4 years ago

With the COVID-19 outbreak, working from home has become a reality for many people. Some people already had an office setup, while others are still trying to figure out what works for them. Many people fall into the trap of believing they can do without certain items for a little while, but—pandemic or not, home office or work office, there are still some traditional office items you still need.

An ergonomic chair

We know standing desks are all the rage, and standing periodically throughout the day does have several health benefits. However, sometimes you just want to sit. Make sure your chair is working for you, not against you. In other words, you probably shouldn’t be sitting on some old, rickety wooden chair—your back will hate you within an hour. Instead, invest in a quality office chair built for ergonomics. Comfort is crucial to your productivity.

Electronic protection

Most office work is done online using several electronic devices. Between your modem, router, computer, monitor, and so on, you’re working with a lot of equipment that can make or break your capability to work. You should always protect your electronics from storms and power surges with a surge protector. Additionally, don’t forget about protecting your devices with software. You have to make sure you’re shielding yourself from malware, spyware, and so on.

A printer

We know this sounds a little crazy since so many things are digital nowadays, but you still need a printer and a scanner. Luckily, most basic office printers have built-in scanners. But isn’t paper and ink expensive? Kind of, but there are plenty of ways to save money when printing from home. For instance, if you don’t need to print in color, you could save a lot of ink by using draft or eco-mode. You’re welcome.

Keep your documents safe

Finally, there are two items you should have to keep the documents you print safe. First, you need a safe or a filing cabinet that locks in which to keep important papers. But don’t forget about the documents you need to dispose of. To prevent information from landing in the wrong hands, you should also have a paper shredder. Crumpling the paper and practicing your free throw won’t help you very much.

Whether you already have a home office or you’re still working at your company’s office, there’s no question that you need some of the basics. However, don’t assume that you only need what’s considered “in” right now. You still need plenty of traditional office items to create a great office.

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