Ways Your Business Can Support Troops and Veterans

Ways Your Business Can Support Troops and Veterans
2 years ago

Many business professionals find it hard to come up with helpful ways to support veterans and troops. For starters, you can hang a flag outside of your workplace or give a special discount to servicemembers, both current and prior. Here are more ways your business can support troops and veterans.

Donate Welcome Home Signs

When the proud and brave come home from deployment, they receive a warm welcome back with big hugs and welcome home signs. As a business, consider donating signs if you have workers with families in the service, or if you know of a place that could use some.

Not every family can afford to make their own signs, but having a premade one donated through your company can warm every family’s heart and make the gesture even more special.

Create Care Packages

Some military members overseas might not have easy access to their favorite snacks, music, or personal care products. They also sometimes have difficulty connecting to family and friends back home. Making care packages is hands down the best thing you can do to ensure every soldier has what they need while away.

A care package is an assortment of nostalgic snacks, mementos from home, and even toiletries soldiers might have difficulty finding. A care package lets the soldier know someone’s thinking about them and missing them a lot, but also that the family member or friend is proud of what they’ve accomplished.

Volunteer for Veterans

Veterans truly deserve unconditional support, especially when they first come back home from serving. They might be lonely during this time, so volunteer to take them around your store and go shopping.

Additionally, providing your employees with opportunities to support veterans, such as holding a donation drive for veterans, helps them get out of work for a while to support the community. You can also consider having small fundraising events on the side to raise money for charity or other local veteran centers.

Send Cards to Veteran Centers

Sometimes, veterans need to know they’re remembered and appreciated. Veterans in homes may not see their family often, but sending cards around the holidays can help remind them their family loves and misses them.

The best way a company can get involved is by volunteering its time. As you wrap up or take on how a business can support troops and veterans, you now have a better approach to holding your own volunteer or fundraising event.

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