Understanding Why Forte Is The Heavy Favorite Of The 2023 Kentucky Derby

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1 year ago

When researching for the 2023 Kentucky Derby, you probably read tons of articles naming Forte as the heavy favorite of this year’s Kentucky Derby. There are many factors to be considered to name a contender as the favorite.

Did Forte pass all the checklists for becoming a favorite? Is he the contender that will provide you with the best return? These questions will be answered if you understand why Forte became the favorite of the 149th running of the Kentucky Derby.

So, to help you save time in your research, we have compiled vital information about Forte to understand better why he is the heavy favorite this year.

Forte’s Race Record

Let’s discuss the obvious first. If you look into Forte’s racing record, you’ll instantly know why he became the favorite. Forte participated in seven races and won six of them. This information alone is a strong factor that earned Forte his favorite title.

Forte is undefeated in the Road to the Kentucky Derby and earned 190 points, making him the top point earner of the derby prep race leaderboard. His race record easily earned the public’s trust, making him a fan favorite.

The Jockey That Will Ride Forte

The rider who will be Forte’s partner on the race track is another factor that adds to the horse’s probability of winning the race. Irad Ortiz Jr. Ortiz will ride Forte isn’t a stranger to the horse racing industry and is among the most talented jockey.

Ortiz has already led multiple champions to the finish line throughout his career. He also won his fourth Eclipse Award as a Top Jockey. He proved that he was one of the greatest jockeys of all time when he won seven consecutive wins earlier this year.

That said, knowing he will lead Forte to the finish line on May 6 increases the confidence fans, and bettors feel about Forte winning the race.

The Man Behind Forte’s Talent

Another obvious factor the public is considering why they are confident about Forte winning is his trainer Todd Pletcher. Not only is Pletcher a multi-award-winning horse trainer, but he has also produced multiple champions in the horse racing industry.

He is one of the most sought-after horse trainers today, and knowing that he trains Forte increases the horse’s odds of winning. A horse trainer ensures the horse is ready for jockeys, races, and even shows.

He analyzes the horse’s behavior, such as biting, kicking, or tossing. The trainer will also need to identify the strength and weaknesses of the horse and if his fit to race. Pletcher already has a long list of experience training horses, making them ready for races, and having a good relationship with the jockeys and the horse’s trainers.

Forte’s Bloodline

Violence sired Forte, a Top performing racehorse during his time. He won his three starts, including the MSW, Nashua, and CashCall Futurity. He also attempted to enter the Kentucky Derby in 2013, and just like Forte, he was named the early favorite that year.

Unfortunately for Violence, his dream to be a Kentucky Derby hopeful was derailed after he suffered from a right-front medial sesamoid injury that he acquired from his last race, the Fountain of Youth.

Violence left the racing scene and became a sire, where he was named the leader in the first and second crop sire list based on the number of earnings and winners. Forte is the most accomplished runner out of his offspring.

Forte’s sire isn’t the one who has a good racing performance. His dam Queen Caroline is a speed-oriented racehorse. Queen Caroline raced and won at the Gulfstream Park, Keeneland, Pimlico Race Course, Saratoga, Horseshoe Indianapolis, and Belmont Park.

Forte is undoubtedly from a line of strong and successful racehorses. There’s no wonder why Forte has shown significant performances in his races that solidifies his title as the Kentucky Derby contender that is most likely to win the race.

Past Performances of Forte

Lastly comes the past performance of Forte. When checking out his previous races, you shouldn’t only look at whether he finishes the race first or not. You must also watch the videos of the races and carefully study his performance on the racecourse.

Figure out his strengths and weaknesses, including the possible reasons why he failed in one of his past races. It could be the track or weather condition, his health condition, rest, diet, etc. It will help you know what factors could affect Forte’s performance on the track.

So far, Forte has shown impressive performance in all his races, specifically in the derby prep races. He and his Jockey, Irad Ortiz Jr., had the best chemistry on the race course in the 2023 Kentucky Derby, which led them to multiple wins and become an undefeated derby qualifier.

You need to dig deeper into Forte’s past performances before placing your bet, whether you’ll place it in person or participate in the Kentucky derby odds and betting online. Knowing more about his past performances will help you determine if he is the right horse to provide you with the best return.

In Conclusion

Many factors are being considered when choosing a favorite horse. That said, it’s clear that most fans and bettors found a significant value in Forte, making him the most rooted derby contender this year.

If you are handicapping the contenders, you should also look into the same information mentioned above to know if the horse you are rooting for has the same value as Forte.

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