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Website hosting providers often provide various packages with different features that customers can choose according to the one that perfectly meets their needs.

One important decision organizations need to make is if the IP address that comes with their server is enough or if they require an upgrade to a dedicated IP address; as remote working has become the norm for individuals and organizations, there’s a huge benefit that comes with getting a dedicated IP. One of these benefits is enhanced protection against infiltrators since you don’t have to share credentials with anyone.

Several other benefits come with having a dedicated IP address instead of a shared one; however, it is essential to verify if the additional cost incurred as a result of getting it will be worth it.

Before diving into the meaning of “dedicated IP address,” There is a need first to understand what an IP address is.


What Is An IP Address?

An IP address (Internet Protocol address) can be described as a series of unique numbers assigned to websites and devices connected to the network. It identifies the billions of online devices, including mobile phones and computers. It also helps these devices communicate with each other.

When you call a person, your phone number makes it easy to identify you – this is the exact way an IP address functions, serving as a unique identifier to recognize devices connected to the internet.

Other devices that are connected to the internet include printers, smart speakers, home surveillance systems, refrigerators, and more.

What Is Dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP is a unique Internet address dedicated solely to a single hosting account. Usually, several hosting accounts share a single server and have that server’s IP address.

To establish full authority over your IP and its reputation, you need to opt for a dedicated IP address that will be used for sending only your traffic. Note that dedicated IPs run on a periodic monthly charge.

Benefits Of Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP has numerous benefits, some of which make them look indispensable in some cases. Some of these benefits include:

Online Access With No Blacklist

One of the downsides of having a shared IP address is that it is accessible to anybody and several users engage in actions that lead to website bans and blocklisting. Whereas if you utilize a dedicated IP address, you will get a new personal IP address and will not be blocked due to other people’s actions.

So you will have unlimited access to the internet without the fear of being restricted!

Better Email Deliverability

Incàse you use your web hosting account to manage your emails using a shared IP address, there is a high risk of issues cropping with mail deliverability. Usually, mail servers are sensitive to IP addresses and often block those they assume to be threats.

For instance, if one of the hosting accounts on your shared IP address starts to send spam, your emails are likely to get blocked. However, with a dedicated IP, you will be able to minimize this risk.

No Additional Verifications

Whenever you are using a shared IP address to visit websites, you may see a Captcha. This is because the websites observed that other people have previously used the IP address, so they want to ensure it comes from a reliable source.

You may be asked to confirm that you are not a robot, which will likely repeat itself each time, but the case is different when you use a dedicated IP address because there will be a record showing you alone have used it.

Better Streaming Experience

Several streaming services, like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, have implemented some protective measures and adopted a tough geo-blocking that most VPNs can’t overcome. This is because they utilize shared IPs that streaming services can easily identify. So they block it knowing it’s a VPN IP address.

Whereas with a dedicated IP address, you can connect to their network using a single address, which won’t raise any red flags.

Safe Online Banking

Online banking has turned out to be an indispensable part of our lives as a result of its practicality. But unfortunately, hackers have seen it as an opportunity to make financial gains by penetrating people’s data. These cybercriminals can take advantage of the periods when you enter your account details to make transactions.

However, you can be secured while carrying out online banking when you have a dedicated IP. Your online transactions and financial details will be safe since you don’t share your IP with anyone else.


A dedicated IP address differs from your actual IP, but it offers you the opportunity to secure your way online each time because it will not be shared with other VPN users. However, it will attract more money than the usual VPN subscription, which will be worth it.

You will also become more visible to websites when you use a dedicated IP which is helpful if you do not want to verify your identity constantly or want to prevent your IP from being blocked. The benefits of a dedicated IP are overwhelming, but you may not know so much until you try it out.

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