Ways To Make Your Data Center More Energy Efficient

Ways To Make Your Data Center More Energy Efficient
3 years ago

Data centers are the modern heartbeat of present-day companies and operations. These critical warehouses containing servers, cords, and cables keep data safe and the worldwide web running around the clock. Unfortunately, their climatic impact is just as immense. While the benefits of data centers are widespread, their total energy consumption is unparalleled.

There is good news, however. You can develop and maintain more energy-efficient data centers with a few strategies. If you need some ideas, here are several ways to make your data center more energy efficient.

Utilize Energy Monitoring Software or Modes

Energy comes at a high cost—to the planet as well as to your business. To save money and reduce carbon emissions, you may want to invest in monitoring software that provides full visibility and control over energy levels. Another option is to switch your servers to ones that can utilize a standby mode. This mode powers down servers when they are not in use to save energy and electricity. Also, check for obsolete servers that are no longer usable but may still be in operation. There may be comatose equipment running in your center that you are not aware of.

Refresh Hardware and Equipment

One way to make your data center more energy efficient is to upgrade your hardware and systems. Everything within a data center, such as servers, power cables, power distribution centers, and cooling systems, will become outdated at one point or another. Every modern gadget and device has a shelf life of someday. Fortunately, because of ongoing technological advancements, tech and power equipment is becoming more and more efficient. It’s only to your benefit to replace older hardware with better solutions before the costs mount.

Revamp the Architecture

Smart data center design is critical for efficiency. Making room for the future and its changes is only one of the reasons why you should renovate your data center. An inefficient data center design will hinder energy efficiency and lead to numerous waste predicaments. Due to the racks and racks of servers, heating issues are the number one cause of wasted time, energy, and money. Efficient cooling systems and suitable equipment storage will work to troubleshoot these inherent issues and maximize uptime. Proper implementation of the above strategies will cultivate a win-win situation for both your business and the planet.

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