Top Payment Processors For Fast And Affordable Transactions

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Today, we use quite a few different payment services, and reliable payment processors are known for fast and affordable transactions. Other services, such as e-wallets, are equally popular, but we here focus on the top-rated payment processors and how they work. Before we look at them, let’s examine what payment processors are.

In the simplest term, payment processors manage the debit or credit card transactions between different financial institutions and merchants. Essentially, payment processors act as mediators between financial institutions and merchants. Companies that do so have the right to authorize debit and credit card transactions, and one of their main goals is to ensure that merchants or companies get paid on time.

Many modern payment processors we get to use today also offer other valuable financial services. Those that are used the most are always PCI compliant and employ top-notch security measures and everything else as expected from a reliable financial company. Currently, the most used payment processors are Revolut, Worldpay, and Ingenico.

  • Revolut  

Revolut is a payment processor owned and operated by Revolut Ltd that is a company based in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 2015, and over the last several years, it has managed to build a huge loyal customer base.

Revolut operates in many countries, including Austria, Finland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, the USA, Ecuador, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and India, among others. Aside from working with companies and businesses from the marketing and other industries, many gambling sites that take Revolut, catering to British players.

On a global level, Revolut has become one of the most recognized payment processors thanks to its reputation for providing safe, fast, and convenient payments. Whether you are looking to fund your online gaming accounts or make payments of other sorts, Revolut is one of the best solutions around.

  • Worldpay 

Our list of the most used payment processors in the world also includes Worldpay, and this service is owned and operated by Worldpay Inc. This is an American company based in the state of Ohio. According to this report by Forbes, the company generated over US$3,9 billion at the end of the last fiscal year.  

The same report also revealed that Worldpay has over US$24,9 billion in assets. Just like other widely used payment processors, Worldpay accepts all major credit and debit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard. As of June 2019, Worldpay Inc. is a part of FIS (Fidelity National Information Services. Worldpay processes around US$20 billion in transactions yearly as one of the most used payment processors.

Being such a massive payment processing company, Worldpay is one of the best solutions you could find to handle your financial transactions. Not only are Worldpay transactions secure and fast, but the company has too much of a reputation to ever risk handling your funds with anything but the utmost care. This puts Worldpay right at the top of the rankings when it comes to online payment processors.

  • Ingenico 

Founded in 1980, Ingenico has been serving European clients for over four decades. Ingenico is based in Bezons, France, employing over 7500 individuals. Traditionally, Ingenico generated most of its revenues from point-of-sale payment terminals. However, the company’s suite of financial services includes the Ingenico payment processor.

Back in October of 2020, the company became a member of Worldline, and this is one of the biggest entities in the European financial industry. Today, Ingenico works side by side with over a thousand and two hundred banking institutions, such as AIB, First Data, Bambora, BNP, and numerous others.

In 2014, the company acquired Ogone, one of the most popular payment processors in Belgium. Ingencio is one of the safest and most secure online payment processors and is used by thousands of users without fault.

Today, Ogone operates as a part of Ingenico Payment Services which is the company’s main brand for payment processing and digital payment services. Aside from Revolut, Ingenico, and Worldpay, very popular payment processors are Stripe, WePay, Square, Alipay, Adyen, and Braintree, which have millions of satisfied clients across the globe.

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