Ways To Increase the Amount of Storage in a Work Van

Ways To Increase the Amount of Storage in a Work Van
3 years ago

A cargo van may seem like it has a lot of space until it comes time to pack it up. When that happens, you may face the startling realization that you have way too much gear and equipment to fit in your van without doing some serious Tetris-like organizing. To keep your van looking neat and tidy by making the best use of your available space, check out these effective ways to increase the amount of storage in a work van.

Put Up Some Shelves

Shelving is essential in your attempts to optimize the amount of room in your work van more fully. Shelving provides the potential to increase the vertical storage space in a van and enhance its organization. In doing so, you make locating tools and equipment far easier, as you won’t have to dig through a cluttered pile of supplies on the floor. Plus, an ample amount of shelving will help you project a clean, professional image to any clients, which will boost your business’s reputation.

Purchase Storage Drawers

Another way to increase the amount of storage in a work van is to invest in storage drawers. Storage drawers are ideal for holding tools, equipment, and smaller items such as screws or other types of hardware. Whether the road ahead is rocky or smooth, storage drawers will prevent your supplies from flying around in your van, a situation that can create a big mess and threaten your safety. 

Utilize Tool Hooks

An easy way to store extra equipment in your work van is to install a few tool hooks. Simply bolt tool hooks to the walls of your van, and voila! You have additional storage space to hang tools that might not fit on one of your other storage options.

Install a Roof Rack

In addition to making the most effective use of the interior space of your van, you can also optimize its exterior spaces. Consider installing a storage rack to the roof of your vehicle. A roof rack will allow you to secure larger equipment, such as ladders and bulky gear that would usually take up a considerable amount of space in your van—if they even fit at all. When utilizing a roof rack, just make sure to secure your load carefully to avoid any accidents on the road.

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