Ways to Show Customer Appreciation

Ways to Show Customer Appreciation
4 years ago

With so many regulations forcing the closure and scaling back of many different businesses and industries, the companies that can remain open rely entirely on their customers to keep them afloat during these trying economic times. It’s not just companies that are going through tough economic times; the average consumer is also hurting financially. When consumers do spend their money now, it is well-thought-out and there are very few impulse purchases. Customers who spend money at your store are doing so with the intent of keeping your business open and supporting your longevity. Now, it is more important to communicate with your customers than ever. Check out these ways to show customer appreciation to the people supporting your business.

Make shopping easier

Be clear in your communication with your customers. Make sure they know how your business is running currently. Most people are assuming that businesses are closed if they aren’t told otherwise. Many businesses have moved to take-out only, delivery only, online only, or even limited amounts of people inside at a time. One way to show customers how much you appreciate their continued business is by making shopping with your store as easy as possible. For example, if you run a grocery store, try putting up digital signage to communicate new store policies and hours to customers who are there.

Send out thank you notes

Sending out personalized thank you notes to those who are still shopping at your store is a great way to show appreciation to your customers. Personalize with their names, and thank them for supporting your business. Be sure to mention how much it means to your company and staff that they are still committed to keeping your business afloat, and reiterate your commitment to serving them and all of your customers. Thank you notes can ensure that customers feel appreciated and know how much their contribution matters.

Host sales

If your business can afford to host a sale, do so. Show your customers how much you appreciate their business and that you understand the hard economic times they are going through. During this time, customers are shopping to support your business, and the best way to show appreciation is by trying to make things as affordable as possible to support them back.

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