Top Medical Device Companies and Startups in the UK

4 years ago

This article showcases some of the most popular players in the Medical Device space. Our analysts selected these companies for a variety of reasons. This list may include both state and private ventures providing the most value within the Medical Device industry.

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SEMRush.

Top Medical Device Companies

NRS Healthcare

NRS Healthcare is a provider of products and services designed to support independent living.

Monthly Visits367969
Page Views / Visit2.5
Monthly Visits Growth0.0232%
Average Visits (6 months)343373.17

Fuji Film UK

Fujifilm is photographic & imaging company, located in Bedford offers better products & solve difficult problems.

Monthly Visits367954
Page Views / Visit3
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1727%
Average Visits (6 months)375007.33


Find & hire experts, top postdocs & PhDs, as research collaborators for your academic or business projects.Speed up your research work!

Monthly Visits165358
Page Views / Visit5.4
Monthly Visits Growth0.0248%
Average Visits (6 months)128799.83

Williams Medical

Williams Medical is a medical supplies solution provider to the UK healthcare industry.

Monthly Visits152784
Page Views / Visit2.54
Monthly Visits Growth0.411%
Average Visits (6 months)116034.17


Numan is a startup which aims to tackle your tackle problem erectile dysfunction.

Monthly Visits118450
Page Views / Visit2.78
Monthly Visits Growth2.3684%
Average Visits (6 months)102210.33

Canon Medical Research

A research and development centre that creates advanced image analysis and visualization software .

Monthly Visits63884
Page Views / Visit2.61
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2288%
Average Visits (6 months)106979.67


LivaNova PLC is a global medical technology company built on nearly five decades of experience and a relentless commitment.

Monthly Visits60982
Page Views / Visit2.35
Monthly Visits Growth0.6197%
Average Visits (6 months)40532.17

Evaluate Ltd

Evaluate provides trusted commercial intelligence for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Monthly Visits50625
Page Views / Visit2.14
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1728%
Average Visits (6 months)74696.67

Corin Group

Corin is a European Orthopaedic manufacturer.

Monthly Visits33721
Page Views / Visit3.83
Monthly Visits Growth1.6917%
Average Visits (6 months)10478.5

Open Bionics

Open Bionics is a robotics company creating affordable 3D-printed bionic hands for amputees, researchers and makers.

Monthly Visits26571
Page Views / Visit4.77
Monthly Visits Growth3.2425%
Average Visits (6 months)34575.33

Owen Mumford Ltd

Owen Mumford Ltd manufactures an innovative range of medical devices and disposables for drug delivery and capillary blood sampling

Monthly Visits21119
Page Views / Visit3.23
Monthly Visits Growth0.8293%
Average Visits (6 months)11992.17

Sphere Medical Holding

Sphere Medical Holding develops and commercializes monitoring products for critical care environments.

Monthly Visits17759
Page Views / Visit2.84
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Millbrook Healthcare

Millbrook Healthcare is an outsourced provider and manufacturer of equipment.

Monthly Visits14721
Page Views / Visit1.93
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0657%
Average Visits (6 months)10924.83

The Technology Partnership

The Technology Partnership plc (TTP) is a technology and product development company.

Monthly Visits14674
Page Views / Visit1.17
Monthly Visits Growth1.7356%
Average Visits (6 months)5008.17

Crawford Healthcare Ltd.

Crawford Healthcare, is a supplier of dermatology and woundcare products covering a broad range of skin conditions.

Monthly Visits14261
Page Views / Visit1.42
Monthly Visits Growth1.6302%
Average Visits (6 months)7463.83

Pro Rider Mobility

Pro Rider Mobility is specialised in mobility products for over 10 years and is now the UK’s most popular choice for mobility care.

Monthly Visits14175
Page Views / Visit2.73
Monthly Visits Growth0.2142%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Diagnostics For The Real World

Diagnostics For The Real World Innovation award and Diagnostics for the Real World won with SAMBA!

Monthly Visits14035
Page Views / Visit1.29
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Blatchford is develops, manufactures, and supplies prosthetic and orthotic products.

Monthly Visits12247
Page Views / Visit3.19
Monthly Visits Growth14.9259%
Average Visits (6 months)6293.33


Aseptika Inexpensive COPD home monitoring and treatment management device.

Monthly Visits12019
Page Views / Visit1.19
Monthly Visits Growth0.1745%
Average Visits (6 months)18548.67


Genapta supply high performance optical platforms for pharmaceutical screening.

Monthly Visits11963
Page Views / Visit1.91
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0453%
Average Visits (6 months)9894.67

Keeler Ltd

Keeler Ltd is situated close to the centre of the historic town of Windsor.

Monthly Visits11151
Page Views / Visit2.6
Monthly Visits Growth0.2045%
Average Visits (6 months)9105.17

Abingdon Health

Abingdon Health is an innovative technology-led company focused on providing rapid and near-patient medical diagnostic testing solutions.

Monthly Visits9864
Page Views / Visit2.18
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1976%
Average Visits (6 months)6826


ANGLE is a commercially driven specialist medical diagnostic company with pioneering products in cancer diagnostics and foetal health.

Monthly Visits9589
Page Views / Visit1.65
Monthly Visits Growth-0.105%
Average Visits (6 months)8346.83


Tristel is a manufacturer of infection control, contamination control and hygiene products.

Monthly Visits9398
Page Views / Visit3.75
Monthly Visits Growth3.0596%
Average Visits (6 months)19021.5


Health screening via self-sampling.

Monthly Visits9288
Page Views / Visit1.94
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Owlstone Medical

Owlstone Medical is a diagnostics company developing a breathalyzer for disease

Monthly Visits9059
Page Views / Visit2.89
Monthly Visits Growth0.3939%
Average Visits (6 months)4128

Rayner Surgical Group

Rayner Surgical Group is manufactures Intraocular lenses and associated instruments used in cataract surgery.

Monthly Visits8903
Page Views / Visit1.46
Monthly Visits Growth-0.3456%
Average Visits (6 months)12644.33

Stallergenes Greer

Stallergenes Greer is a fully integrated global biopharmaceutical company specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies.

Monthly Visits8406
Page Views / Visit2.55
Monthly Visits Growth0.3514%
Average Visits (6 months)6968.83



Monthly Visits7531
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2149%
Average Visits (6 months)3989.67

Flexicare Medical Ltd

Flexicare is a manufacturer of medical devices.

Monthly Visits7352
Page Views / Visit4.97
Monthly Visits Growth0.081%
Average Visits (6 months)11627.83

Team Consulting

Team consulting has developed a simple, injection moulded, inhaled dry powder drug delivery device.

Monthly Visits6732
Page Views / Visit3.05
Monthly Visits Growth0.3044%
Average Visits (6 months)3817.67

Pubrica Healthcare

Pubrica’s services span all phases of Scientific Medical and Academic Writing, Editing, and Publishing.

Monthly Visits6576
Page Views / Visit1.44
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5369%
Average Visits (6 months)4386.83

Kinetik Medical Devices

Kinetik specialise in affordable, quality devices for monitoring and managing personal health and beauty from home, located in Thane Road.

Monthly Visits6520
Page Views / Visit1.84
Monthly Visits Growth-0.8001%
Average Visits (6 months)34281

ExSeed Health

MedTech / Software company in the reproductive health space

Monthly Visits5389
Page Views / Visit1.47
Monthly Visits Growth0.6941%
Average Visits (6 months)4056.67


The GyroGlove seeks to restore quality of life and independence to those with tremors.

Monthly Visits5335
Page Views / Visit1.42
Monthly Visits Growth0.55%
Average Visits (6 months)4086.5


Mologic is a UK-based developer of point-of-care diagnostic devices

Monthly Visits4801
Page Views / Visit3.45
Monthly Visits Growth-0.8105%
Average Visits (6 months)13004.83


Tap2Tag is seeking further investment for expansion plans into overseas markets.

Monthly Visits4753
Page Views / Visit3.99
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0629%
Average Visits (6 months)6189.17

Rowa Technologi

Rowa Technologies provide automated warehousing and dispensing solution for pharmacies and other healthcare facilities.

Monthly Visits4619
Page Views / Visit2.17
Monthly Visits Growth3.7229%
Average Visits (6 months)1854.83


Vernacare is infection control organisation provides an innovative single-use system.

Monthly Visits4338
Page Views / Visit1.56
Monthly Visits Growth0.0979%
Average Visits (6 months)3960.67


Parasym is a neurotechnology company focused on providing innovative neurostimulation products that improve quality of life.​​

Monthly Visits4300
Page Views / Visit2.21
Monthly Visits Growth0.078%
Average Visits (6 months)4673.83

ASep Healthcare

ASep’s goal is to make blood collection simpler, intuitive and stress-free for caregivers and patients.

Monthly Visits4264
Page Views / Visit2.62
Monthly Visits Growth0.2038%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Neoss is a global company serving clinicians and their patients.

Monthly Visits4197
Page Views / Visit2.06
Monthly Visits Growth8.0453%
Average Visits (6 months)1080.5


SYNLAB Group is a provider of laboratory services.

Monthly Visits4092
Page Views / Visit3.22
Monthly Visits Growth0.0831%
Average Visits (6 months)5023.33


Puretone is only independent manufacturer of digital and analogue hearing aids.

Monthly Visits3931
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0153%
Average Visits (6 months)2491.67

Medical Wireless Sensing

Medical Wireless Sensing is a health care and medical device company located in London.

Monthly Visits3863
Page Views / Visit1.16
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0321%
Average Visits (6 months)4404.83


Energist designs, manufactures, markets, and supplies lasers and light-based systems for hair removal and aesthetic skin treatments.

Monthly Visits3823
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0525%
Average Visits (6 months)3898.83

PC Mobility Services

PC Mobility Services specializes in the sale and repair of mobility equipment and mobility aids.

Monthly Visits3601
Page Views / Visit1.88
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Quanta develops an advanced haemodialysis systems for use in the home and clinic.

Monthly Visits3574
Page Views / Visit2.19
Monthly Visits Growth0.5163%
Average Visits (6 months)2410.5

Perfectus Biomed

Perfectus Biomed is a U.K.-based biotechnology company providing microbiological services.

Monthly Visits3566
Page Views / Visit1.21
Monthly Visits Growth1.1625%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Bicycle Therapeutics

Bicycle Therapeutics is developing a technology for the creation of new generation biotherapeutics.

Monthly Visits3476
Page Views / Visit1.17
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Defib Machines

Defib Machines are the largest supplier of fully serviced and maintained AED’s.

Monthly Visits3443
Page Views / Visit1.25
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0288%
Average Visits (6 months)3004.67


Mediwales is the life science network for Wales.

Monthly Visits3374
Page Views / Visit1.25
Monthly Visits Growth0.2805%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Rx Communications

Africa Reps is a marketing agency which specializes in representing African tourism businesses in the international travel industry.

Monthly Visits3133
Page Views / Visit1.26
Monthly Visits Growth0.8828%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


GAMA is a innovative company specialising in manufacturing and distributing unique, quality products within the healthcare industry.

Monthly Visits2872
Page Views / Visit1.74
Monthly Visits Growth-0.8523%
Average Visits (6 months)19000

STEPS Rehabilitation

STEPS Rehabilitation is a new and much needed facility set in the heart of South Yorkshire.

Monthly Visits2867
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2487%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Carclo plc

Carclo plc is engaged in the supply of fine tolerance, injection molded plastic components, mainly for medical products.

Monthly Visits2773
Page Views / Visit2.07
Monthly Visits Growth0.0109%
Average Visits (6 months)2593.67


Immersionn is a content discovery company. We allow people to discover VR content they would never find

Monthly Visits2612
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Advanced Medical Solutions

Advanced Medical Solutions is a UK. based company developing and providing. leading edge technology to the global. wound care market.

Monthly Visits2587
Page Views / Visit1.55
Monthly Visits Growth0.4396%
Average Visits (6 months)1627.83

Countrywide Healthcare Supplies

Countrywide healthcare supplies is a nursing home and care home supplier.

Monthly Visits2447
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth0.2672%
Average Visits (6 months)3200.67

Scientific Laboratory Supplies

Scientific Laboratory Supplies is an independent supplier of laboratory equipment, chemicals and consumables.

Monthly Visits2325
Page Views / Visit4.5
Monthly Visits Growth-0.8957%
Average Visits (6 months)12828


Metrasens develops, markets, and installs medical devices that improve safety in hospitals.

Monthly Visits2260
Page Views / Visit4.89
Monthly Visits Growth2.0295%
Average Visits (6 months)1123

Ability Matters Group

Medical devices and services business

Monthly Visits2255
Page Views / Visit2
Monthly Visits Growth4.1367%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Microgen Bioproducts

Microgen Bioproducts is develops and manufactures diagnostic products for clinical, food, and environmental testing applications.

Monthly Visits2209
Page Views / Visit1.6
Monthly Visits Growth1.9181%
Average Visits (6 months)1170.67


Working to make hair loss history

Monthly Visits2107
Page Views / Visit4.47
Monthly Visits Growth0.8948%
Average Visits (6 months)1250.5


Callaly is a period care company that develops and manufactures innovative new products.

Monthly Visits2100
Page Views / Visit2.02
Monthly Visits Growth-0.4444%
Average Visits (6 months)3779.33

Artios Pharma

Artios Pharma is a independent DNA Damage Response company with a strong pipeline of novel cancer therapies.

Monthly Visits2085
Page Views / Visit4
Monthly Visits Growth0.2974%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Advanced Therapeutics

Advanced Therapeutics UK Limited is a distributor of medical devices that meet clinical needs, simplify therapy and improve quality of life.

Monthly Visits2051
Page Views / Visit1.47
Monthly Visits Growth0.6239%
Average Visits (6 months)1101.83


WeWALK is a startup developing a smart cane for the visually-impaired.

Monthly Visits1952
Page Views / Visit2.2
Monthly Visits Growth-0.8237%
Average Visits (6 months)3166.17

Association of British Healthcare Industries

ABHI is the industry association for the medical technology sector in the UK.

Monthly Visits1933
Page Views / Visit2.18
Monthly Visits Growth0.0057%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Evacusafe provides innovative evacuation solutions for the mobility impaired, located in Basingstoke.

Monthly Visits1803
Page Views / Visit2.2
Monthly Visits Growth0.9387%
Average Visits (6 months)1006.67


Smart Biometric Sensor Technology

Monthly Visits1775
Page Views / Visit1.83
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Med Imaging Healthcare

Med Imaging Healthcare, which provides servicing

Monthly Visits1684
Page Views / Visit9.75
Monthly Visits Growth0.1503%
Average Visits (6 months)1431.33

The House Clinics

A complementary health clinic specialising in Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Podiatry and more.

Monthly Visits1679
Page Views / Visit1.25
Monthly Visits Growth0.039%
Average Visits (6 months)1252

Medical Imaging Partnership

UK-based provider of medical diagnostic imaging services.

Monthly Visits1672
Page Views / Visit1.3
Monthly Visits Growth0.1206%
Average Visits (6 months)1883.5

11 Health

Ostom-i™ Alert Sensor helping patients like these and their families cope with managing their ostomy.

Monthly Visits1607
Page Views / Visit2
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0092%
Average Visits (6 months)2052.83

Cherwell Laboratories

Cherwell Laboratories is a specialist suppliers of products for environmental monitoring and cleanroom bio-decontamination.

Monthly Visits1570
Page Views / Visit2.3
Monthly Visits Growth0.335%
Average Visits (6 months)1255

Cognetivity Neurosciences

This company is a Platform technology for early, rapid and easy detection of dementia.

Monthly Visits1420
Page Views / Visit2.5
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0571%
Average Visits (6 months)1626.33


Moodbeam is a device that logs your mood and tracks it, simply, securely and discreetly.

Monthly Visits1378
Page Views / Visit1.29
Monthly Visits Growth0.9942%
Average Visits (6 months)1775


SaaS workflow solution gives carers and custodians more time for hands on care where and when it’s needed most.

Monthly Visits1262
Page Views / Visit6.47
Monthly Visits Growth0.0413%
Average Visits (6 months)1223

DYSIS Medical

DYSIS Medical is focused on developing imaging systems for the non-invasive, in-vivo detection of cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions.

Monthly Visits1251
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth0.0171%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Timestrip produces high-tech and low cost irreversible visual indicators of time and temperature.

Monthly Visits1222
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5476%
Average Visits (6 months)2395


UltraCane is a primary electronic mobility aid for use by people who are blind or visually impaired.

Monthly Visits1171
Page Views / Visit5.63
Monthly Visits Growth0.0617%
Average Visits (6 months)571.83

The Magstim Company

Magstim is a supplier of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) stimulators and packages used for Magstim TMS therapy.

Monthly Visits1129
Page Views / Visit1.38
Monthly Visits Growth0.1167%
Average Visits (6 months)1026.67

Gilbert Meher

Gilbert Meher Search & Selection is an employee-focused, multi-disciplined recruitment business

Monthly Visits1091
Page Views / Visit2.33
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1223%
Average Visits (6 months)1054.67


Altomed is a supplier of instruments and consumables for ophthalmic surgery.

Monthly Visits1053
Page Views / Visit2.44
Monthly Visits Growth0.2216%
Average Visits (6 months)1682.5

Charlton Morris

Charlton Morris is a leading life science and health care consultancy company located in Leeds.

Monthly Visits1019
Page Views / Visit1.28
Monthly Visits Growth0.5393%
Average Visits (6 months)743

Cardiac Services

Cardiac Services is at the forefront of supplying and supporting diagnostic and measurement equipment in Ireland and the UK.

Monthly Visits1016
Page Views / Visit9.19
Monthly Visits Growth0.0996%
Average Visits (6 months)1268.33

Renfrew Group International

Award winning Renfrew Group are a full service, product design consultancy.

Monthly Visits1009
Page Views / Visit2.22
Monthly Visits Growth0.5311%
Average Visits (6 months)1073.67

Blue Maestro

Environment and health monitoring solutions from developing innovative Bluetooth devices to hosting a cloud platform for sensor telemetrics.

Monthly Visits974
Page Views / Visit2.76
Monthly Visits Growth0.2535%
Average Visits (6 months)918.17


Endomag is a medical technology company devoted to improving breast cancer care through its magnetic sensing technologies.

Monthly Visits948
Page Views / Visit1.31
Monthly Visits Growth0.1925%
Average Visits (6 months)840.33


MediWiSe is a medical research and development company .

Monthly Visits947
Page Views / Visit1.86
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0146%
Average Visits (6 months)980.67

Target Healthcare REIT

Target Healthcare REIT is an investment management for health.

Monthly Visits934
Page Views / Visit12
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0271%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

The Walking Stick Collection

The Walking Stick Collection are an online retailer selling a variety of walking sticks. Such as wooden sticks, dress canes and more.

Monthly Visits931
Page Views / Visit5
Monthly Visits Growth0.6248%
Average Visits (6 months)550.5

knok healthcare

Knokcare is the world’s Integrated Care Video Platform (ICVP).

Monthly Visits930
Page Views / Visit3.46
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5546%
Average Visits (6 months)1652.67

Surgical Innovations

Surgical Innovations (SI) specializes in the design and manufacture of creative solutions for minimally invasive (‘keyhole’) surgery (MIS).

Monthly Visits927
Page Views / Visit1.67
Monthly Visits Growth0.0392%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Vitalograph is a provider of outstanding quality Cardio-Respiratory diagnostic devices with over 50 years’ heritage.

Monthly Visits920
Page Views / Visit7.49
Monthly Visits Growth0.8075%
Average Visits (6 months)2885.5


EoSurgical products are affordable, portable, self-contained, and supported by on-line training material.

Monthly Visits912
Page Views / Visit1.99
Monthly Visits Growth0.0033%
Average Visits (6 months)1006.5

Elemental Healthcare

Elemental Healthcare operates as a NHS medical product supplier.

Monthly Visits864
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1202%
Average Visits (6 months)867.83

Mujo Mechanics

Mujo Mechanics provides smart devices and intelligent cloud platform for a data-driven approach to musculoskeletal health.

Monthly Visits860
Page Views / Visit1.32
Monthly Visits Growth-0.089%
Average Visits (6 months)1026.83


MWE produces transport swabs and general laboratory consumables.

Monthly Visits831
Page Views / Visit1.23
Monthly Visits Growth0.2804%
Average Visits (6 months)680


Eurosurgical is a specialist in the sales and marketing of surgical equipment.

Monthly Visits797
Page Views / Visit3
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1941%
Average Visits (6 months)1786.83


Bioxydyn specializes in the development and application of new diagnostic imaging tools and imaging services.

Monthly Visits686
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth0.1529%
Average Visits (6 months)582.33