both OEM and military customers. Mr. Musgrave earned his BSc in Information Technology from Staffordshire University Learn more about Andrew Musgrave on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutThales Group on Crunchbase…

Nigel White

Business Development Director @ Bellrock

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Bellrock Property & Facilities Management provides a property and facilities manager. Read more aboutBellrock on Crunchbase…

Bill Atkinson

Business Development Director @ Concentra

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Bill is responsible for driving Concentra’s Analytics Solutions business through the development of Value Propositions and associated products and repeatable solutions. Bill has over 20 years of experience in PE (LDC, Easynet), Consulting (A.T. Kearney) and industry (BOC Gases; Eli Lily) where he has led teams across several operational functions (sales, delivery, project management, service management and support) Learn more about Bill Atkinson on Crunchbase…

Concentra is a UK-based business consulting and technology services company, serving clients across a number of economic sectors. Read more aboutConcentra on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Shine

Global Business Development Director @ Spark EV Technology

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Spark develops and supplies personalised journey prediction and map display software products for electric vehicles. Read more aboutSpark EV Technology on Crunchbase…

Chris Christo

Community Development Director @ WeLivv

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Read more aboutWeLivv on Crunchbase…

Amy King

Co-Founder, Research and Development Director @ People Matter

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People Matter is a wellness platform that offers a safe online space where you can measure and improve your mental wellness at work. Read more aboutPeople Matter on Crunchbase…

Robin Peters

International Digital Development Director @ Aviva Group

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Robin is responsible for strategy and business development for Aviva’s global digital business. He has a wealth of experience in digital strategy, business planning, transformation, and management across several industry sectors and geographies. He joined Aviva from Ernst & Young and prior to that was strategy director for the insurance division of Lloyds Banking Group. He has an MBA from INSEAD. Learn more about Robin Peters on Crunchbase…

Aviva is a British multinational insurance company headquartered in London. Read more aboutAviva Group on Crunchbase…

Henry Boyson

Market Development Director @ Smarter Click Technology

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Smarter Click is a marketing technology company – The leading customer conversion specialists Read more aboutSmarter Click Technology on Crunchbase…

Xavier de Solms

Business Development Director @ HIAsecure

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Read more aboutHIAsecure on Crunchbase…

Sally Adams

Development Director @ Scancell

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Dr. Sally Adams was Head of Neurology & Virology at British Biotech and Development Director at Neures Limited before becoming an independent consultant providing drug development and management services within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors, specializing in biological entities. She has worked on many complex projects over the past 25 years including anti-infective vaccines, cancer immunotherapies and an innovative stem cell treatment for visual dysfunction. Sally previously worked as a development consultant to Scancell, providing guidance on the development of SCIB1, before her appointment as Development Director in May 2014. Learn more about Sally Adams on Crunchbase…

Scancell is focused on developing innovative immunotherapies for cancer that stimulate the body’s own immune system. Read more aboutScancell on Crunchbase…

Charles lucas Clements

Business Development Director @ Enertechnos

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Charles has 37 years of design, contracting, consulting and operator experience in the energy sector primarily focused in the oil and gas sector. Qualified as a Chemical Engineer, he started his career at Fluor, one of the largest hydrocarbon contractors. He then joined Global Engineering and was posted various locations including the UK, Middle East and Africa and following Global’s acquisition by ABB to Malaysia. On his return to Europe he joined as a board member of a consultancy which was acquired by IHS. He headed up the North American consultancy division of IHS Energy and subsequently returned to the UK to run the strategy practice, business development and then worldwide consulting operations. He then joined Xcite Energy Resources plc as a board director developing new methods to exploit heavy oil in the North Sea. Key skills include project management, business development, strategic planning, cost and economics. Charles has a BSc from Imperial College, London. Learn more about Charles lucas Clements on Crunchbase…

Enertechnos develop, patent, and commercialize CTS as a new concept in ultra-low loss cable based on capacitance technology. Read more aboutEnertechnos on Crunchbase…

Peta Nightingale

Contracts, Rights and Author Development Director @ Bookouture

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Bookouture is a fast-growing digital publisher of commercial fiction. Read more aboutBookouture on Crunchbase…

Paddy O’Clery

Business Development Director @ Amber Energy

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AMBER is a for profit cooperative with the goal of growing community based green energy generation in Ontario by engaging residents. Read more aboutAmber Energy on Crunchbase…

Carlos Serra Cardenas

Corporate Development Director @ Audiense

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Carlos Serra is responsible for finance, fundraising and strategic partnerships at Prior to, Carlos worked at Strata Partners, a London-based technology-focused corporate finance business; and, before that, for Monroy Petersen, a San Francisco-based M&A specialist. In addition to advising technology entrepreneurs, Carlos has been a Silicon Valley entrepreneur himself. He co-founded a mobile services start-up – iPling, one of the first iPhone applications – and has invested in a number of other small UK/Spanish start-ups and secured the required funding. He has a Law degree from the Universidad Complutense and a Masters in Finance from IEB (Madrid). Learn more about Carlos Serra Cardenas on Crunchbase…

Audiense is a develops delivering unique consumer insight and engagement capabilities to many of the world’s biggest brands and agencies. Read more aboutAudiense on Crunchbase…

Kushal Shah

MVNO Business Development Director @ BT

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BT provides communications services to consumer and business sectors worldwide. Read more aboutBT on Crunchbase…

Marcus de Wilde

Business Development Director @ ThreatInformer

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Read more aboutThreatInformer on Crunchbase…

Maggie Loo

Business Development Director @ Bridges Fund Management

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Maggie started her career as a strategy management consultant with McKinsey & Company in New York City. Prior to joining Bridges Ventures in 2007, she worked at London-based Climate Change Capital, a specialist merchant bank in the environmental markets. At Bridges Ventures, she has business development responsibilities in terms of strategy and fundraising. She is also active in the origination of environmental investment opportunities for Bridges’ existing funds. Maggie studied environmental science and public policy at Harvard University and has an MBA from Columbia Business School. Learn more about Maggie Loo on Crunchbase…

Bridges Fund Management is a specialist fund manager dedicated to sustainable and impact investment. Read more aboutBridges Fund Management on Crunchbase…

Eleeta Tong

Business Development Director @ Luckycycle

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“The business was created to fill a gap in the market for professional, project based business hunters. Our sole purpose is to ensure we connect you to the right people in a transparent and professional manner ” Eleeta Tong, Founder. [email protected] Learn more about Eleeta Tong on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutLuckycycle on Crunchbase…

Carl Scott

Global Business Development Director @ Adstream

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Adstream is an advertising content management and cross-media distribution technology platform. Changing the way advertisers track content. Read more aboutAdstream on Crunchbase…

Rod Stafford

Business Development Director @ Sepura

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Sepura is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of digital radio products Read more aboutSepura on Crunchbase…

Tim Hart

Development Director @ Oxentia

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Tim has gained >25 years’ experience in technology commercialisation, particularly from university environments, and in the life sciences. He has worked as an academic researcher, technology transfer professional, and entrepreneur, having spun-out and managed two investment-backed life science companies from university research, and advised in the formation and growth of many others. He brings particular sector leading expertise in academic entrepreneurship. His experience is truly international, having worked for and with some of the largest technology corporates and leading universities across Asia, Russia, Europe, North and South America, Australia, and Africa. Tim is passionate about the socio-economic value of innovation and entrepreneurship, and over the last 25 years has developed deep insights from a local to global scale. He has advised and supported the private and public sector across the world with strategies and implementation support for innovation and entrepreneurship instruments and programmes Learn more about Tim Hart on Crunchbase…

Oxentia is an innovation management and technology commercialisation consultancy. Read more aboutOxentia on Crunchbase…

Corby Goodall

Business Development Director @ Bandvulc

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I have been at Bandvulc since 1978. I started in the factory, spent some time buying casings, and doing the odd bit of welding. I soon moved into transport duties and was the first distance HGV 1 driver for Bandvulc. Known for my ‘unique conversational skills’ helped secure my smooth progression into the sales team, where I’ve enjoyed success as a member of a small, enthusiastic and confident team of salespeople, responsible for building up much of the core customer base Bandvulc holds onto today. I’m very proud to be part of this fantastic team effort, witnessing first-hand the continued investment and support of the Bandvulc directors to improve their product, and the enthusiasm of truly dedicated workforce supporting that objective. Learn more about Corby Goodall on Crunchbase…

Bandvulc key retailers, supermarkets and logistics companies. Read more aboutBandvulc on Crunchbase…

Ana Jantolic

Business Development Director @ XML International

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XML International (est. 2004) is a global staffing group, with our global HQ in London. Read more aboutXML International on Crunchbase…

Richard Bailey

CTO/Development Director @ Boldon James Ltd

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Joining Boldon James in 1987 as a Software Developer Richard learnt the business from the ground up. A veteran in Software engineering, Richard drives product strategy and delivery of our Microsoft based messaging and data classification ranges. Learn more about Richard Bailey on Crunchbase…

Boldon James is a leader in data classification and secure messaging solutions. Read more aboutBoldon James Ltd on Crunchbase…

Navid Hajimirza

Research and Development Director @ Lumen Research

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Lumen is a specialist eye tracking research agency based in London, who help optimise advertising across a number of platforms. Read more aboutLumen Research on Crunchbase…

Hui He

Programme Development Director @ Expede IT Solutions Limited

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Expede is proud to be the home of ‘yada’ – the next generation of mobile event app allowing a true 360-degree view of all your events Read more aboutExpede IT Solutions Limited on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Stefani

Business Development Director & Co-Founder @ WeFiFo

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WeFiFo connects people that love to cook with people who love to eat. Read more aboutWeFiFo on Crunchbase…

Paul Thomas

Co-Founder & Development Director @ Cupris Health

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Paul Thomas is the Co Founder & Development Director at Cupris Health. Learn more about Paul Thomas on Crunchbase…

Cupris Health develope communication software and smartphone-connected medical devices. Read more aboutCupris Health on Crunchbase…

Damien Byrne

Business Development Director @ Boku

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Read more aboutBoku on Crunchbase…

Ben Collier

Business Development Director @ Epsilon Abacus

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Having championed the value of direct mail with eCommerce retailers over the past seven years at Epsilon Abacus, Ben and his team are well known and trusted by many prominent retail brands such as Phase Eight, Bloom & Wild and This Works to help incorporate data-driven direct mail to drive online sales growth. Ben demonstrates the compelling case for the catalogue in a digital age by sharing real-life examples of how brands like these have reached a scalable new audience of more engaged and more valuable long-term customers. Learn more about Ben Collier on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutEpsilon Abacus on Crunchbase…

Rabbia Aslam

Treatment & Development Director @ HC MedSpa

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Director of Treatment & Development at HC MedSpa and Developer of unique treatment protocols used by leading cosmetic brands. Learn more about Rabbia Aslam on Crunchbase…

UK Chain of Cosmetic Clinics Read more aboutHC MedSpa on Crunchbase…

Ian McCracken

Business Development Director @ Balcas

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Read more aboutBalcas on Crunchbase…

Ian McCracken

Business Development Director @ Balcas

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Read more aboutBalcas on Crunchbase…

Alberto Masetti-Zannini

Development Director @ Impact Hub

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Alberto leads the organisation’s programmatic work in the areas of incubation, acceleration, scaling and development. He is also the Founder and President of Impact Hub Milan, Italy’s first centre for social innovation and the impact economy. He coordinates on behalf of the Impact Hub Network a large EU-funded project called BENISI, which aims to scale social innovation in Europe and create the foundations of a network of incubators for social innovation, a project and consortium that he co-designed. Prior to the Impact Hub Network, Alberto worked for large international NGOs in various capacities, including project financing, programme development and fundraising. He holds a BA hons from Bologna University in Contemporary History and an MSc from the LSE in Global Politics. Learn more about Alberto Masetti-Zannini on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutImpact Hub on Crunchbase…

Jeremy Berry

Global Business Development Director @ Gaffney, Cline & Associates

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Jeremy is a business manager with a geoscience background and 33 years’ petroleum industry experience in technical, sales, marketing and managerial positions. He has a primary technical strength in the geosciences, and a broad understanding of complementary disciplines and business integration along with a high-level awareness and practical experience of reserves/resources, asset valuation, M&A activities and leading edge technologies. He has an in-depth understanding of sub-Saharan Africa and has presented widely on the subsurface and business opportunities in the region. Learn more about Jeremy Berry on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGaffney, Cline & Associates on Crunchbase…

Martin O’Connor

Business Development Director @ Bell Integration

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Martin is an accomplished executive with over 20 years extensive experience in the technology industry, most recently as owner and CEO of Hamilton rentals and previously, executive vice president at XTG global. Martin joined Bell following the acquisition of Hamilton rentals in 2016, and now holds a key role of business development director with a particular focus on extending and developing bells’ SI business Learn more about Martin O’Connor on Crunchbase…

Bell Integration have been in the business of helping companies establish, maintain and grow their IT services since 1996. Read more aboutBell Integration on Crunchbase…

Steven Adams

Research & Development Director @ Plant Impact

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Steve has a degree in Horticulture and a PhD from the University of Reading. For 12 years he was a Principle Investigator and Protected Crops Commodity Specialist at Warwick HRI (formerly Horticulture Research International), where he managed a team focusing on the physiology of glasshouse crops. The focus of his research was investigating and modelling how the aerial environment affects plant growth and development. He has been a scientific adviser for AHDB Horticulture since 2003, and is a past Associate Editor of the Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology. He has extensive experience of managing research projects, after leading numerous projects funded by DEFRA and AHDB. He holds the Rudolf Hermanns Foundation Award for outstanding achievements in viticultural and horticultural sciences. Learn more about Steven Adams on Crunchbase…

products manage a plant’s natural responses to stress factors to build its resilience. Read more aboutPlant Impact on Crunchbase…

Paul Hollywood

Product Development Director @ Starship

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VR | Games | Entertainment | Lifestyle | Health Read more aboutStarship on Crunchbase…

Asif Naqvi

Business Development Director @ Open Mobile Media

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Asif Naqvi is Business Development Director at Open Mobile Media. Learn more about Asif Naqvi on Crunchbase…

Open Mobile Media delivers news, insights, and C-level events to executives and businesses who are part of the mobile ecosystem. Read more aboutOpen Mobile Media on Crunchbase…

Alex Cattani

Business Development Director @ Zzish

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Won big global deals for Discovery Education. Now partners with Ministries of Education & publishers. Ex-lecturer, owns five guitars. Learn more about Alex Cattani on Crunchbase…

Zzish is a valuable classroom digital teaching tool for teachers that provides real-time feedback on the progress of their students. Read more aboutZzish on Crunchbase…

Gavin Shepheard

Global Business Development Director @ Commerce Decisions

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Commerce Decisions delivers proven software, best practice knowledge and expert services to assist in high risk sourcing projects. Read more aboutCommerce Decisions on Crunchbase…

Kerry Kelly

Business Development Director @ Throgmorton

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Kerry joined Throgmorton in 2010. Starting her career with HMRC Kerry now uses her 16 years of tax and commercial experience to understand the challenges of businesses to assist clients obtain the maximum from their relationship with us. Kerry focus’s on building the business through knowledge, expanding networks, creating positive introductions and seeking a creative and collaborative environment. Learn more about Kerry Kelly on Crunchbase…

Throgmorton is one of the leading financial and administrative outsourcing companies serving the financial services sector. Read more aboutThrogmorton on Crunchbase…

Maria Trindade

Global Network Development Director @ Impact Hub

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Maria Trindade is a professional with a track record of experience in project and operational management with a solid knowledge in human resources and team management. Learn more about Maria Trindade on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutImpact Hub on Crunchbase…

Neil Sebba

Business Development Director @ Tossed

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Tossed is on a mission to make healthy eating yummy! Read more aboutTossed on Crunchbase…

Nigel Cave

Development Director @ Mademoiselle Desserts

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Mademoiselle Desserts is manufacturing and supplying high quality, decadent desserts, cakes, slices, tortes, and tarts across UK. Read more aboutMademoiselle Desserts on Crunchbase…

Daniel Adlerstein

Research & Development Director @ Binx Health

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Daniel has an MS in Chemistry from the University of Milan, a PhD from Ben Gurion University in Israel and undertook his post-doctoral research at Miami University in Ohio. Learn more about Daniel Adlerstein on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutBinx Health on Crunchbase…

Jon Hill

Business Development Director @ InVMA

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Jon is Business Development Director of InVMA responsible for understanding a client’s need and proposing a solution to meet it. He has a history of successfully delivering strategic, large-scale technology-enabled change as a Board Member, Advisor and Programme Director. Originally an Engineer with Ford Motor Company, he moved into IT enabled transformation change with Ernst & Young and then Deloitte before becoming an Entrepreneur (Wexner, Avisen, 1Spatial, Bellrock and InVMA.) Jon has a thorough understanding of the new business and organisational models created by using the technology of the Internet of Things. Jon is skilled at analysing strategy, developing strategic options and helping clients deliver them. He has an MA in Engineering from Trinity College Cambridge, an MBA from Warwick Business School and is a Member of the UK’s Institute of Directors. Learn more about Jon Hill on Crunchbase…

InVMA is an innovative, ground-breaking company with a mission to “Connect the World for Good” Read more aboutInVMA on Crunchbase…

Compton Darlington

Business Development Director @ FSI

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FSI provides workplace technology and services. Read more aboutFSI on Crunchbase…

Louis Starnowski

Sports and entertainment business development director @ Airbeem

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I am a highly experienced, focused, passionate, structured and process orientated commercial professional with a demonstrated history of successfully building relationships with customers to generate revenue growth through existing and new opportunities within the SaaS and PaaS industry. By tying in sales, professional services, marketing and product as well as adopting ValueSelling in the sales process, I have helped my customers uncover value to increase sales results. I have used my experience in project delivery to improve forecasting quality and accuracy, driven effective communication and made best use of both product and industry knowledge to drive value and growth for my customers. Learn more about Louis Starnowski on Crunchbase…

Airbeem is an end-to-end platform that enables content owners to profitably deliver video content direct-2-user in a complex. Read more aboutAirbeem on Crunchbase…

Simon McDermott

Sales Development Director @ Loksys Solutions

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Loksys Solutions develops solutions for security and tracking issues that exist in the intermodal, freight, and haulage industries. Read more aboutLoksys Solutions on Crunchbase…

Jim Reeves

Product Development Director @ Central Research Laboratory

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Read more aboutCentral Research Laboratory on Crunchbase…

Gregg Whitbread

Business Development Director @ Euromoney TRADEDATA

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Gregg has more than 20 years’ experience in reference data, operations and technology with the majority of those being spent in the listed derivatives space, with global responsibility for business development, primarily managing tier one sell side firms but also a wide portfolio of market participants including alliance partnerships. Over a ten year period Gregg has built and headed the Xymbology business, on-boarding double digit vendors partners to the product suite which encompasses cross reference for market data, industry, ISV and regulatory reporting symbology. A well respected member of the global listed derivatives community he is widely recognised as a reference data and instrument symbology SME and often sought after for his views on and knowledge of the exchange traded derivatives market place. Gregg has a track record of delivering innovative products that solve industry problems and assist market participants with the operational challenges they encounter every business day in an ever increasing regulatory environment. Gregg holds a BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering from Birmingham University. Learn more about Gregg Whitbread on Crunchbase…

Euromoney TRADEDATA is a specialist data aggregator and distributor of reference data for the exchange traded and OTC derivatives market. Read more aboutEuromoney TRADEDATA on Crunchbase…

Richard Irons

Senior Business Development Director UK & Europe @ Confluence Technologies

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Read more aboutConfluence Technologies on Crunchbase…

Anthony James

Business Development Director @ Optimise

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Global Performance Marketing Company Read more aboutOptimise on Crunchbase…

Nigel Oakley

Product Marketing and Business Development Director @ Ampliphae

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Spoiler title
As a senior executive at Ampliphae, Nigel is helping IT Directors at medium and large enterprises, to reduce the risks they face as their organisations embrace cloud computing. With the insight and wisdom gained over 40 years in the IT, Networking, Infrastructure and Cloud industry, Nigel is ideally placed to make a difference to client businesses. Learn more about Nigel Oakley on Crunchbase…

SaaS Risk Management – discover and manage the SaaS in your organisation Read more aboutAmpliphae on Crunchbase…

David Miller

Development Director @ MDX Technology

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With over 20 years’ experience of commercial software development, David has developed products and solutions for the financial, healthcare and education markets. David ran the development team at Gissing Software (responsible for the creation of products including ConteX 4 and RealtimeXL), before becoming Head of Contributions Architecture at Thomson Reuters after Gissing Software’s acquisition. David joined MDX Technology in 2011. Learn more about David Miller on Crunchbase…

MDX Technology Ltd focuses on real-time market data connectivity solutions for Traders, Developers and Market Data Professionals. Read more aboutMDX Technology on Crunchbase…

Adam Donnelly

Head of Cloud Services Sales/ Business Development Director, Azure Cloud Services @ Kainos

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Adam is passionate about technology and people. He has worked for Kainos for 17 years and has been central to the development of Kainos’s cloud business, its partnership with Microsoft and the development of its industry leading cloud engineering teams. Adam is a champion of the principle that is at the heart of Kainos success – that a culture of nurturing highly talented people is key to driving positive outcomes for customers and long term business success. Learn more about Adam Donnelly on Crunchbase…

Kainos provide digital technology solutions that enable companies to work smarter, faster, better. Read more aboutKainos on Crunchbase…

David Leslie-Clarke

Business Development Director @ Open Mobile Media

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David Leslie-Clarke is Business Development Director at Open Mobile Media. Learn more about David Leslie-Clarke on Crunchbase…

Open Mobile Media delivers news, insights, and C-level events to executives and businesses who are part of the mobile ecosystem. Read more aboutOpen Mobile Media on Crunchbase…

Manni Singh

Commercial & Business Development Director @ Open Mobile Media

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I’m Business Development Director here at Open Mobile Media.Having attained an MSc in International Politics at the London School of Economics I moved onto a variety of Business Management and Business Development roles across the tech and social sectors. I have always been addicted to the tech and automotive spaces and it seems I’ve found a nice home here at Open Mobile Media, where I can work with companies to create powerful and effective marketing/sales messages across our extensive network. I’m my spare time I enjoy playing football, reading, watching documentaries, eating, dancing, volunteering or spending time with my family. Learn more about Manni Singh on Crunchbase…

Open Mobile Media delivers news, insights, and C-level events to executives and businesses who are part of the mobile ecosystem. Read more aboutOpen Mobile Media on Crunchbase…

Matthew Johnson

Business Development Director and Global Enterprise @ Thomsons Online Benefits

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Matthew Johnson is a Business Development Director for Global Enterprise at Thomsons Online Benefits. He joined Thomsons in 2015 with a background in B2B enterprise Digital, SaaS and Cloud solutions within the HR market. Matthew is responsible for consulting with multinational companies on their global benefits strategies and use of benefits technology to solve their challenges in employee engagement, benefits administration, cost control and data risk Learn more about Matthew Johnson on Crunchbase…

Thomsons Online Benefits is a global benefits management and employee engagement software company. Read more aboutThomsons Online Benefits on Crunchbase…

Samuel Roddis

Development Director @ Netcall

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Samuel Roddis is Development Director at Netcall Plc. Learn more about Samuel Roddis on Crunchbase…

Netcall delivers solutions and services that drive sustainability in the IT sector that helps in improving customer experience through CX. Read more aboutNetcall on Crunchbase…

Chris Sandford

Business Development Director @ Investec

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Chris Sandford is Business Development Director at Investec. Learn more about Chris Sandford on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutInvestec on Crunchbase…

Alvin Hussey

Insights & Business Development Director @ The Hook Group

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Alvin Hussey is Insights & Business Development Director at The Hook Group and utilises a wealth of experience in branded content for social to drive the business forward. Alvin has worked in youth media for nearly a decade and joined The Hook at launch in 2014 as Brand Partnerships Director, connecting brands and media agencies with the social entertainment and comedy publisher to craft innovative branded content for clients. He was integral to the development of The Hook Labs, the groups award winning creative social media agency and content studio which leverages The Hook’s expertise in original content production and storytelling to help partners achieve success on social. He has negotiated creative marketing solutions for the likes of Apple Music, giffgaff, Namco Bandai, Hyundai, Old Spice, Samsung, Hostelworld, Studiocanal, Formula E and Lionsgate (for whom The Hook won 7 awards including the Global Digiday Publishing Award 2018 for Best Branded Content Program – B2C). He has also been pivotal in major entertainment launches on The Hook including Blair Witch, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tekken 7, Sausage Party, Jigsaw, 22 Jump Street. Alvin is also a seasoned keynote speaker across Europe. Learn more about Alvin Hussey on Crunchbase…

The Hook Group has rapidly grown into one of the worlds leading media groups dominating the shift to social. Read more aboutThe Hook Group on Crunchbase…

Danny Taylor

Business Development Director @ Smart Apprentices

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Danny Taylor is Business Development Director responsible for new client acquisitions. Danny has been involved in the Work Based Learning arena for over 10 years and is a founding Director of Smart Apprentices. Danny is very much a family man and enjoys spending time with his two daughters as well as playing 5 a side football and watching his favourite team Liverpool FC. Learn more about Danny Taylor on Crunchbase…

Smart Apprentices is an award winning, innovative suite of technologies platforms purposely designed for approved training providers. Read more aboutSmart Apprentices on Crunchbase…

Marcus Pullen

Business Development Director @ Blue Donut Studios

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Blue Donut Studios develops stories for AR, VR, animation, TV, Games and Comics. Read more aboutBlue Donut Studios on Crunchbase…

Nathan Dosanjh

Business Development Director @ Investec

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Nathan Dosanjh is Business Development Director at Investec. Learn more about Nathan Dosanjh on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutInvestec on Crunchbase…

David Vine

Business Development Director @ IAM Sold

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IAM Sold are an auction management provider offering bespoke white label auction services to Estate Agents across the UK and Ireland. Read more aboutIAM Sold on Crunchbase…

Terry Cooper

Chairman and Development Director @ 4Networking

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Terry has steered much of the development of 4N to where it is today and he’s continuing to develop new 4N initiatives, all designed to benefit 4N members. Learn more about Terry Cooper on Crunchbase…

The UK’s only joined-up business network. Read more about4Networking on Crunchbase…

Tracey Gorman

Business Development Director @ Reactec

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Reactec is the market leader in monitoring and management support solutions for hand and arm vibration syndrome Read more aboutReactec on Crunchbase…

Andrew Williams

Development Director @ Guestline

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A Shrewsbury, UK-based provider of software for the hospitality sector. Read more aboutGuestline on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Wharrad

EMEA Business Development Director @ Moki

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Read more aboutMoki on Crunchbase…

Clare Swindell

Global Finance and Operations Development Director @ dunnhumby

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dunnhumby is a U.K.-based company that helps retailers and brands analyze data in order to improve customer experiences and build loyalties. Read more aboutdunnhumby on Crunchbase…

David Smart

Business Development Director @ Roost

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David is an unashamed enthusiast for all things Smart Home – his own home uses just about every type of Smart Home device on the market to make life easier, more enjoyable and safer. He is also an advocate for the benefits of the Smart Home being available to everyone and not just those with high levels of disposable income and technology enthusiasm. During his career he has worked in the Insurance, Technology and Publishing sectors including for The Economist, Oracle Corporation, Sun Microsystems and the Insurance Services Office. He is constantly on the look-out for new technology and trends that can help insurers and their customers to “Avoid the Bad and Access the Good”. He is currently Business Development Director for Roost Inc., a Silicon Valley Electronics company providing IoT and Telematics capabilities for insurers to improve long-term engagement with their policyholders and to prevent bad incidents developing into major claims. Roost partners with over 30 of the world’s leading insurers to help them change from “payers of indemnity” to “providers of Peace of Mind”. Learn more about David Smart on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutRoost on Crunchbase…

Mansoor Saeed

Business Development Director @ Coreix

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Mansoor is the business development director at Coreix and has been working in the industry for more than 14 years. Having designed an ISP from his bedroom as a teenager to configuring networks for the whole north zone of Pakistan, Mansoor has proved himself as one of the most passionate trained network engineers in the business and regularly advises organisations on how to optimise their IT operations. In his current role, he is responsible for developing the Coreix service portfolio as well as strategically advising the technical team on the design and development of networks. Learn more about Mansoor Saeed on Crunchbase…

Coreix specialises in providing high availability hosting services and solutions for small, medium and large enterprise businesses. Read more aboutCoreix on Crunchbase…

Sam Beale

Solution Development Director @ Computacenter

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Computacenter provides IT infrastructure services and solutions in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Belgium. Read more aboutComputacenter on Crunchbase…

Andrew Smith

Business Development Director @ 4me

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Read more about4me on Crunchbase…

Jason Cowan

Business Development Director @ Forbidden Technologies plc

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Forbidden Technologies is a developer of cloud based video editing software. Read more aboutForbidden Technologies plc on Crunchbase…

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