Ways To Improve the Fuel Economy of Your Trucking Fleet

Ways To Improve the Fuel Economy of Your Trucking Fleet
2 years ago

It’s no secret that commercial trucks require large quantities of fuel to haul products and goods. When you have an entire fleet of commercial trucks transporting at once, the fuel needs can be intense. Fortunately, there are ways to improve the fuel economy of your fleet. Find out how to save your business money on fuel by following some of these tips below.

Eliminate Extra Weight

When it comes to commercial driving, truck drivers are accustomed to hauling thousands of pounds at a time. Hauling this amount of weight adds up when it comes to your fuel usage and cost of fuel. If you can, try to find ways to minimize the amount of weight each truck in your fleet carries. Reducing the weight that a single commercial truck carries by even one hundred pounds can save you hundreds of dollars in fuel over the course of a trip.

Maintain Tire Pressure & Maintenance

Keeping up with commercial truck maintenance is important for promoting safe driving conditions, but did you know regular maintenance can also help improve your fuel economy? Something as simple as keeping your truck’s tires properly inflated can help lower your gas milage. Make sure you schedule your trucks for regular inspections and maintenance, such as engine tune-ups and more.

Use Lubricant Oils

One way to reduce the need for additional maintenance on your vehicles is to use lubricant oils. Commercial vehicles are larger, heavier, and haul more weight, meaning traveling conditions put more wear and tear on them. Prevent unnecessary wear and tear by applying lubricant oils on your trucks’ moving parts. Lubricant oils provide better protection and help prevent drag, which occurs when transport parts don’t have sufficient lubrication. This all results in better gas mileage and fuel economy.

These tips can help keep your commercial shipping or trucking business running efficiently on the road. Utilize these strategies to improve the fuel economy of your trucking fleet to save your business money and stick to your budget.

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