Why Might Fogging be Integral in Helping Prevent COVID Workplace Cases from Spreading?

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3 years ago

Although fogging has been around for years, in recent times, it has gained more attention due to the shift of higher sanitation requirements. It’s easier to fight COVID-19 through fogging since it is applied in the form of mist and it penetrates deep into surfaces better.

Fogging is a method that enhances the sterilisation of the whole interior of an office. Additionally, it disperses rapidly, decontaminates, and kills viruses. Meanwhile, you may be interested in what to do if there are COVID cases at work.

Lest we fail to mention, fogging is effective at eliminating pathogens in difficult-to-reach areas. These sections may include the carpets underneath, ceilings, walls, floors, soft fabrics in your workplace. So, why might fogging be integral in helping prevent COVID workplace cases from spreading?

Use of ULV Fogger

Anti-COVID fogging services cover anything it comes in contact with, including surfaces, floors, and hard-to-reach places.

It creates a fog-like atmosphere or a thick mist as more vapour is dispersed. The reason is that ULV Fogger (Ultra Low Volume) uses a liquid antimicrobial solution that is converted into steam.

Furthermore, fogging fights airborne pathogens as it engulfs the air. When the workplace is fogged completely, hard-surfaces must be wiped to remove remnant solutions.

Contacting All Places

The place you live and work naturally collects germs daily. Though, germs could be found anywhere, especially on objects in high contact and surfaces where you and other people touch the most.

These prime objects or places include light switches, doorknobs, and tabletops. However, because of the high traffic which these places or things come in contact with daily, it makes them easy exposure points for cross and perfect breeding grounds for germs.

The more those places are touched, the likely bacteria are left for the next person to pick. This infers that different people pick up the virus in bits. To lower the chances germs will spread between persons, anti-COVID fogging could be applied to large spaces, including high contact areas. Fogging will make it difficult for germs to thrive in their hiding regions by penetrating into the smallest space you could ever think of.

Time-Saving and Stress Reduction

Bio-fogging saves you time and heavy lifting but still cleans hard-to-reach places in your workplace because as the fog goes through the crack, it lurks to the surface applying disinfectant as it lands.

Despite the small nooks in your office where some things are placed, which are also rarely cleaned due to their difficulty to reach or their location. Anti-COVID fogging service technology further eliminates the need to move out furniture before disinfecting the workplace.

Reduction of the Risk to Contaminate

Businesses often have high traffic from employees, clients, and visitors, exposing everyone to viruses and bacteria.

Routine bio-fogging, however, can reduce the number of pathogens that reside in the building and lowers contact risk.

Moreover, the ULV Fogger is what gives the anti-covid fogging service the power it needs to cover entire buildings. And the most significant advantage it offers is its ability to clean vast areas with ease as mentioned before.

Other methods of disinfection are effective though but they are not as sensitive as fogging due to the surface area it covers.


Anti-COVID fogging offers are more comfortable, especially with the current contract service cleaning standards.

It could also be used as a full-service, routine measure or as a complement to the cleaning you already perform on your own.

Its advantage is its versatility whether you own a restaurant, have staff in an office building, or want to clean your company deeply. Also, it features mild formulation and is water-based, which offers more extended protection. It goes deeper into small surfaces and destroys the breeding of any virus in the area.

Small and large medium enterprises should go for bio-fogging as one of their schedules of virus or bacteria contamination due to the great effect it does over all other methods of contamination.

Final Thoughts

Recent years show that surface disinfection is a critical aspect of ensuring a safe environment for clients.

Moreover using every tool at your disposal is a prudent measure to reduce your risk and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Fogging is convenient; it saves time with the advantages and efficiency of industrial-strength equipment.

So, when it comes to workplace disinfection, bio-fogging is helping to maintain high-level sanitation.

Finally, when an area is fogged, it must be evacuated for at least six hours because of safety. This will prevent the employees from coming down with risk of pest injuries.

It is very important and must be strictly adhered to by employees and customers visiting the company.

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